Express Elevator

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“Reach the goal ring in ice form without letting enemies or coins touch the lift.”
In-game description
A Mii in Express Elevator

Express Elevator is a Special Challenge in New Super Mario Bros. U. Similarly to the Elevator Out of Service challenge, this one is played at Red-Hot Elevator Ride, a level in Peach's Castle.


Mario, in his ice form, starts the level at the second room of the regular level. In order to win, he should not let any coins or enemies ride the elevator. If he does it or loses his ice powers, he fails the challenge. To ensure that he does not fail, the player needs to collect the parachuting coins and freeze the Parabombs.




  • Gold Medal: Clear!
  • Silver Medal: -
  • Bronze Medal: -

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese しゃくねつ上昇リフト停止にご注意!
Shakunetsu jōshō rifuto teishi nigo chūi!
Beware the Suspension of the Red-Hot Rising Lift!
Korean 작열! 상승리프트 정지에 주의!
Jangnyeol! Sangseung Ripeuteu Jeongjie Juui!
Sizzling! Caution About Ascention Lift Standstill!