Lemmy's Swingback Castle

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This article is about Lemmy's Swingback Castle, a level in New Super Mario Bros. U. For other uses, see Acorn Plains-Castle.
Lemmy's Swingback Castle
Lemmy's Swingback Castle
Level code World 1-Castle Icon.png
World Acorn Plains
Game New Super Mario Bros. U
Time limit 500 seconds
600 seconds (Deluxe)
Boss Lemmy Koopa
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Lemmy's Swingback Castle, or Acorn Plains-Castle Icon.pngCastle is the castle level of Acorn Plains and the first Castle of New Super Mario Bros. U. The course contains lava and Pendulum Platforms. It is the final course of the Flying Squirrel Pack. It is unlocked by completion of Mushroom Heights or Rise of the Piranha Plants, and its completion unlocks Layer-Cake Desert and its first level, Stone-Eye Zone.


Lemmy Koopa's boss fight

This level begins with a blue Pendulum Platform with a ? Block containing a power-up above it. The player then uses more Pendulum Platforms to cross a pit of lava, with a Dry Bones on a platform in the middle. More Pendulum Platforms are found above the lava, followed by a Dry Bones on a row of Brick Blocks, one of which contains a power-up. A section of multiple Pendulum Platforms above the lava follows, with Lava Bubbles and a Dry Bones acting as obstacles. The Checkpoint Flag is found, followed by some platforms and Lava Bubbles. More Pendulum Platforms and a Red Ring follow. A Dry Bones is found on a stationary platform, and is followed by more Pendulum Platforms and Lava Bubbles. The boss door is found at the end of the area, which leads to the top of the castle. A hidden Fire Flower can be found next to the boss door. The player must then use the red and black cannon at the top of the castle to shoot themselves into Lemmy Koopa's airship.

The boss of the course is Lemmy Koopa, who now uses bombs (with the same star pattern as his rubber ball) and tosses them at the player while periodically rolling around the arena. After getting hit two times, he starts throwing larger bombs that have bigger blast radius. Lemmy’s bombs explode when they reach the wall unless the bomb is jumped on so that it explodes before hitting the wall.

Star Coins[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese レミーの ゆらゆらブランコの城
Remī no Yurayura Buranko no Shiro
Lemmy's Castle of Swaying Swing
Chinese 雷米的摇晃锤摆城堡 (Simplified)
雷米的搖晃錘擺城堡 (Traditional)
Léimǐ de Yáohuàng Chuíbǎi Chéngbǎo
Lemmy's Swaying Swing Castle
Dutch Lemmy's schommelkasteel Lemmy's swingcastle
French Château Tremblotte de Lemmy Lemmy's Shaky Castle
German Lemmys Pendelfestung Lemmy's Pendulum Fortress
Italian Castello pendolante di Lemmy Lemmy's swing castle
Korean 레미의 흔들흔들 그네의 성
Remi Ui Heundeulheundeul Geune Ui Seong
Lemmy's Castle of Swaying Swing
Portuguese Castelo Pendular do Lemmy Lemmy's Pendular Castle
Russian Лемми и его замок качающихся платформ
Lemmi i yego zamok kachayushchikhsya platform
Lemmy and his rocking platform castle
Spanish (NOA) El Castillo Sube y Baja de Lemmy Lemmy's Seesaw Castle
Spanish (NOE) El Castillo Balancín de Lemmy Lemmy's Seesaw Castle

Level map[edit]

Level map