Morton's Compactor Castle

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This article is about Morton's Compactor Castle, a level in New Super Mario Bros. U. For other uses, see Layer-Cake Desert-Castle.
Morton's Compactor Castle
NSMBU Morton's Compactor Castle Screenshot.jpg
Level code Layer-Cake Desert-Castle Icon.png
World Layer-Cake Desert
Game New Super Mario Bros. U
Primary power-up Ice Flower
Time limit 500 seconds
Boss Morton Koopa Jr.
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Morton's Compactor Castle, or Layer-Cake Desert-Castle, is the Castle course of Layer-Cake Desert in New Super Mario Bros. U. It is unlocked via completion of Blooming Lakitus, and its own completion opens a fork for the player to choose either Sparkling Waters or Frosted Glacier.


The level begins with stone blocks that constantly move back and forth, which can crush the player. Two ? Blocks are found in between the platforms, one of which contains a power-up. Using a Mini Mushroom, the player can climb up a wall that leads to a hidden area with coins. Lava Bubbles are found jumping out of pits of lava, and are followed by platforms with Dry Bones on them and moving blocks in the lava below. A Big Dry Bones is found, prior to a section in which the player passes through multiple moving blocks in order to continue. A hole in the ceiling can be once again accessed by using Mini Mario, and leads to an area with multiple coins and a Brick Block containing a 1-Up Mushroom. The Checkpoint Flag is found, with a Dry Bones and a ? Block containing a power-up nearby. A section of moving blocks above the lava must then be crossed. A Green Ring and a Dry Bones are on a platform above a moving block. The Mini Mushroom can be used once again to access a Pipe Cannon that catapults the player into another hidden area of gold coins. A passage containing a large amount of Lava Bubbles follows. The player must then cross the lava with moving blocks, with coins indicating sections in which there are openings. The boss door is then found at the end of the area.

During the boss battle with Morton Koopa Jr., he ground pounds the ground, causing a shockwave that can stun the player and causes a Big Pokey to appear. Morton uses his magic hammer to then knock Big Pokey segments at the player. After he is jumped on three times, he is defeated.

Star Coins[edit]

  • Star Coin 1: The player must run across the gap when the blocks are in the right position and grab the Star Coin.
  • Star Coin 2: The player must Wall Jump between the red Warp Pipe and the wall next to it to reach the area with the second Star Coin.
  • Star Coin 3: After the Checkpoint Flag, the player must carefully maneuver on the blocks to reach the third Star Coin.


Image Name Count
Artwork of Mega Dry Bones in Mario Party: Star Rush (later reused as Dry Bones' artwork for Super Mario Party) Dry Bones 8
A Big Dry Bones in New Super Mario Bros. 2 Big Dry Bones 1
Lava Bubble sprite Lava Bubble 18
MortonNSMBU.png Morton Koopa Jr. (boss)
NSMBU Pokey Alternate Artwork.png Big Pokey (spawned by Morton Koopa Jr.)

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese モートンの せまるブロックの城
Mōton no Semaru Burokku no Shiro
Morton's Castle of Approaching Blocks

Chinese 莫顿的移动砖块城堡 (Simplified)
莫頓的移動磚塊城堡 (Traditional)
Mòdùn de Yídòng Zhuānkuài Chéngbǎo
Morton's Moving Block Castle

Dutch Mortons zandkasteel
Morton's sand castle
French Château Pilon de Morton
Morton's Pestle Castle
German Mortons Pressfestung
Morton's Squeeze Fortress
Italian Castello compattatore di Morton
Morton's compactor castle
Korean 모톤이 버티는 블록의 성
Moton-i Beotineun Beullok-ui Seong
Castle of Block Where Morton Stands

Portuguese Castelo Compactante do Morton
Morton's Compacting Castle
Russian Мортон и его замок-давилка
Morton i yego zamok-davilka
Morton and his masher-castle

Spanish El Castillo Desencajado de Morton
Morton's Dislocated Castle

Level map[edit]

Level map