World Coin-3 (New Super Mario Bros. U)

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World CoinNSMBW Coinworld.png-3
World-Coin-3 NSMBU.png
World-Level World CoinNSMBW Coinworld.png-3
World Coin Courses
Game New Super Mario Bros. U
Time limit 300 seconds
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This article is about the level from New Super Mario Bros. U. For the level from New Super Mario Bros. Wii, see World Coin-3 (New Super Mario Bros. Wii).

World CoinNSMBW Coinworld.png-3, or Coin Courses-3, is the third level in the multiplayer exclusive Coin Courses in New Super Mario Bros. U. This level is located in Sparkling Waters. The course is given a difficulty rating of two stars.

Star Coins[edit]

The positions given below are the default layout, and can be changed by a player using the Wii U GamePad in Coin Edit.

  • Star Coin 1: Near the start of the course, the inner ring in the two spinning rings of coins contains a Star Coin.
  • Star Coin 2: Near the Checkpoint Flag, just above four mushroom platforms near the water's surface.
  • Star Coin 3: Later in the course, in a ring of coins spinning around a pink stretching platform.


Level map[edit]

NSMBU World Coin-3 Map.png