Waddlewing Warning!

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This article is about Waddlewing Warning, a level in New Super Luigi U. For other uses, see Acorn Plains-1.
Waddlewing Warning!
A screenshot of New Super Luigi U
Level code World 1-1
World Acorn Plains
Game New Super Luigi U
Time limit 100 seconds
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Waddlewing Warning!, or Acorn Plains-1, is the first course of Acorn Plains, and subsequently, the first course of New Super Luigi U. It is unlocked from the beginning of the game, and its own completion unlocks Crooked Cavern.


The level starts with a New Super Luigi U sign next to a couple of moving rocks, where the first Waddlewing carrying a Super Acorn appears, along with some moving Semisolid Platforms. A Brick Block containing a 1-Up Mushroom is above the first Semisolid Platform. More Waddlewings are found, along with a section of moving tilted Semisolid Platforms above a pit. A Coin Block is found above one of the Semisolid Platforms, and is followed by some Warp Pipes with Piranha Plants inside them. Multiple Waddlewings holding Super Acorns are found throughout the section. Three more Warp Pipes are found, one of which contains a Piranha Plant, and are followed by four more Waddlewings and the Goal Pole.

Star Coins[edit]

Image Location
NSLU Waddlewing Warning Star Coin 1.png The player must glide using a Super Acorn or jump to get the first Star Coin.
Luigi getting the second Star Coin in the level Waddlewing Warning from New Super Luigi U. The player must glide using the Super Acorn or Peachette to get the second Star Coin, which is located below a semi-solid platform.
Luigi getting the third Star Coin in the level Waddlewing Warning from New Super Luigi U. The player must follow the coins before the Goal Pole and use the Super Acorn to get the last Star Coin.

Luigi sighting[edit]

  • At the beginning of the course, an 8-bit Luigi is shown on top of the New Super Luigi U sign.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ズングリからの ドングリ
Zunguri kara no donguri
Acorns from Waddlewings

Chinese 胖飞鼠的橡栗 (Simplified)
胖飛鼠的橡栗 (Traditional)
Pàng Fēishǔ de Xiànglì
Waddlewings' Acorns

Dutch Waarschuwing! Waddlewings!
Warning! Waddlewings!
French Danger: Dendinard!
Danger: Waddlewings!
Italian Pterotondi in arrivo!
Waddlewings coming!
Korean 뚱날다람쥐가 주는 도토리
Ttungnaldaramjwiga Juneun Dotori
Acorn Which Waddlewing Gives

Portuguese Cuidado com os Pteroduchos!
Watch out for the Waddlewings!
Spanish (NOA) La Patrulla Ardillenita
The Waddlewing Patrol
Spanish (NOE) Frenesí bellotero
"Acorny" frenzy

Level map[edit]

Level map