Spinning Sandstones

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This article is about Spinning Sandstones, a level in New Super Luigi U. For other uses, see Layer-Cake Desert-6.
Spinning Sandstones
New Super Luigi U level.
Level code World 2-6
World Layer-Cake Desert
Game New Super Luigi U
Time limit 100 seconds
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Spinning Sandstones, or Layer-Cake Desert-6, is the sixth level of Layer-Cake Desert in New Super Luigi U. The level is unlocked by completing the main exit of The Walls Have Eyes or Stone Spike Conveyors. Completing this level will unlock Morton's Lava-Block Castle. This level is based upon Blooming Lakitus from New Super Mario Bros. U. The level features several moving platforms, with Piranha Plants being the most prominent enemy.


The player begins the level on a platform with a ? Block above it. A few rolling hills are then found. The player then encounters three Sand Geysers, two of which have Stalking Piranha Plants on them. More rolling hills are then found, along with River Piranha Plants on top of quicksand and Piranha Plants in Warp Pipes. A pit with five Sand Geysers is then found, along with three Stalking Piranha Plants. A few more rolling hills are encountered, and then a platform with three Brick Blocks and a ? Block above it. After another rolling hill, a Lakitu throwing Piranha Pods appears. More rolling hills, along with Stalking Piranha Plants and a Red Ring, are then encountered. A River Piranha Plant and a Big Piranha Plant are then found. After a rolling hill, the Goal Pole is found.

Star Coins[edit]

  • Star Coin 1: The player must jump over two Piranha Plants in order to get the first Star Coin.
  • Star Coin 2: In the center of a square-shaped cutout in the background, a secret Beanstalk will take the player to an area with the second Star Coin.
  • Star Coin 3: The player must defeat the Giant Piranha Plant, revealing a secret area with the third Star Coin.


Luigi sightings[edit]

Halfway through the course, one of the Stone Eyes has Luigi's face on it and an "L" on its forehead. Coins are found behind them.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ぐるぐる大地の パックンフラワー
Guruguru Daichi no Pakkun Furawā
Piranha Plants of the Spinning Grounds

Chinese 旋转大地的吞食花 (Simplified)
旋轉大地的吞食花 (Traditional)
Xuánzhuàn Dàdì de Túnshí Huā
Piranha Plants of the Spinning Grounds

Dutch Doorgedraaide zandstenen
Literally "Turned On Sandstones" (as in continuing an action) meaning "Crazy Sandstones"
Italian Rotolando tra le sabbie
Rolling in the sands
Korean 빙글빙글 대지의 뻐끔플라워
Binggeul-binggeul Daejiui Ppeokkeumpeullawo
Piranha Plant of Spinning Ground

Portuguese Pedras Giratórias na Areia
Spinning Stones in the Sand
Spanish El jardín giratorio de Lakitu
Lakitu's spinning garden

Level map[edit]

Level map