Waterspout Sprint

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This article is about Waterspout Sprint, a level in New Super Luigi U. For other uses, see Sparkling Waters-3.
Waterspout Sprint
Watersprout Sprint.PNG
World-Level World 3-3
World Sparkling Waters
Game New Super Luigi U
Time limit 100 seconds
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Waterspout Sprint, or Sparkling Waters-3, is the third course of Sparkling Waters in New Super Luigi U. It is unlocked by completing Haunted Cargo Hold, and its own completion will unlock Dragoneel Depths.


The level starts in a tropical area with waterspouts that disappear after a set amount of time and then appear once again. A Goombrat on a platform made of Brick Blocks and a ? Block is found, followed by palm trees and another Goombrat. More geysers are found, some of which with Piranha Plants on them. A red Koopa Troopa and two Goombrats are found on palm trees. A Red Ring is above four geysers. The player must then cross more geysers, where some Piranha Plants are encountered. A group of six Goombrats is found under a Brick Block platform with a Koopa Troopa on it. Tall geysers with Piranha Plants and a Big Piranha Plant on them are encountered. After a group of geysers and Piranha Plants, the player reaches the Goal Pole.

Star Coins[edit]

  • Star Coin 1: The first Star Coin is located behind a Big Piranha Plant.
  • Star Coin 2: Beneath a waterspout, the second Star Coin can be collected when it disappears, or by throwing a Koopa Troopa shell at it.
  • Star Coin 3: The last Star Coin is located above a Piranha Plant at the end of the level.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish (NOA) Géiseres y a volar Geysers and Fly!
Korean 달려라! 구름 위의 분수
Dallyeora! Gureum Wiui Bunsu
Run! Water Fountain Above Cloud

Level map[edit]

NSLU lmap 3-3.png