Larry's Trigger-Happy Castle

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This article is about Larry's Trigger-Happy Castle, a level in New Super Luigi U. For the course in New Super Mario Bros. U, see Larry's Torpedo Castle.
Larry's Trigger-Happy Castle
New Super Luigi U Luigi, Blue Toad, Yellow Toad and Nabbit running away from a King Bill in a castle level.
Level code Sparkling Waters-Castle Icon.pngCastle
World Sparkling Waters
Game New Super Luigi U
Time limit 100 seconds
Boss Larry Koopa
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Larry's Trigger-Happy Castle, or Sparkling Waters-Castle Icon.pngCastle, is the Castle level of Sparkling Waters in New Super Luigi U. It is unlocked by completing Dragoneel Depths and its own completion will unlock All Aboard!


New Super Luigi U
The characters approaching Larry's room

Luigi begins the level in front of an area that fire Banzai Bills. Some Brick Blocks and a ? Block are found, followed by two Bill Blaster Turrets. A pit of water with Torpedo Teds in it can be found in between them. Two Brick Blocks, one of which contains a power-up, can be found. A Hidden Block containing a Mini Mushroom is above the Brick Blocks. Luigi can climb up the Brick Blocks to a small pipe, leading to a hidden area with coins. A Warp Pipe is found, and it leads to an underwater area. Two groups of Brick Blocks are found along with some red Torpedo Bases that release Targeting Teds. A Warp Pipe that leads to the next area is then found. A ? Block is found next to a wall made of Brick Blocks. A King Bill then destroys the wall, and Luigi must jump on Brick Blocks floating above the water to avoid it. The boss door is then found. Luigi must fight Larry Koopa, who battles the same way he did in New Super Mario Bros. U.

Star Coins[edit]

  • Star Coin 1: The first Star Coin is found in the air between two Bill Blaster Turrets.
  • Star Coin 2: In the underwater section, the player needs to hit a P Switch to get the second Star Coin, surrounded by Brick Blocks. The player can also lure the Targeting Teds to the blocks to destroy them.
  • Star Coin 3: In the third section of the castle, the third Star Coin can be found after three groups of floating Brick Blocks.


Item count[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ラリーの キラーとトーピードの城
Rarī no Kirā to Tōpīdo no Shiro
Larry's Castle of Bullet Bills and Torpedo Teds
Chinese 拉里的炮弹刺客及鱼雷刺客城堡 (Simplified)
拉里的砲彈刺客及魚雷刺客城堡 (Traditional)
Lālǐ de Pàodàn Cìkè jí Yúléi Cìkè Chéngbǎo
Larry's Bullet Bill and Torpedo Ted Castle
Dutch Larry's explosieve kasteel Larry's Explosive Castle
French Château Mitraille de Larry Larry's Grapeshot Castle
Italian Castello sparatutto di Larry Larry's shooter castle
Korean 래리의 킬러와 어뢰킬러의 성
Raeriui Killeowa Eoroekilleoui Seong
Larry's Castle of Bullet Bill and Torpedo Ted
Portuguese Arsenal do Castelo do Larry Arsenal of Larry's Castle
Spanish Arsenal en el Castillo de Larry Arsenal in Larry's Castle

Level map[edit]

Level map