List of Luigi sightings in New Super Luigi U

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A figure of 8-bit Luigi in Piranha Heights.

In every course of New Super Luigi U a picture of Luigi is hidden, whether it be a sprite, an image in a wall, or otherwise. There are a total of 83 Luigi sightings (two in Flying Squirrel Ovation), a reference to Luigi's debut year.

Acorn Plains[edit]

Level Number Level Name Picture Luigi Location
Acorn Plains-1 Waddlewing Warning! WUPP NSLU scrn01 Ev05.png On top of the New Super Luigi U sign in the beginning of the course is an 8-bit sprite of Luigi standing.
Acorn Plains-2 Crooked Cavern NSLU-1-2SecretLuigi.jpg Right before the normal exit is an 8-bit Luigi sprite under the stairs of Brick Blocks.
Acorn Plains-Fort Icon.png Flame-Gear Tower NSLU-1-TSecretLuigi.jpg There is an 8-bit Luigi sprite hidden in the gap to the bottom-left of the final gear.
Acorn Plains-3 Rolling Yoshi Hills NSLU 1-3 sight.png There is a grey spot shaped like Luigi jumping to the left of the second POW Block.
Acorn Plains-4 Piranha Heights WiiU LuigiU scrn04 E3.png The area that contains the third Star Coin has a large climbable statue of an 8-bit Luigi made out of colored blocks.
Acorn Plains-5 Piranha Gardens NSLU 1-5 sight.png There is a large Luigi-shaped hedge near the first Hammer Bro in the level.
Acorn Plains-Castle Icon.pngCastle Lemmy's Lights-Out Castle LuigiBit1.png Hidden in the wall above and to the right of the boss door is an 8-bit sprite of Super Luigi.
Acorn Plains-NSLU-CheepCheepIcon.png Cheep Chomp Chase NSLU 1-Cheep-Cheep sight.png In an area with many Deep Cheeps and a Red Ring, an 8-bit sprite of Luigi swimming can be seen near a yellow Warp Pipe.

Layer-Cake Desert[edit]

Level Number Level Name Picture Luigi Location
Layer-Cake Desert-1 Spike's Tumbling Desert NSLU 2-1 sight.png A bone shaped like Luigi can be seen to the left of the P-Switch.
Layer-Cake Desert-2 Underground Grrrols NSLU 2-2 sight.png At the beginning of the level, the player must use the P-Acorn to find a secret path. An 8-bit Luigi sprite can be seen in the ground.
Layer-Cake Desert-3 Piranhas in the Dark NSLU 2-3 Sight.png A secret 8-bit Luigi is found when the player defeats the first Piranha Plant pipe.
Layer-Cake Desert-Fort Icon.pngTower Wind-Up Tower NSLU-2-TSecretLuigi.jpg In the left side of the screen, behind a moving stone.
Layer-Cake Desert-4 The Walls Have Eyes NSLU 2-4 sight.png A crouching 8-bit Luigi found in the secret underground room.
Layer-Cake Desert-5 Stone Spike Conveyors NSLU 2-5 sight.png A jumping 8-bit Luigi on a piece of rock at the top of the level.
Layer-Cake Desert-6 Spinning Sandstones NSLU 2-6 Luigi.jpg Near the middle of the level, one of the Stone Eyes has Luigi's face on it and an "L" on its forehead.
Layer-Cake Desert-Castle Icon.pngCastle Morton's Lava-Block Castle NSLU 2-Castle sight.png At one point, an 8-bit Luigi losing a life is seen just above the lava.
Layer-Cake Desert-NSLU-FirePiranhaIcon.png Slippery Rope Ladders NSLU 2-Secret sight.png In the upward chamber before the Warp Pipe leading to the Goal Pole, a sliding Luigi is seen near the Fire Bros.

Sparkling Waters[edit]

Level Number Level Name Picture Luigi Location
Sparkling Waters-1 Huckit Beach Resort Luigi3-1.jpg Above the second Star Coin, a giant swimming 8-bit Luigi is found.
Sparkling Waters-2 Urchin Reef Romp Luigi3-2.jpg Shortly after the third Star Coin, a jumping 8-bit Luigi will appear.
Sparkling Waters-Fort Icon.pngTower Shish-Kebab Tower NSLU 3-Tower Luigi.jpeg When riding the second lift, the player can see a standing 8-bit Luigi.
Sparkling Waters-Ghost Icon.pngGhost House Haunted Cargo Hold Luigi3-ghost.jpg When the player goes down the first set of pipes, they must jump in the water and swim left to find a swimming 8-bit Luigi hidden in the wall.
Sparkling Waters-3 Waterspout Sprint Luigi3-3.jpg A jumping 8-bit Luigi in between the 2nd and 3rd waterspouts.
Sparkling Waters-4 The Great Geysers Luigi3-4.jpg Behind the course's starting point is a series of large blocks with Luigi's head etched into them.
Sparkling Waters-5 Dragoneel Depths Luigi3-5.jpg Before going up the pipe leading to the Goal Pole, an 8-bit Luigi is seen swimming.
Sparkling Waters-Castle Icon.pngCastle Larry's Trigger-Happy Castle Luigi3-castle.jpg After hitting the P-Switch and clearing the coins at the top of the pipe, the player can see an 8-bit swimming Luigi.
Sparkling Waters-NSMBU-LeafIcon.png Beanstalk Jungle Luigi3-secret.jpg Players can see a jumping 8-bit Luigi just before entering the last pipe and heading over to the right.

Frosted Glacier[edit]

Level Number Level Name Picture Luigi Location
Frosted Glacier-1 Broozers and Barrels Luigi4-1.jpg If the player completes the level with the last two numbers the same on the timer, a snowman with Luigi's hat emblem will appear.
Frosted Glacier-2 Cooligan Shrooms Luigi4-2.jpg An 8-bit Luigi is found just before the third Star Coin clinging onto a pole.
Frosted Glacier-Fort Icon.png Icicle Tower Luigi4-fort.jpg If the player wall jumps up the shaft in the beginning of the level, they reach a hidden area with an 8-bit Luigi crouching.
Frosted Glacier-3 Fire and Ice Luigi4-3.jpg A Luigi ice statue is seen just before the first Star Coin.
Frosted Glacier-4 Weighty Waddlewings Luigi4-4.jpg Just before the Goal Pole, the player can see Luigi on the Banzai Bill Cannon instead of a skull.
Frosted Glacier-5 Ice-Slide Expressway Luigi4-5.jpg A skidding 8-bit Luigi is seen just after the third Star Coin.
Frosted Glacier-Ghost Icon.pngGhost House Peek-a-Boo Ghost House Luigi4-ghost.jpg After passing the second circling Boos, a spider web with Luigi's head knitted out is visible.
Frosted Glacier-Castle Icon.pngCastle Wendy's Thwomp Castle Luigi4-castle.jpg A jumping 8-bit Luigi is visible in the area with Thwomps.
Frosted Glacier-NSMBU-FliprusIcon.png Fliprus Floes Luigi4-secret.jpg An 8-bit Luigi is at the beginning of the level and can be found at the top of a hidden block.

Soda Jungle[edit]

Level Number Level Name Picture Luigi Location
Soda Jungle-Airship Sprite.pngAirship All Aboard! NSLU 5-Airship Luigi.jpg At the start of the level, a wooden Luigi head (replacing the typical Bowser head) can be seen on the front of the airship.
Soda Jungle-1 Giant Swing Along NSLU 5-1 Luigi.jpg Hidden behind the bottom of a stack of giant Brick Blocks is an 8-bit Luigi.
Soda Jungle-2 Dancing Blocks, Poison Swamp NSLU 5-2 Luigi.jpg A Luigi sprite can be seen clinging to the top of the secret flagpole, behind where the Bowser flag is.
Soda Jungle-3 Heart of Bramball Woods NSLU 5-3 Luigi.jpg One of the details on the wall immediately next to the first Star Coin is Luigi's face.
Soda Jungle-Fort Icon.pngTower Stone-Snake Tower NSLU 5-Tower Luigi.jpg Directly underneath where the third Star Coin is, an 8-bit Luigi is crouching on the Brick Block containing a 1-up Mushroom.
Soda Jungle-Ghost Icon.pngGhost House Boo's Favorite Haunt NSLU 5-Ghost Luigi.jpg On the wall near the door leading to the secret exit is a portrait of Luigi.
Soda Jungle-4 Painted Pipeworks NSLU 5-4 Luigi.jpg In the room containing the secret exit is a canvas with a painting of Luigi on it.
Soda Jungle-5 Deepsea Stone-Eyes NSLU 5-5 Luigi.jpg The room containing the third Star Coin features a giant 8-bit stylized Luigi made out of blocks.
Soda Jungle-6 Sumo Bro Bridge Luigi-vines.jpg At one point in the level there is a Luigi head made out of vines in the foreground inside the platform.
Soda Jungle-7 Wiggler Floodlands NSLU 5-7 Luigi.jpg In a hidden area with a hidden 1-up Mushroom at the end of the level, an 8-bit Luigi can be seen, directly over where the block is.
Soda Jungle-Castle Icon.pngCastle Iggy's Swinging-Chains Castle NSLU 5-Castle Luigi.jpg At the start of the level, waiting for one of the troughs of the lava flow to pass by reveals a Luigi within the wall.
Soda Jungle-NSMBU-ParabeetleIcon.png Para-Beetle Parade NSLU 5-Beetle Luigi.jpg Behind the Para-Beetles where the first King Bill is an 8-bit jumping Luigi.

Rock-Candy Mines[edit]

Level Number Level Name Picture Luigi Location
Rock-Candy Mines-1 Mount Fuzzy NSLU 6-1 Luigi.jpg Above the first Star Coin is a secret area with an 8-bit Luigi.
Rock-Candy Mines-2 Porcupuffer Cavern NSLU 6-2 Luigi.jpg Next to the second Star Coin is an 8-bit Luigi climbing a rope.
Rock-Candy Mines-Fort Icon.pngTower Smashing-Stone Tower NSLU 6-Tower Luigi.jpg The hidden alcove hiding the second Star Coin is stylized using a Luigi face instead of Bowser Jr's.
Rock-Candy Mines-3 Spike's Seesaws NSLU 6-3 Luigi.jpg An 8-bit Luigi is behind one of the Spikes near the end of the level.
Rock-Candy Mines-4 Light-Up-Lift Tower NSLU 6-4 Luigi.jpg At the start of the level, an 8-bit Luigi is on the very right side of the stage, in the ground.
Rock-Candy Mines-5 Rising Piranhas NSLU 6-5 Luigi.jpg There is a large Luigi-shaped hole in the rock wall just before the Big Piranha Plant next to the secret exit in the ceiling.
Rock-Candy Mines-6 Spine Coaster Stowaways NSLU 6-6 Luigi.jpg Near the first Star Coin, an 8-bit Luigi is on the ceiling of the level.
Rock-Candy Mines-Fort Icon.pngTower Sumo Bro's Spinning Tower NSLU 6-Tower 2 Luigi.jpg An 8-bit Luigi is on the ceiling at the top of the tower, directly above the third Star Coin.
Rock-Candy Mines-7 Switch-Lift Express NSLU 6-7 Luigi.jpg There is an 8-bit Luigi in the hidden area next to the first Fire Bro.
Rock-Candy Mines-Castle Icon.pngCastle Roy's Ironclad Castle NSLU 6-Castle Luigi.jpg Above the lava pit containing the blocks with the second Star Coin is an 8-bit Luigi.

Meringue Clouds[edit]

Level Number Level Name Picture Luigi Location
Meringue Clouds-1 Frozen Fuzzies NSLU 7-1 Luigi.jpg Defeating one of the Ice Bros. near the end of the level reveals an 8-bit Luigi.
Meringue Clouds-2 Wiggler Rodeo NSLU 7-2 Luigi.jpg Having a Chain Chomp destroy a set of Brick Blocks reveals an 8-bit Luigi.
Meringue Clouds-3 Rainbow Skywalk NSLU 7-3 Luigi.jpg In the secret area before the end of the level, a large jumping 8-bit Luigi can be seen.
Meringue Clouds-Fort Icon.pngTower Stonecrush Tower NSLU 7-Tower Luigi.jpg Luigi's face can be seen when jumping up a series of platforms after the second Fire Bro.
Meringue Clouds-Ghost Icon.pngGhost House Vanishing Ghost House NSLU-Luigi and King Boo LMDM.JPG If the player takes the secret exit route, they will see a picture of King Boo and Luigi, which references their artwork from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.
Meringue Clouds-4 Above the Bouncy Clouds NSLU 7-4 Luigi.jpg By defeating the Big Piranha Plant, an 8-bit Luigi can be seen when the shifting Warp Pipe reaches its lowest point.
Meringue Clouds-5 Flame Chomp Ferris Wheel NSLU 7-5 Luigi.jpg A cloud resembling Luigi can be seen in the background.
Meringue Clouds-6 Three-Headed Snake Block NSLU 7-6 Luigi.jpg At the beginning of the level, an 8-bit Luigi can be seen by clearing away the clouds covering the wall over the Snake Blocks.
Meringue Clouds-Castle Icon.pngCastle Ludwig's Block-Press Castle NSLU 7-Castle Luigi.jpg In the room containing the cannon leading to Ludwig's airship there is a Luigi-shaped shadow on the wall.
Meringue Clouds-Airship Sprite.pngAirship Bowser Jr. Showdown NSLU 7-Airship Luigi.jpg In the area where the third Star Coin is hidden is an image of Luigi.

Peach's Castle[edit]

Level Number Level Name Picture Luigi Location
Peach's Castle-1 Magma Moat NSLU 8-1 Luigi.jpg There is a statue of Luigi taking off his hat at the secret flagpole.
Peach's Castle-2 Magmaw River Cruise NSLU 8-2 Luigi.jpg Directly over the lava and between the pair of Magmaws near the beginning of the course is an 8-bit Luigi.
Peach's Castle-3 Hot Cogs NSLU 8-3 Luigi.jpg Breaking the Brick Block directly under the sign near the first Star Coin reveals a crouching 8-bit Luigi.
Peach's Castle-4 Firefall Rising NSLU 8-4 Luigi.jpg One of the hidden alcoves within the secret part of the level features an 8-bit jumping Luigi.
Peach's Castle-Princess Peach Castle Sprite.png Current Event NSLU 8-Castle Luigi.jpg The platform under the door leading to the Goal Pole features an 8-bit Luigi.
Peach's Castle-Princess Peach Castle Sprite.png The Final Battle NSLU 8-Castle 2 Luigi.jpg Luigi's face can be seen on the middle rivet of a platform.

Superstar Road[edit]

Level Number Level Name Picture Luigi Location
Superstar Road-1 Spine Coaster Connections Luigi9-1.jpg Shortly after the first Fuzzy, an 8-bit Luigi will appear in the grassy land above.
Superstar Road-2 P Switch Peril NSLU 9-2 Luigi.jpg An 8-bit Luigi can be seen by breaking the Brick Blocks over the fourth P Switch.
Superstar Road-3 Star Coin Deep Dive NSLU 9-3 Luigi.jpg A swimming 8-bit Luigi can be found by having the Cheep Chomp destroy the Brick Blocks under the Red Ring.
Superstar Road-4 Hammerswing Hangout Luigi9-4.jpg Shortly after passing the Green Ring, there is an 8-bit Luigi on the right.
Superstar Road-5 Under Construction Luigi9-5.jpg When the player goes up the level's Beanstalk, the player can climb up and down on a 16-bit Luigi.
Superstar Road-6 Fire Bar Sprint NSLU 9-6 Luigi.jpg Break the last set of blocks near the flag pole to find a crouching 8-bit Luigi.
Superstar Road-7 Cloudy Capers NSLU 9-7 Luigi.jpg When traveling through the last set of Fuzzies, use a Fireball to hit the second to last Fuzzy on the bottom right to reveal an 8-bit Luigi.
Superstar Road-8 Impossible Pendulums Luigi9-8.jpg At the last Spinner, head down to the bottom right corner to find an 8-bit Luigi in a secret area.
Superstar Road-9 Flying Squirrel Ovation Luigi9-9.jpg Near the bottom of the gliding portion, a giant 8-bit Luigi appears.
Mii slu.jpg At the end of the level, there is a big sign that says THANK YOU with a Luigi cutout on it. The player can put their Mii's face through the hole.

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