List of Luigi sightings in NES Remix 2

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In some stages of NES Remix 2, an 8-bit Luigi may appear for a brief time before leaving. However, he may not appear every time a stage is played.

Kid Icarus[edit]

Stage Luigi Location
3-1 Luigi walks in from the right atop of the wall, looks around, and leaves.

Kirby's Adventure[edit]

Stage Luigi Location
4-2 As the Starman drops down, Luigi runs in from the right side before running back offscreen.
12 Luigi walks onto the platform that Meta Knight stands on before starting the fight. After looking around, he walks offscreen.


Stage Luigi Location
1-1 Luigi spawns in with Samus and walks to the left.

NES Open Tournament Golf[edit]

Stage Luigi Location
1-1 Luigi stands faintly in the sky.

Wario's Woods[edit]

Stage Luigi Location
2-3 Luigi walks in on the left side before being killed by a Poison Mushroom.
6 Luigi quickly runs across the bottom of the screen.

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link[edit]

Stage Luigi Location
4 Luigi quickly runs across the top of the screen.
5 Luigi enter from the left on the top of the screen, looks around, and leaves.

Remix I[edit]

Stage Picture Luigi Location
1 (Super Mario Bros. 3) NES Remix 2 Luigi Remix 1-1.jpg In the space for the cards in the HUD, Luigi appears in the third card's empty space. He disappears after 8 seconds.
6 (Kirby's Adventure) NES Remix 2 Luigi Remix 1-6.jpg Luigi falls out of Whispy Woods in his death pose.
10-4 (Super Mario Bros. 3) NES Remix 2 Luigi Remix 1-10-4.jpg Luigi runs near the right side of the spotlights.
11 (Kirby's Adventure) NES Remix 2 Luigi Remix 1-11.jpg On the right side of the screen, Luigi will fade in, look around, and walk off.

Remix II[edit]

Stage Luigi Location
6 (Super Mario Bros.) Luigi stands partially offscreen on the left side. After looking around, he leaves.
7 (Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels) Luigi slides on the right side of the screen before quickly sliding offscreen.
10-4 (Super Mario Bros.) Luigi quickly runs across the top of the screen.
13 (Dr. Mario) Luigi walks next to Dr. Mario, looks around, and leaves.
15 (Zelda II: The Adventure of Link) As a silhouette, Luigi stands on the structure on the right side.
17 (Wario's Woods) Super Luigi walks on screen near the top, crouches, and leaves.


Stage Luigi Location
9 (Ice Hockey) Luigi slides around the ice rink near the right-side of the scoreboard before sliding offscreen.
10-1 (Super Mario Bros. 3) As time runs out, Luigi flies out of the Warp Pipe in his death pose.
22-3 (Super Mario Bros. 3) Luigi walks in as the curtains lower before walking off as the curtains reach the ground.

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