Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

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Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
DKC-TF box.jpeg
Developer(s) Retro Studios
Monster Games[1]
Nintendo SPD Group No. 3
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release date Original Release
Japan February 13, 2014
USA February 21, 2014[2]
Europe February 21, 2014[3]
Australia February 22, 2014[4]
Brazil March 20, 2014 [5]
Nintendo Selects
USA March 11, 2016
Europe April 15, 2016
Australia December 1, 2016[6]
Genre Platformer
ESRB:ESRB E.svg - Everyone
PEGI:PEGI 3.svg - Three years and older
CERO:CERO A.png - All ages
ACB:ACB G.svg - General
USK:USK 0.svg - All ages
Mode(s) Single player, Multiplayer
Wii U:
Media CD icon.png Optical disc
Media DL icon.svg Digital download
Wii U:
Wiimote Sideways.png Wii Remote (Sideways)

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, known in Japan as Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze (ドンキーコングトロピカルフリーズ), is a side-scrolling 2.5D platform game developed by Retro Studios and Monster Games for the Wii U. It is the fifth game in the Donkey Kong Country series and a successor to Donkey Kong Country Returns. It follows the adventure of Donkey, Diddy, Dixie, and Cranky Kong as they are flung from their homeland and attempt to come back and retrieve it from the Snowmads. These are the antagonists of the game and are based on stereotypical Vikings, appearing as antropomorphic, (sub)polar animals ranging from penguins and walruses to owls and hares.

The game was originally slated for release during November 2013 before being pushed back to December 6; it was later pushed back again to February 2014.[7] It can be purchased at retail stores, or digitally from the Nintendo eShop, with the digital version requiring 11300 MB (approx. 11.3 GB) of memory to be installed. Standard set Wii U consoles do not have enough internal memory to have this game downloaded on them without an external storage device, but deluxe set Wii U consoles do.


The Kongs together celebrating Donkey Kong's Birthday.

The story begins at Donkey Kong's hut, where the Kongs are celebrating his birthday. Suddenly, one of the balloons flies off the Kong house and over the sea, where Snowmad ships are stationed. Far away from the island, a Pointy Tucks watches over them, locating the Kong house and relaying info to their leader, shrouded in a dark silhouette. Upon the leader nodding their approval, the Pointy Tuckses bring him a horn which he blows, creating a large amount of wind, as well as an ice dragon.

DKCTF story2.png
Donkey Kong Island now a frozen wasteland.

Just as he is about to blow the candle out, Donkey Kong notices a mysterious snowflake appear and put out the candle on his birthday cake. He turns away with a frustrated look on his face as he hears an uproar, and he and the other Kongs exit the house. The ice dragon from earlier flies toward Donkey Kong Island, turning the sea under it to ice. The Kongs are then blown away from the island by the ice dragon's intense winds, landing on the Lost Mangroves island. Afterwards, a large ship stations itself where the Volcano from Donkey Kong Country Returns used to be, and the Snowmads seize Donkey Kong Island for their own, turning it into a frosty area with continuous snowfall.[8]

After traversing across 5 islands with each posing its own threats, the Kongs finally arrive at Donkey Kong Island under control of the Snowmads. The Kongs make their way through the frozen fortress until they encounter the leader of the Snowmads, Lord Fredrik, who challenges the Kongs to a final battle deep in the depths of the volcano. After a long battle, Donkey Kong delivers the final punch to Lord Fredrik, which sends him flying out through the roof of the Snowmad's ship, destroying it in the process. The Kongs wander out of the remains of the ship and look out from the mountainside to see the end of Lord Fredrik's fall. Lord Fredrik crashes into the remainder of the Snowmad ships out in the seas of the island, defeating the entire Snowmad clan and freeing the island from their control. Donkey Kong then notices the horn that was used to freeze their island fell out of Lord Fredrik's hands during his fall, which he catches and blows into, producing a breeze of flowers that carries the Kongs to the bottom of the island. The Kongs watch and rejoice as the breeze of the flowers flutter around the island, melting all of the ice and snow, returning Donkey Kong Island to its former glory.


Returning elements

Basic gameplay

The gameplay of the title is very similar to that of its predecessor, Donkey Kong Country Returns. The Kongs are able to walk, run, jump, roll, pound the ground, as well as climb vines and ropes. By jumping, the Kongs can stomp on various enemies and defeat them; however, some enemies cover their top sides with shields or sharp objects, making them troublesome or dangerous to stomp on. Stomping on at least three enemies in a row grants the player one Banana Coin for each enemy stomped thereafter. The players start earning Extra Life Balloons if they achieve a combo of eight or more enemy stomps.

The Kongs can perform Ground Pounds in various places to break unsound structures (such as crates and cracked blocks), revealing items or secret paths underground. If executed near some foes, they will become dizzy and unable to attack or damage the Kongs for a short time. Likewise, ground pounding can be used to empty item containers, which are found in the immediate background.

The Kongs can also roll to knock enemies over from the side. Donkey Kong can perform this move on a short distance. Nonetheless, rolling can confer higher momentum than usual running; if Donkey Kong jumps while rolling, his jump will cover a longer distance than usual. If the ape rolls over the edge of a platform, he can quickly hop in mid-air and continue going forward, provided he lands on another platform; these speeding-up tricks are especially useful in Time Attack gameplay.

Diddy Kong returns as a playable partner for Donkey. He is the first Kong partner in the game to be encountered. With the small Barrel Jet mounted on his back, he can help Donkey Kong hover across pits and obstacles for a short time. Diddy wields a popgun which can fire peanuts. Upon getting shot out of the weapon, they bounce off the ground swiftly until smashing into a wall or an enemy. In the latter case, the enemy usually gets stunned for a brief moment after getting hit by the projectile; on the other hand, there are tougher enemies which are not affected by Diddy Kong's peanuts.


In specific levels of the game, Donkey Kong and co. are able to ride different vehicles. Firstly, the Mine Cart, which carries the heroes along railtracks which cannot be trod by foot. As the Mine Cart moves automatically, the Kongs can duck inside the vehicle or jump with it in order to dodge obstacles. Secondly, the Rocket Barrel, which is necessary to fly across wide chasms and normally has to be navigated through a series of hazards and enemies. It can be risen up or let to fall down. Lastly, Rambi the Rhinoceros (who is categorized as a "vehicle" in the game's instruction manual[9]), a powerful Animal Friend who can charge into enemies and defeat them. Otherwise invincible to most enemies even when standing still, he is still vulnerable to lightnings, fire enemies, or any other object protected by flames.


Donkey and Diddy Kong's health bar

The Kongs' health is measured in hearts. Donkey Kong naturally has two hearts – two more if he carries a partner with him, as well as an additional one if a Heart Boost is equipped. Each time the Kongs get damaged, they lose one heart from their health meter. If all of their hearts have been depleted, they lose one life. Hearts can be found along the way and are used to replenish the primates' health bar. Extra Life Balloons add more tries to the game. If all lives are lost, the players receive a game over and are prompted to restart the game from where their progress was last saved.

Level map and bonuses

The Kongs progress through an island map. They head towards an incomplete level, marked by a red pad. On the bottom left lies a blue pad, the level of which has had its goal reached.

The game features a total of 63 levels (including boss and Hidden Kong Temple stages and excluding Funky's Fly 'n' Buy stations), grouped in seven island maps. Every island map is displayed from an aerial viewpoint and connects a system of paths, allowing players to take on different routes in order to reach a certain level. Once players complete a level, they open a new path or crossroad. Paths are navigated on foot, but Auto Fire Barrels are sometimes used on the way; Donkey Kong Island's map navigation, on the other hand, is entirely provided by Blast Barrels. Warping from an island to another is always released through Auto Fire Barrels.

On the map, non-boss levels are marked by circular pads, whilst boss stages are associated with star-shaped pads. Level pads light in several colors on different conditions: red pads mean their levels have not been completed yet; blue pads mean their levels have been finished at least once. Additionally, green pads relate to levels which have been completed on Hard Mode. Unlit/black pads are inaccessible, and switch to red when the paths that lead to them are unlocked.

On each island, the Kongs eventually encounter a shop run by Funky Kong, which is always marked with white pads. The shop, Funky's Fly 'n' Buy, offers items that can turn helpful for the Kongs, in exchange for Banana Coins. The price for each item stays the same on the course of the game. Alongside items, which include Extra Life Balloons, Buddy Barrels, and Heart Boosts, the shop also displays a Toy Capsule Machine, which contains collectable toy figures representing characters from the game. Each of them costs five Banana Coins and can be obtained by chance. As the players progress through the game, more toy figures become available in the shop.

An uneven number of Puzzle Pieces (5, 7, or 9), as well as four K-O-N-G Letters, are spread in each level, excluding boss levels for both and Hidden Kong Temple levels for the latter. Puzzle Pieces unlock various concept artworks for the game, while K-O-N-G Letters are mandatory for unlocking Hidden Kong Temple stages; each world aside from the last one contains one of these stages. While some Puzzle Pieces are scattered throughout a level in different areas, some appear only after collecting a certain group of items. Bonus stages dedicated to collecting these items are oftenly featured within levels, and yield Puzzle Pieces after completion. These bonus stages can be accessed through hidden Blast Barrels.

Finishing all the levels of the game (including the Hidden Kong Temple ones) and acquiring every Puzzle Piece are amongst the mandatory requirements for full, 200% completion of the game.

New features

Kong partners

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze features more playable characters than Donkey Kong Country Returns. These are Dixie Kong and Cranky Kong. The former Kong can execute the Helicopter Spin with her ponytail in order to propel herself up in midair. Cranky harnesses the Cane Bounce by using his iconic rigid cane to combat or overcome some obstacles otherwise (potentially) dangerous to stomp on, such as urchins and thorns; the Cane Bounce can be seen as a substitute to Dixie Kong's Helicopter Twirl, as Cranky can bounce off the ground with his cane and take off to increased heights. With the inclusion of more than two playable characters in the game, a premiere feature in the series, the variety of Buddy Barrels has been invigorated. Players can stumble upon Diddy, Dixie, or Cranky barrels, with each displaying their name abbreviations – DD, DX, and CK respectively. These barrels are usually found separated from each other, while other constantly rotate and change their content, each time indicated by the cited abbreviations. In the standard mode of play, Donkey Kong can only carry one partner at the time; after freeing a completely new partner while transporting another one, the latter will cast itself out and make room for the other on Donkey's back. If the character in the chosen barrel is already seated on Donkey Kong, the primates can regenerate their health bar upon destroying such an item.

Underwater mechanics

Donkey Kong is low on air and rushes towards a column of rising air bubbles underwater. Air bubbles gush out of various stage decorations and replenish the Kongs' air supply.

The game also presents ice and underwater levels, which were absent in Returns. The Kongs' ability to swim has been restored, even though it is altered from the Mario-styled swimming controls present in the original trilogy. In effect, the swimming mechanics are similar to those of the New Play Control! version of Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, where instead of pressing the jump button to gain momentum, the player has to move the Control Stick stick / +Control Pad buttons. The Kongs are now given limited air while underwater, requiring them to seek out air bubbles to survive. A Corkscrew attack has been added, with which the player can defeat certain enemies or collapse less durable structures while underwater.

Plucking ability

The Kongs try to pluck an Item Handle out of the ground. Item Handles hide not only items, as their name suggests, but also Barrel Cannons. In some cases, they even affect the environment upon getting pulled.

In a vast number of areas in the game, players can encounter orange handles fixed on the surface of platforms. The Kongs can pull these handles to uncover their roots from under the ground, which can be either bonuses or Barrel Cannons that launch them to other places. Upon plucking some of these objects, the Kongs are bound to assist to certain phenomenons that manipulate the contacted environment in some way or another.

The plucking function can help transport several objects, such as items, where the possibility to be carried and thrown exists - barrels, DK Barrels, and Watermelon Fuse Bombs are the most common items to be transported. Some can be taken directly from the ground, but other are buried under it and obtainable only by plucking handles. The player can actually haul even enemies, specifically those that are relatively small and wear orange helmets, like Tuff Fluffs and Tuff Tuckses. Portable items and enemies are sometimes necessary in order to destroy hinderances, bags with precious content, and tough foes.

Producer Kensuke Tanabe stated that the ability to pick up enemies and throw them, and overall the plucking capability, was inspired from Super Mario Bros. 2, which he directed.[10]

Camera movement and Kong POW

For the first time in the series, the camera angle can change dynamically in some levels where Blast Barrels or minecarts are found, showing more areas and perspectives of the scenery. A new feature in this game is the Kong POW attack, which turns all enemies on-screen into items. This move can only be performed when 100 bananas have been collected, as well as when there is a partner by Donkey Kong's side.[11]

Time Attack

TimeAttack 2 DKCTF.jpg

A mode originating in Returns, Time Attack of any level can be accessed only after the player has hit the Slot Machine Barrel at the end of it at least once. It is available on single player and is a completely optional mode, meaning it does not unlock extra content in the game, nor contribute to its completion percentage.

The Kongs achieve a shiny gold medal and a new best time after playing in Time Attack mode.

Before entering Time Attack, players are given the option to select a type of Buddy Barrel for the course of the chosen stage. During Time Attack, players have to guide Donkey Kong and, eventually, his partner to the level's finish barrel in the fastest time possible. Three time limits are set during the course, each corresponding to one of the gold, silver, and bronze medals. Should the heroes reach their destination before the stopwatch count surpasses one of these time limits, they are rewarded with the medal accordingly. The primates start off every race against time with a stopwatch count set to zero displayed on the screen and a chance of winning a gold medal; as the count advances and time elapses, the gold medal eventually switches to silver and, ultimately, to bronze, unless the players time the Kongs' movements so they reach the goal before one of the medal's time limit is struck. A special shiny gold medal can be obtained if the Kongs manage to reach the finish barrel at a particular time within the standard gold medal time limit. The milestone times for shiny gold medals are never displayed nor made clear.

TimeAttack 1 DKCTF.jpg

It is to be noted that, unlike in other modes of the game, the Kongs do not lose a life after their health bar has been drained completely during Time Attack, further proving that exploring the game this way has no virtual effect on general gameplay.

While the aspects described above were previously present in Donkey Kong Country Returns, a noteworthy difference in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is marked by the absence of Checkpoint Booths during the Time Attack mode. In the former game, if the Kongs would have lost all of their hearts from the health bar while racing in a level, they would be transferred back to the last checkpoint reached, with the stopwatch resuming its count and their health bar refilled. With the lack of checkpoints in Time Attack of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, the heroes are prompted to restart the whole stage with the count reset to zero every time they fail progressing.

Additionally, in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, if the Kongs finish a level in Time Attack mode without taking damage, their achieved medal will be accompanied by a heart icon. This icon is permanent until they achieve a better time.

Despite Checkpoint Booths being unavailable during Time Attack, Professor Chops retains his role as referee. During every race, he first shows up at the beginning, waving a small green flag in the rhythm of the countdown. After the Kongs break the finish barrel, he springs on the scene with a chequered flag, indicating the race has been terminated.

Time Attack Leaderboards

If connected to the Internet and signed into Nintendo Network, players are granted the possibility to upload their Time Attack records on a worldwide leaderboard. These records are associated to their Nintendo Network IDs. The global Time Attack rank of any level in the game can be accessed by selecting the "LEADERBOARDS" section on the Time Attack menu. The rank displays other player's time records on the said levels, as well as the Kong partner used and, occasionally, a replay of their progress to be observed.

Hard Mode

Cranky Kong travels alone on Hard Mode. Note the single heart in his health meter.

When players have collected all the K-O-N-G Letters in the game and have subsequently completed every level, an additional game mode, Hard Mode, is unlocked. Hard Mode can only be played with one Kong, marking the only occasion in the game aside from multiplayer sessions when one can take full control of Diddy, Dixie, or Cranky. Nevertheless, the characters are given a single heart to go along the selected level, and have to reach their destination without taking damage at all in order to complete the stage. Layout differences during Hard Mode are established by the removal of checkpoints. In order to complete the game 200%, every level in the game has to be finished in Hard Mode. During Hard Mode, the K-O-N-G Letters of each level are recolored from red to blue. Collecting them again in this mode replaces the red star icon next to a chosen level's name (marking that all letters have been previously obtained there) with a blue one, although it is not necessary for 200% completion and does not unlock anything.


The game can be played with either the Wii U GamePad, the Wii Remote alone and held horizontally, or the Wii Remote held vertically and connected to a Nunchuk. Below is a list of all controls that trigger the actions in the game, each for every style of playing.

Note that the moves marked with the color blue are abilities that are only utilised underwater.

GamePad Wii U GamePad (primary controls)

Professor Chops appears from behind a rock to teach the player how to perform a Corkscrew attack. Note that this is the button combination for the Wii U GamePad primary control scheme.
Solo & Co-op modes
  • Left Control Stick – walk, run, crouch, swim
  • A Button or B Button – jump, Barrel Jet hover (button should be held while playing as/having Diddy), Helicopter Spin (button should be held while playing as/having Dixie), Cane Bounce (button should be pressed before landing on a platform, playing as/having Cranky), Swim Boost, Jet Blast (while playing as/having Diddy), Ponytail Propeller (while playing as/having Dixie), cane attack (while playing as/having Cranky)
  • X Button, Y Button – Ground Pound (while standing), Roll Attack (while moving), Kong Roll (while moving and having a partner), shoot popgun, Corkscrew
  • ZL Button or ZR Button – grab (enemies, objects), transport (button should be held - if released, the element transported will be thrown), pluck (handles)
  • L Button or R Button – Kong POW
  • Plus Button or Minus Button – enter pause menu
  • HOME Button – enter HOME Menu
Co-op mode only

ZL Button or ZR Button – carry partner (for player 1), mount/dismount Donkey Kong (for player 2)

GamePad Wii U GamePad (secondary controls)

When Donkey Kong carries a partner, he is able to skip the water through the use of the collective Kong Roll. If the said duo is rolling on the ground and falls onto a pond or another body of water, they should keep rolling in order to easily cross the water by skipping on its surface.
Solo & Co-op modes
  • Left +Control Pad – walk, run, crouch, swim
  • A Button or B Button – jump, Barrel Jet hover (button should be held while playing as/having Diddy), Helicopter Spin (button should be held while playing as/having Dixie), Cane Bounce (button should be pressed before landing on a platform, playing as/having Cranky), Swim Boost, Jet Blast (while playing as/having Diddy), Ponytail Propeller (while playing as/having Dixie), cane attack (while playing as/having Cranky)
  • X Button or Y Button – grab (enemies, objects), transport (button should be held - if released, the element transported will be thrown), pluck (handles)
  • ZL Button, ZR Button – Ground Pound (while standing), Roll Attack (while moving), Kong Roll (while moving and having a partner), shoot popgun, Corkscrew
  • L Button or R Button – Kong POW
  • Plus Button or Minus Button – enter pause menu
  • HOME Button – enter HOME Menu
Co-op mode only

X Button or Y Button – carry partner (for player 1), mount/dismount Donkey Kong (for player 2)

Wii Remote Wii Remote (held horizontally)

Solo & Co-op modes
  • +Control Pad – walk, run, crouch, swim
  • One Button – grab (enemies, objects), transport (button should be held - if released, the element transported will be thrown), pluck (handles)
  • Two Button – jump, Barrel Jet hover (button should be held while playing as/having Diddy), Helicopter Spin (button should be held while playing as/having Dixie), Cane Bounce (button should be pressed before landing on a platform, playing as/having Cranky), Swim Boost, Jet Blast (while playing as/having Diddy), Ponytail Propeller (while playing as/having Dixie), cane attack (while playing as/having Cranky)
  • Shaking Wii Remote – Ground Pound (while standing), Roll Attack (while moving), Kong Roll (while moving and having a partner), shoot popgun, Corkscrew
  • A Button – Kong POW
  • Plus Button or Minus Button – enter pause menu
  • HOME Button – enter HOME Menu
Co-op mode only

One Button – carry partner (for player 1), mount/dismount Donkey Kong (for player 2)

Wii Remote Wii Remote (held vertically) and Nunchuk Nunchuk

Solo & Co-op modes
  • Nunchuk Control Stick – walk, run, crouch, swim
  • A Button – jump, Barrel Jet hover (button should be held while playing as/having Diddy), Helicopter Spin (button should be held while playing as/having Dixie), Cane Bounce (button should be pressed before landing on a platform, playing as/having Cranky), Swim Boost, Jet Blast (while playing as/having Diddy), Ponytail Propeller (while playing as/having Dixie), cane attack (while playing as/having Cranky)
  • B Button or Nunchuk Z Button – grab (enemies, objects), transport (button should be held - if released, the element transported will be thrown), pluck (handles)
  • Shaking Wii Remote and Nunchuk – Ground Pound (while standing), Roll Attack (while moving), Kong Roll (while moving and having a partner), shoot popgun, Corkscrew
  • Nunchuk C Button – Kong POW
  • Plus Button or Minus Button – enter pause menu
  • HOME Button – enter HOME Menu
Co-op mode only
  • B Button or Nunchuk Z Button – carry partner (for player 1), mount/dismount Donkey Kong (for player 2)


Playable characters

Character Description Kong POW Ability
Donkey Kong Artwork - Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze.png
  • The character the single or first player always controls, and also the heaviest.
  • He is shown to be able to water skip when rolling with another Kong on top of him.
  • Underwater, Donkey Kong is able to charge at enemies to defeat them.
Donkey Kong
Diddy Kong Artwork - Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze.png
  • His jetpack returns, allowing him to hover in midair and get speed boosts underwater (this cannot defeat enemies).
  • His Peanut Popgun returns as well, working just like it did in the previous game.
Turns enemies into Red Balloons, which add lives.
Diddy Kong
Dixie Kong - Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze.png
  • Her ponytail allows her to get a short lift and fall slowly in midair.
  • Can be controlled more easily underwater using her hair as a propeller (this cannot defeat enemies). Secret exits can be found with her hair as well by going through currents.
  • Her new Bubble Gum Popgun can shoot bubble gums at enemies.
Turns enemies into Gold Hearts, which allow extra hits from enemies.
Dixie Kong
Cranky Kong Artwork - Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze.png
  • His cane can be used to whack enemies, and as a pogo stick in order to jump higher and on spikes.
  • Can whack enemies underwater with his cane.
  • His new Denture Popgun shoots dentures at enemies.
Turns enemies into Banana Coins, which can be used to purchase items in Funky's Fly 'n' Buy.
Cranky Kong

Supporting characters

Character Role
Funky Kong Artwork - Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze.png
Funky Kong
Runs the Funky's Fly 'n' Buy shop, which sells various items in exchange for Banana Coins, similarly to Cranky Kong's Shop from the previous installment.
Professor Chops[12]
Runs the checkpoint booths in each level as he did in Donkey Kong Country Returns.
Rambi DKCR.png
Rambi the Rhino
Rambi retains his role as the sole ridable Animal Friend. He can bash into enemies easier than the Kongs and can break some walls or other big objects that the Kongs cannot normally break. He can also defeat enemies by just walking into them. He is effective to lightning and runs away as he bumps into enemies.
Squawks DKCTF.png
Squawks the Parrot
Squawks retains his role as a purchasable item, and will warn the player if Puzzle Pieces are nearby during a stage.[13]


Each boss of this game is faced at the end of one of the six main worlds. The Kongs have to deliver nine hits to a boss enemy in order to defeat him; after every three hits, the boss will anger and morph into another phase, usually changing color to reflect this. As the final blow is struck, the player is given the chance to punch the boss and knock him out violently by repeatedly pressing the buttons shown on screen.

Image Name Description Level appearance
SealBoss.jpg Pompy, the Presumptuous An enormous circus seal and the first boss of the game. The enemy repeatedly skates down a half-pipe arena, attempting different stunts to attack the Kongs. These include jumping high up in the air and diving back down onto the arena, as well as doing barrel rolls on the scene. During his first and third attack phases, Pompy would retreat in the foreground pond and start throwing aquatic enemies, such as Green Finleys, Sea Urchins, and Gordos, onto the arena. Ocassionally, he employs several Big Sphens as extra obstacles during the course of the battle. Big Top Bop
Skowl1.jpg Skowl, the Startling A giant owl and the leader of the Hootz platoon. His main attack set includes scattering sharp feather missiles, charging onto the Kongs with his sharp talons, creating strong gusts with his wings, and spawning small owl minions, some of which can be thrown back at the enemy to damage him. As the battlefield ascends into the sky, Skowl attempts new attack techniques. Mountaintop Tussle
Ba-boom kong 02 595.png Ba-Boom, the Boisterous A trio of mischievous apes. Their repertoire of attacks consists of throwing Watermelon Fuse Bombs, as well as swinging on a rope towards the Kongs, usually spinning a hammer in an attempt to hurt them. Ba-Boom will also try a rolling dash attack, changing direction as they collide with the arena margins. After two members of the trio are defeated, the third will summon clones of himself and attack in the same manner as before. Triple Trouble
Fugu 01.png Fugu, the Frightening A spiky blowfish, capable of growing in size. He attempts to suck in the Kongs by inhaling large quantities of water, then push them onto the hermit crabs on the walls by puffing the water back. He usually also exhales Green Fish, which can be propelled back to the boss to deal damage. Likewise, his rear side is exposed and can be occasionally rammed into with a corkscrew. During his third phase, Fugu will swell enough to cover half of the battle area. Fugu Face-Off
Bashmaster.jpg Bashmaster, the Unbreakable An aggressive bipedal polar bear that wields a strong mallet. His most basic attack is a powerful blow with his weapon, which momentarily gets stuck on the ground, allowing the Kongs to use it as platform and stomp on the boss's head. Bashmaster is able to leap from the scene and crash back on the arena, tilting it abruptly while also sending icy shock waves. Often, Bashmaster creates columns of icy blocks which he sends sliding on the battlefield. These blocks can be pounded and destroyed, and some contain Banana Coins and Watermelon Fuse Bombs, the latter having to be thrown at the boss to damage him. Punch Bowl
SnowmadLeader.jpg Lord Fredrik, the Snowmad King The final boss, titled the king of all Snowmads. He is fought on a basalt field surrounded by lava. Lord Fredrik uses his blowhorn to summon ice dragons and icy balls, some of them hosting Tuff Tucks and Tuff Fluffs that can be thrown back at the boss. Likewise, Lord Fredrik faces the Kongs directly by charging and attempting to ram his viking horns into the protagonists; while running, his back is exposed to stomp attacks, needed to damage the boss. He will also pound the ground and temporarily sink patches of basalt in the lava. Volcano Dome



Below is a table containing all the minion sub-species enrolled in the Snowmad army, classified into categories. They are followed by a brief description on their behavior and combat. The first and final in-game level appearances of each enemy is also mentioned.

Name Description First level appearance Last level appearance
Tucks A short, hunched penguin foe that simply roams around ground areas. It can be defeated by any mean of attack, including stomping and rolling, but it can grant damage to the Kongs in one flipper smack. Mangrove Cove Crazy Clouds
Speedy Tucks A variant of Tucks that charges for the Kongs whenever they are in its proximity. Speedy Tuckses can be downed with any attack. Twilight Terror (seen in the background, loading fish with a Tucks)
Shoal Atoll (encountered as an obstacle)
Slippy Spikes
Tuff Tucks A hunched penguin enemy wearing a helmet on its head. Should the Kongs jump its helmet, the enemy will turn dizzy and fall on its back. It can then be picked up, carried, and hurled by the Kongs when necessary. This way, they become weapons against other enemies; they can also break fragile walls which hide secrets. Mangrove Cove Rocket Rails
Pointy Tucks A penguin Snowmad that wears a viking helmet. This helmet displays very sharp horns pointed upwards, which make regular stomping on the enemy impossible. Nevertheless, the Pointy Tucks can be rolled into, hit with a thrown object, or crushed with Rambi. Shipwreck Shore Icicle Arsenal
Trench Tucks A derivative of Pointy Tucks that carries a sturdy, viking-esque shield. This shield prevents rolling into the penguin's front side, and since its helmet's spikes also prevent them from stomping the penguin, its only vulnerable place is the back side, into which the Kongs are able to roll and defeat the enemy. Frantic Fields Meltdown Mayhem
Archy A penguin archer that transports fish in a quiver. The warrior uses the fish as projectiles, shooting them with a bow, and uses them against the Kongs. The fish follow a straight line in the air and can be stomped on. The Archy can be also stomped on, as well as rolled into. Canopy Chaos Icicle Arsenal
Archy (fire) A variety of the regular Archy. It shoots flaming fishbones instead of carnal fish, which are dangerous to be stomped on. Nonetheless, fire Archies can be defeated the same as normal Archies. Scorch 'n' Torch Icicle Arsenal
Boom Bird A red-colored penguin that carries a Watermelon Fuse Bomb on its back. The enemy itself is not very different from a regular Tucks, as the Kongs are able to defeat it using any attack technique available. However, as soon as the bomb drops, its fuse will start to burn and the bomb will explode after a short time. Cannon Canyon Icicle Arsenal
Painguin Tucks A penguin-like foe that tries to stab the Kongs with the spear it holds - the spear is, in fact, a long stick decorated with the sharp bones of a dead fish. Both ends of the spear are sharp and dangerous, and so, the only unprotected place of the Painguin Tucks is its head. Mangrove Cove Rocket Rails
Papa Painguin A Painguin Tucks wearing a helmet just like that of a Pointy Tucks. At first, it seems entirely protected from all physical encounters with the Kongs due to its spear and its spiky helmet (even though Rambi's powerful horn or a barrel thrown at the Papa Painguin can defeat it instantly). Nonetheless, the Kongs can perform a ground pound next to the foe, stunning it for a moment and dropping its spear. This leaves the enemy's front and back sides unprotected and ready to be rolled into. Deep Keep Rocket Rails
Soary An aviator penguin capable of flying. Soaries are gathered in groups and soar towards the Kongs in a straight line. They can be simply defeated with a stomp. Alpine Incline Slippy Spikes
Bouncy Tucks Bare Tuckses that bounce on springy surfaces. They can be defeated with a stomp, but they usually stomp on the Kongs instead. Windmill Hills Jelly Jamboree
Big Sphen A massive penguin Snowmad which carries a blowing horn, and uses it to shoot icy fish at the Kongs. These fish slide down their paths and can be stomped on. Likewise, it is possible to defeat a Big Sphen with three stomps or three roll attacks. Big Top Bop Slippy Spikes
Name Description First level appearance Last level appearance
Fluff Fluffs are hare Snowmads, pertaining to the most generic soldiers along with Tuckses. They constantly leap from side to side. Fluffs can be defeated with any attack technique. Mangrove Cove Dynamite Dash
Tuff Fluff A Fluff enemy that wears an orange helmet, identical to that of a Tuff Tucks. It can be distinguished from the common Fluff due to its lighter fur coloration. If the player manages to stomp on a Tuff Fluff while the enemy is hopping around, it will fall on the ground, ready to get picked up and tossed into other hazards. Horn Top Hop Volcano Dome
Harey A white-furred, overweight Fluff that pounds the ground and creates sharp ice waves, dangerous to the Kongs. Hareys will perish if the player stomps on them three times. Reckless Ride Homecoming Hijinxs
Harold Similar to the Harey, Harold is overweight, but its attack method is different. It continuously throws Watermelon Fuse Bombs at the protagonists in an attempt to damage them. However, before they detonate, the bombs can be passed back to the Harold, exploding upon impact with the enemy and defeating it. Sea Stack Attack Rocket Rails
Name Description First level appearance Last level appearance
Hootz Owl-like enemies with irritated looks on their figures. They fly around in set patterns and can be defeated in any way, the most efficient one being stomping. By stomping on a row of Hootz, the player can advance over large chasms. Trunk Twister Crazy Clouds
Hot Hootz An orange Hootz that engulfs itself periodically with fire, and conveys it in a fireball, sending it towards the Kongs' current position. Hot Hootz are best to be avoided, since they are quite imprevisible when catching fire. Other than this, they appear to be standard Hootz that can be downed with any attack method. Swinger Flinger Crazy Clouds
Puffton An overweight Hootz that occupies more space than a regular Hootz. It can be defeated with three normal stomps on its head, but a single stomp from Rambi can be decisive for it. Windmill Hills Crazy Clouds
Tuffton Tufftons are Pufftons wearing plate orange helmets. They serve not only as shield against the player's stomps, but also as handy platforms. One of the few attacks that is effective to them is Cranky Kong's Cane Bounce, which, performed three times on their helmets, can down the foes. Windmill Hills (seen in the level's introduction)
Horn Top Hop (encountered as an obstacle)
Slippy Spikes
Blue Hootz A tiny owl-resembling creature covered in blue flames at all times. They can only be defeated with thrown projectiles. Zip-Line Shrine Crazy Clouds
Name Description First level appearance Last level appearance
Waldough A large strutting walrus enemy. It can be jumped on (or rolled into) three times before its defeat. Waldoughs can also be directly crushed with Rambi, or downed with a thrown carriable object. Mangrove Cove Meltdown Mayhem
Walnut A walrus enemy almost identical to the Waldough, with the only element that distinguishes it being the orange helmet on its head. The helmet prevents absolutely all stomp attacks (except Cranky's Cane Bounces). A Walnut can be defeated with three roll moves onto its front or back side. Frantic Fields Meltdown Mayhem
Walbrick A walrus warrior covered in armor, including a helmet. The enemy protects itself from roll attacks with a large, round wooden shield. Athough its back is not covered, the Walbrick turns around if the Kongs attempt to attack it from behind. Stomping a Walbrick makes it dizzy and still, allowing the Kongs to attack its back side with a roll attack. Mountain Mania Blurry Flurry
Chum Chucker Charlie A walrus holding a basket with fish. It takes fish one by one and throws them at the Kongs in an attempt to harm them. A Chum Chucker Charlie can be destroyed with three hops on its head. Fruity Factory Icicle Arsenal
Fish Poker Pops The only horned helmet-wearing member of the Waldoughs, Fish Poker Pops is dangerous to be jumped on. It carries and uses a large dumbbell weapon, with spiky pufferfish tucked into its ends. While it raises the powerful weapon in the air, the Snowmad foe can be rolled into three times to inflict damage. Spinning Spines Rocket Rails
Name Description First level appearance Last level appearance
Lemmington Lemmingtons resemble hamsters and possess spiky wheels which they roll along various surfaces. The only way to defeat a Lemmington is making it fall of a ceiling with a pound. Horn Top Hop Icicle Arsenal
Ice dragon A powerful and rabid monster made of ice. Ice dragons are released through Lord Fredrik's horn and fly out, but plummet on the ground shortly after. As they crash, they freeze the patch of ground they fell onto, creating a slippery surface. Volcano Dome Volcano Dome

Other enemies and obstacles

Along with the mischievous Snowmads, there are also many other foes, as well as obstacles, the Kongs have to fight or avoid throughout their adventure. Some enemy species, which otherwise act the same, change in appearance. Below is a table with all of the enemies and obstacles not related to the Snowmads.

Enemies which are not specific to any island
Name Description First level appearance Last level appearance
Chomp One steadfast carnivorous plant that can be usually found hanging down from the thicket, plunging towards the Kongs in an attempt to devorate them. Chomps can only be defeated if a carriable object, such as a barrel, is thrown at it. Mangrove Cove Bramble Scramble
Finley Finleys are regular fish enemies that follow set patterns when swimming. They are harmful if touched, but vulnerable to Corkscrew attacks or Cranky Kong's cane swipes. Finleys come in light-blue and red variations, with the former being more calm in temper. Mangrove Cove Rocket Rails
Gargantuan Gills A family of enormous fish predators that can only be encountered in vehicle-riding sequences of the game. Most of them roam around savannah waters while keeping their dorsal sides over the surface, potentially crashing their upper appendages into the Kongs. Other jump out of the water in attempts to gobble up the heroes before plunging back. Some munch the primates' railtrack, and one specimen even tries to hunt the Kongs down a waterfall. Twilight Terror High Tide Ride
Gordo A fish fiend that is considerably larger and tougher than a Finley, but otherwise behaves the same. It can only be destroyed with three consequent Corkscrew moves, or three cane swipes from Cranky. Shipwreck Shore Rocket Rails
Snaggles Snaggles resemble great white sharks and are quite menacing enemies, despite their goofy look. They try to take a snatch from the Kongs, and are even capable of doing so outside water by jumping real high in the air. Under water, Snaggles pursue the heroes trying to attack them. Snaggles can be defeated with throwable objects or with Cranky's cane swipes, but never with a simple Corkscrew move, as this can have bad results. Shipwreck Shore Rockin' Relics
Yellow Snaggles An ochre-colored variation of Snaggles that is not able to leap from the water, unlike its cousin. Nonetheless, it functions the same underwater, as it tries to bite the Kongs; Snaggles enemies cannot be cast out with a Corkscrew move, but Cranky's cane is an efficient weapon against them. Shoal Atoll Panicky Paddles
Lost Mangroves enemies
Name Description First level appearance Last level appearance
Dozy A bird foe that walks from side to side. The Kongs can get damage from this enemy if they simply head into it. Dozies are not difficult to defeat, since any attack method can bring their doom. They are identical in behavior with simple Tuckses. Mangrove Cove Busted Bayou
Mimic A mysterious enemy hiding inside a bush and waiting for its prey - the Kongs. Upon setting its target, Mimics walk in the direction of the heroes, but soon turn out to stroll aimlessly. They can be defeated by any attack method possible on dry land. Busted Bayou Busted Bayou
Large Mimic Merely a bigger variation of Mimic. It can be defeated by any mean of attack. Busted Bayou Busted Bayou
Monocle Monica What looks like a pink dragonfly wearing a monocle is called a Monocle Monica. It is very similar to Hot Hootz, in that it also flies in set trajectories. However, its moves are more sudden and rapid, like that of flying insects. Monocle Monicas can be downed by stomps and thrown objects. Shipwreck Shore Busted Bayou
Punchy Paddy A grasshopper foe that hops up and down in a strictly vertical line. While it jumps quickly, the enemy only descends slowly. It can be defeated with any attack method, but can also be dangerous if it happens to land on the Kongs. Mangrove Cove Busted Bayou
Sour Dodo A blue-colored enemy modeled after Dozy, only that it deliberately runs into a Kong upon spotting him. It is vulnerable to any attacks, and can be compared to Speedy Tuckses. Mangrove Cove Busted Bayou
Thug Slug A slug enemy. It sticks to any platform, crawling on all of its sides. Thug Slugs can be defeated anyhow. Canopy Chaos Trunk Twister
Wild Wendell A turtle-resembling foe that wears aviator goggles. When on dry land, should the player stomp this enemy, it retracts within its shell, which can afterwards be transported and hurled into other foes. Wild Wendells can also be found floating on water; in this stance, they can be defeated with a Corkscrew move from the beneath the surface of the water. Mangrove Cove Canopy Chaos
Autumn Heights enemies
Name Description First level appearance Last level appearance
Cheesy Chester Rat enemy with an attitude: it can be first seen strolling on its back feet, but after noticing the Kongs, the Cheesy Chester begins walking on all its feet, moving considerably faster. Cheesy Chesters grant damage to the Kongs when coming in usual contact with them, but are also vulnerable to any attack. Windmill Hills Rodent Ruckus
Schnautzel A fiery wild boar. After setting their aim for the Kongs, Schnautzels shoot fireballs from their huge snouts at them. Three stomps (or, alternatively, three carefully timed roll attacks), as well as a barrel roll, are effective against these pigs. Windmill Hills Horn Top Hop
Bright Savannah enemies
Name Description First level appearance Last level appearance
Buffaloafer A massive and strong buffalo that rams into the heroes in an attempt to harm them with its large horns. It will fling the Kongs up into the air if they simply hop on its back. Despite this, there are several strategies that bring an end to this enemy: firstly, it can be lured into an abyss; secondly, it can accidentally hit a wall (or collide with the Kongs' roll attacks) and turn upside down, leaving its vulnerable spot, the belly, unprotected; lastly, Cranky's Cane Bounce can make the Buffaloafer instantly disappear after three bounces on its back. Baobab Bonanza Bramble Scramble
Flaming Falling Totem Pole A dormant stone pillar that suddenly awakens when the Kongs get close to it. After this, it collapses on the ground and passes out, being very dangerous to the Kongs if they stay right in the place where the pillar is supposed to fall. The primates can climb on the now fallen enemy and pound it to break it. Scorch 'n' Torch Scorch 'n' Torch
Porcupal A fire-attributed porcupine enemy that engulfs itself in flames and startles its bristles to defend itself from the Kongs. Porcupal's flames eventually go out, and its bristles settle down its back, becoming vulnerable to any attack the Kongs can perform on dry land. Even while under the fire, Porcupals can be knocked out with water balloon fruits. Frantic Fields Bramble Scramble
Swooper Dooper A peculiar flying flamingo foe that swoops continuously, trying to attack the Kongs. It can be destroyed by any manner of attack. Grassland Groove Bramble Scramble
Sea Breeze Cove enemies
Name Description First level appearance Last level appearance
Fritz A sneaky underwater enemy that resembles an eel. Fritz releases shock waves around itself, and then swiftly teleports to another close area. Considering the enemy's attacks negligible, it can be destroyed by any attack method that can be approached underwater, including a Corkscrew move. Deep Keep Shoal Atoll
Green Fish The spikeless blowfish that Fugu summons during his battle. Green Fish are exhaled by the big boss, who approaches several attempts to hurt the Kongs by doing so. However, they can be deflected with Corkscrew moves or cane swings and sent back to their master, who gets hit and subsequently damaged. Fugu Face-Off Fugu Face-Off
Jellyfish Almost invulnerable enemies that can be found swimming either vertically or around stones. They are not affected by any of the Kongs' direct attacks, and will instead shock them with electricity upon contact. Jellyfish only perish if the heroes perform a Kong POW nearby. Deep Keep (seen in the level's introduction)
Amiss Abyss (encountered as an obstacle)
Amiss Abyss
Mama Saw A small, chubby sawfish enemy that swims from side to side. Its spiky frontal saw is harmful for the Kongs, but its rear is not - a Corkscrew attack can be performed there, had the player proof the patience to wait for the Mama Saw to turn around. Irate Eight Shoal Atoll
Pufftup A pufferfish that inflates itself periodically, as expected. In this state, the spikes on its body are revealed, which can sting the Kongs and bring them nothing more than damage. While inflated, the Pufftups are still helpless against Cranky's powerful crane. They eventually deflate themselves, getting exposed to any attack coming from the Kongs. Amiss Abyss Shoal Atoll
Sea Urchin Simply an urchin foe with two cartoonish and seemingly confused eyes. Sea Urchins usually get driven by underwater currents, and can form a rather nasty danger for the Kongs. Due to its ever-lasting, not safe to be touched spikes, the only way to destroy a sea urchin is to swing Cranky Kong's cane into it. Big Top Bop Fugu Face-Off
Squiddicus A legendary-sized kraken that impedes the Kongs in the level, Irate Eight. Its lethal tentacles are covered in spikes, and, as the monster tries to slip them through tight gaps and tunnels, the primate heroes need to dodge Squiddicus with careful movements underwater. The creature also leaves a deadly cloud of ink, which the Kongs have to save themselves from. Irate Eight Irate Eight
Juicy Jungle enemies
Name Description First level appearance Last level appearance
Bouncelisk A lizard foe that slithers on its path while transporting an overgrown and bouncy round fruit with its tail. The Kongs can use this fruit as improvised trampoline, in order to reach high areas or items. Although, unlike other enemies, they can actually aid the Kongs, Bouncelisks are still dangerous reptiles. A quick roll attack can solve this problem. Harvest Hazards Jammin' Jams
Bucky A yellow caterpillar enemy that clings to any surface, in the manner of Thug Slugs. Buckies leave trails of toxic gas behind, and when hanging down the ceiling, they release big, dangerous bubbles that descend slowly. Any attack method is effective against these enemies, but only when they are encountered normally; just barrels are apt to defeat upside down Buckies. Harvest Hazards Harvest Hazards
Buzzy A grouchy bee that flies towards the Kongs when tempted to do so. It is a potentially dangerous enemy indeed, but it can be jumped on. Spinning Spines Beehive Brawl
Chompasaurus A beastie resembling a carnivorous plant that is capable of walking. Aside from marching on the ground, Chompasauruses can also be found sticked to ceilings. In either case, they project their long and very stretchy tongues at the Kongs. If the primates do not dodge their organs in time, they get stuck to it and find their way inside the plants' mouths. Hope is not even then lost, as the Kongs can beat the monsters up from inside, if the player presses X Button/Y Button repeatedly. A Chompasaurus can also meet its doom with three stomps on its head, or with a single barrel tossed at it. Reckless Ride (seen in the background)
Fruity Factory (encountered as an obstacle)
Beehive Brawl
Punch Piranhas Small predator fish encountered in the jungle's punch ponds. They quickly hunt anything dropped in their waters, including the Kongs. Punch Piranhas cannot be defeated. Punch Bowl Punch Bowl
Toucan't An innocent and small toucan-like foe that constantly rolls a spiky and seemingly stinky fruit down the path. From time to time, Toucan'ts stop and leap unreasonably from their fruit, letting the Kongs pass beneath them, provided they mind the spiky fruit on the ground. A single stomp can defeat a Toucan't. Harvest Hazards (seen in the level's introduction)
Panicky Paddles (encountered as an obstacle)
Jammin' Jams
Donkey Kong Island enemies
Name Description First level appearance Last level appearance
Electroid A small, electric enemy. Electroids follow conductible wires, but can also oftenly be found standing underneath pressure platforms, waiting to electrocute the Kongs. Electroids are invincible. Frozen Frenzy Frozen Frenzy
Snowballs Hazards usually encountered in mid-air, as they are shot by bombards. They also spring in the air when their platforms get flipped by large objects. They are dangerous and have to be dodged. Blurry Flurry Blurry Flurry
Snowflake Icy obstacles cluttered in rows. They drop down from the sky and float along a set path in the air. While dangerous to touch, they can be destroyed with any projectile or with a Cane Bounce. Forest Folly Forest Folly


Below is a table containing all collectables and projectiles found in the game. What goes under the name of "collectable" is a gameplay element which can be collected and stored to a specific counter. Usually, when this counter reaches a certain number or magnitude, a special gameplay-related event will take place. A projectile represents an item which can be picked up and used as weapon.

Mechanisms are objects which trigger actions or uncover items after the Kongs affect them. Vehicles refer to certain apparatuses that are used as mandatory ways of locomotion during select levels of the game.

Item Description
Banana Bananas are the most profuse items in the game. They are usually found floating in the air and arranged in straight or circular rows. However, a smaller amount of them can be revealed upon snatching Item Handles. It is sometimes mandatory to collect bananas, specifically those placed in more complex arrays and in more difficult level segments (as well as in the trail of a Flying Banana), in order to unlock Puzzle Pieces and other items, provided the player aims to fully complete the game. Bananas are simultaneously conveyed in diverse ways: when a total of one hundred is acquired, the player earns an extra life; also after collecting one hundred bananas, the Kongs become eligible to perform a Kong POW. The main target of Bonus Areas is collecting items, including mostly bananas.
Banana Bunch A cluster of bananas, sometimes worth five bananas, other times worth ten, depending on their constitution. Although common, they are more rare than singular bananas.
Banana Coin Banana Coins represent the currency in the game. They are rather frequent and can be obtained either by usual ways, or by performing a task such as collecting a set of bananas. Likewise, stomping three or more enemies in a row also grants the players Banana Coins. Using Banana Coins, the player can purchase goodies from Funky Kong's shop.
Heart Hearts compose the Kongs' health meter. If they get damaged once and therefore lose one point from their meter, they can replenish it with one heart found along the way.
Extra Life Balloon As the least common items in the game, Extra Life Balloons grant supplementary tries for the player. A few can be found floating in the air, but they can mostly be acquired by performing tasks, as how the player needs to do for some Banana Coins or Banana Bunches in the game. After the player's character stomps on eight enemies in a row, he stops receiving Banana Coins and gets awarded Extra Life Balloons instead.
K-O-N-G Letters These are precious square pieces, each having one of the letters "K", "O", "N" and "G" printed on them. In conclusion, there are four of these items in each level of the game (excluding bonus and boss levels), and are placed orderly in each stage to spell the word "KONG". Their sole role in the game is to unlock the bonus levels of each world, given that all the K-O-N-G Letters of the respective world are collected.
Puzzle Piece Puzzle Pieces, as items, do not affect gameplay in any way, and only unlock concept artwork available by accessing the "Extras" menu. As challenge creators, they are a great factor of gameplay, as they are usually placed in the most secretive zones - for example, behind walls that stand between the player and actual paths; they also appear after completing a bonus stage, or after collecting occasional sets of bananas.
Air Bubble Air Bubbles are generated underwater by sunken diving helmets. The Kongs can pop these to gain air, necessary for respiration. In other words, Air Bubbles fill up the Kongs' air meter.
Mysterious Relic Mysterious Relics are similar to Rare Orbs from the previous game; they are required to access a secret world, Secret Seclusion. Six of them are obtained by completing the temple levels in the game, while the seventh and final one is obtained after beating the game.
Item Description
Barrel Donkey Kong's signature object is present in this game. It can be heaved and carried by any Kong until the player decides to let it loose, which means to make the Kong throw it. After being thrown, the barrel rolls on the ground and knocks out every foe in its path until it smashes into a wall.
Buddy Barrel Buddy Barrels are more common than regular barrels. In the standard game mode and Time Trial mode, Buddy Barrels contain either Diddy, Dixie, or Cranky Kong, each character having unique powers. If Donkey Kong lacks a partner, he can redeem him by throwing and breaking such barrels (otherwise, these barrels are empty) if he encounters them. As weapons, Buddy Barrels function differently from regular barrels, in that they break instantly upon contact with any platform, without rolling. In Hard Mode, since the player can only make use of one character, all Buddy Barrels are empty and useful only as weapons.
Watermelon Fuse Bomb Bombs that take the form of spherical melons are called Watermelon Fuse Bombs. After pulling certain Item Handles, the Kong extracts such explosives from the ground; enemies called Boom Birds, as well as Harolds, wield these bombs and can be considered sources of explosives too. Watermelon Fuse Bombs can be carried and hurled just like barrels, but they detonate after several moments of fuse burning. Their explosions can take out groups of enemies and/or cracked surfaces and blocks.
Water Sack Water Sacks are found in stacks on the ground. They can be picked up and thrown one at a time. As such, they hurt any enemy that gets hit, but they also extinguish firey enemies or spots due to being water holders.
Item Description
Burlap Hanging Sack A heavy sack made of cloth that lies hanged with a long rope. The rope's upper end is never seen. Hanging sacks can be broken open with projectiles to reveal treasures.
Climbing Grass Vegetation wrapped on walls, ceilings, and platforms. It can be grasped and used to escalate said surfaces.
Collapsible Underwater Grass Underwater grassy patches of ground whose plants retract their stems to reveal items. This happens whenever the Kongs approach them.
Containers These are objects that work on the same principle, even though they borrow distinct appearances and names, depending on the level theme they pertain to. Such objects are initially background props whose accessibile terrains can be approached and ground pounded; if so done, these objects will receive the pounding shock and collapse to reveal collectables of great diversity (Banana Bunches, Extra Life Balloons etc.).
Cracked Block Cracked Blocks are fragile, blocky objects that usually contain items. The Kongs can mount these blocks and break them with three consecutive ground pounds in order to obtain the items inside, if any.
Item Handle Item Handles are levers that are always stuck to the ground. They can be pulled upwards, but not all of them have the same role. Most of them keep items of all sorts underground, and after the Kongs exert a force on them, they reveal the items. Nevertheless, other handles are essential to the gameplay, since they bring about events such as the creation of platforms.
Jelly Block Jelly Blocks are large and highly elastic objects on which the Kongs can bounce. When they are encountered in rows, they usually contain items. To get them out of a Jelly Block, the Kongs have to bounce on any other adjacent Jelly Block. These bouncy mold objects come in three colors: purple (regular), green (with a higher elasticity, thus offering better bouncing capabilities), and blue (causing a moving structure to work as soon as they are pressed).
Purple Flower Platform A large plant grown high above the ground. Its flower faces the sky above and can be stepped on, but will tilt under the Kongs' weight. It would soon wither and let the characters slip off, reverting to its initial state after a while.
Spinning Platform A rotatable surface hidden amongst usual ground. Spinning Platforms hide pits that transport the heroes either into bonus areas or merely into hidden areas that contain loot. They can be rotated with a ground pound.
Vine-Triggered Platform A platform that normally stays in a vertical position, but drops horizontally whenever the Kongs tension its vine connected underneath. The platform reveals collectables whenever it drops down. It is timed, however, and will go back to its vertical position after a while.
Zip-Line Vine A straight, slightly inclined vine traced accross the screen. The Kongs can grab the vine and slide along it, being able to jump or drop from it at any time.
Item Description
Minecart Minecarts make up the main gameplay gimmick in a few levels, as they transport the Kongs on railtracks. Players can jump over dangerous gaps or other obstacles while their character is in the minecart. It moves forward automatically, and thus the only possible thing the player can do to keep the Kongs safe is to have them dodge every hazard on the way.
Rocket Barrel An aerodynamic machine very similar in concept with the minecart, the rocket barrel moves forward at a constant velocity. It transports the Kongs throughout very steep tunnels or over wide chasms, using its fuel power. It can only be controlled to ascend or descend (or move from left to right, in case of vertical transportation).

Worlds and levels

The game has seven total islands, consisting of six "main" islands and one secret island (Secret Seclusion), which serve as the game's worlds. Though the course of each world, the Kongs can visit Funky's Fly 'n' Buy item shop, where Funky Kong sells life balloons and other balloons, portable partner barrels, Banana Juice, Heart Boosts, Crash Guards, and figurines of characters in the game that can be obtained through a capsule toy machine.

The table below lists all of the worlds and levels in the game, including their respective music theme and number of Puzzle Pieces. Since not every musical composition in the game has been given a name, several of the ones shown are either described as covers from the past Donkey Kong games, or merely marked as conjectural with a pointy line.

Note that the titles of the musical themes which are succeeded by an asterisk (*) in the following table are stated in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.

Worlds and levels
Lost Mangroves
Level number Level name Number of Puzzle Pieces in the level Music theme
1-1 Mangrove Cove 9 "Mangrove Cove"
"Mangrove Cove Underwater"
1-2 Shipwreck Shore 9 "Shipwreck Shore"
1-3 Canopy Chaos 7 "Mangrove Swing"
1-4 Trunk Twister 5 Trunk Twister theme
1-A Zip-Line Shrine 5 A cover of "Jungle Hijinxs" from Donkey Kong Country Returns, very similar in tone to "Jungle Jitter" from the Game Boy Advance version of Donkey Kong Country 3
1-B Busted Bayou 9 Busted Bayou theme
1-K Swinger Flinger 5 A rearrangement of "King of Cling" from Donkey Kong Country Returns
1-Boss BOSS LEVEL: Big Top Bop 0 Big Top Bop theme
Autumn Heights
Level number Level name Number of Puzzle Pieces in the level Music theme
2-1 Windmill Hills 9 "Windmill Hills"
2-2 Mountain Mania 7 Mountain Mania theme
2-3 Horn Top Hop 5 Horn Top Hop theme, with several variations depending on the location of the player in the level
2-4 Sawmill Thrill 5 "Sawmill Thrill"
2-5 Alpine Incline 5 "Alpine Incline"
2-6 Wing Ding 5 Wing Ding theme
2-A Crumble Cavern 7 "Cave Dweller Concert Returns"
2-B Rodent Ruckus 5 "Rodent Ruckus"
2-K Bopopolis 5 "Swinger Flinger" *
2-Boss BOSS LEVEL: Mountaintop Tussle 0 Mountaintop Tussle theme
Bright Savannah
Level number Level name Number of Puzzle Pieces in the level Music theme
3-1 Grassland Groove 9 Grassland Groove theme
3-2 Baobab Bonanza 7 "Baobab Bonanza"
3-3 Frantic Fields 5 "Run, Rambi! Run! Returns"
3-4 Scorch 'n' Torch 7 "Scorch 'n' Torch"
3-5 Twilight Terror 5 A cover of "Stickerbush Symphony" from Donkey Kong Country 2
"Twilight Terror"
3-6 Cannon Canyon 5 "Savannah Pop"
3-A Rickety Rafters 5 "Savannah Pop"
3-B Bramble Scramble 7 "Savannah Pop"
3-K Precarious Pendulums 5 A rearrangement of "King of Cling" from Donkey Kong Country Returns
3-Boss BOSS LEVEL: Triple Trouble 0 Triple Trouble theme
Sea Breeze Cove
Level number Level name Number of Puzzle Pieces in the level Music theme
4-1 Deep Keep 7 "Deep Keep"
"Funky Waters"
"Aquatic Ambiance Returns" (DKC:TF version)
4-2 High Tide Ride 5 A remixed version of the title screen theme
4-3 Amiss Abyss 9 "Cave Dweller Concert Returns"
"Funky Waters"
4-4 Irate Eight 5 A cover of "Lockjaw's Saga" from Donkey Kong Country 2
"Irate Eight"
4-5 Sea Stack Attack 7 "Mangrove Swing"
4-6 Current Capers 5 "Aquatic Ambiance Returns" (DKC:TF version)
4-A Rockin' Relics 9 A cover of "Lockjaw's Saga" from Donkey Kong Country 2
4-B Shoal Atoll 5 "Aquatic Ambiance Returns" (DKC:TF version)
4-K Spinning Spines 5 "Swinger Flinger" *
4-Boss BOSS LEVEL: Fugu Face-Off 0 Fugu Face-Off theme
Juicy Jungle
Level number Level name Number of Puzzle Pieces in the level Music theme
5-1 Harvest Hazards 7 "Swing Juice"
5-2 Reckless Ride 5 "Swing Juice"
A cover of "Mine Menace" from Donkey Kong Country Returns
5-3 Fruity Factory 5 "Juicy Groove"
5-4 Panicky Paddles 9 "Swing Juice"
An underwater cover of "Swing Juice"
5-5 Jelly Jamboree 7 "Fruit Bounce"
5-6 Frosty Fruits 5 "Frosty Fruits"
A cover of "In a Snowbound Land" from Donkey Kong Country 2
5-A Beehive Brawl 7 "Fruit Bounce"
5-B Jammin' Jams 5 Jammin' Jams theme
5-K Platform Problems 5 A rearrangement of "King of Cling" from Donkey Kong Country Returns
5-Boss BOSS LEVEL: Punch Bowl 0 Punch Bowl theme
Donkey Kong Island
Level number Level name Number of Puzzle Pieces in the level Music theme
6-1 Homecoming Hijinxs 9 "Snowmads Theme"
6-2 Seashore War 5 "Seashore War"
6-3 Aqueduct Assault 5 Aqueduct Assault theme
6-4 Blurry Flurry 7 A cover of "Mine Menace" from Donkey Kong Country Returns
6-5 Forest Folly 5 "Freezie Breezie"
6-6 Cliffside Slide 9 "Snowmads Theme"
6-7 Frozen Frenzy 5 "Frozen Frenzy"
6-8 Meltdown Mayhem 5 "Snowmads Theme"
6-A Dynamite Dash 5 A remix of "Run, Rambi! Run! Returns"
6-B Icicle Arsenal 5 "Freezie Breezie"
6-K Slippy Spikes 5 "Swinger Flinger" *
6-Boss BOSS LEVEL: Volcano Dome 0 Volcano Dome theme
Secret Seclusion
Level number Level name Number of Puzzle Pieces in the level Music theme
7-1 Levitation Station 5 An extended cover of the ending theme from Donkey Kong Jr.
7-2 Rocket Rails 5 An extended cover of the ending theme from Donkey Kong Jr.
7-3 Crazy Clouds 5 An extended cover of the ending theme from Donkey Kong Jr.


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Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze notably marks the return of long-time Donkey Kong Country composer David Wise, whose last soundtrack for the series was for the Game Boy Advance version of Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! in 2005. Wise was specifically brought on board by Retro Studios president Michael Kelbaugh.[14]

Executive Producers


Assistant Producer


Pre-release and unused content

Early footage of the game, specifically the one from the E3 trailer, showed heads-up display that was a bit different from the current version. The place where the life counter is did not feature anything behind the hearts; in the final version, there is a wooden plank icon. There was also no possibility to see whether the player can perform the Kong POW move, as the banana bar was missing.[15]


Levitating Monkey

DK being pushed against the reforming blocks

In Levitation Station, if DK jumps towards a block as it is forming, he may hang in the air beside it until it is ready to return to the background.

Schnautzel Falls Into Background

When a player finds a Schnautzel near a Tuff Fluff in Horn Top Hop they need to make sure they that it's slightly facing the background and keep rolling into it. If done correctly, the Schnautzel will be knocked out falling into the background instead of the foreground.

References to other games

  • Donkey Kong: Donkey Kong's 8-bit sprite, holding a Wii U GamePad, appears at the end of Aqueduct Assault stage.
  • Donkey Kong Jr.: The levels in Secret Seclusion feature music that originated from this game.
  • Donkey Kong 3: At the second checkpoint of Fruity Factory, the background features a replica of the first stage.
  • Super Mario Bros. 3: A tank resembling those from Bowser's military forces, originating in the said game, can be seen in the background of Frosty Fruits.
  • Donkey Kong Country: The music theme "Aquatic Ambience"[16] is covered. In the Canopy Chaos level, Cranky's record player from this game can be found and when ground pounded in front of it, it plays this games' title theme.[17] The music theme "Jungle Groove" has two covers: one during the loading screens between levels and another during some levels. Part of the music in the level Frozen Frenzy contains a cover version of the music theme "Fear Factory". Part of the music in the Crumble Cavern level contains a cover version of "Cave Dweller Concert" from this game.
  • Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest: Dixie Kong returns from this game which marked her first appearance. Bramble levels, swamp levels and beehive levels return. The music theme Lockjaw Saga is covered.[18] Part of the music in the Frosty Fruit level contains a cover version of "In a Snowbound Land" music from this game. The music theme Stickerbush Symphony is covered. Part of the music in the level Frantic Fields contains a cover version of "Run, Rambi! Run!" from this game. One of Dixie Kong's idle animations in multiplayer involves her playing some air guitar could be a possible reference to her playing her electric guitar from this game. [19]
  • Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble: Water skipping returns.
  • Mario Kart Wii: Funky Kong's logo from this game reappears on a plane in the background of Big Top Bop.
  • Donkey Kong Country Returns: The levels in Secret Seclusion have a remix of the music from the single Golden Temple stage in this game (which itself was remixed from Donkey Kong Jr.). Also, the design of Donkey Kong Island is based off its appearance in this game; all of the worlds from this game can be seen. Finally, a number of sound effects from this game are used. In the level Blurry Flurry, Mega Squeekly has a cameo still alive in the background while frozen solid in an iceberg.[20] The giant Eyeball from Handy Hazards makes a cameo in the background of the level "Frozen Frenzy" frozen in place.[21] Mugly makes a cameo in the diorama of Donkey Kong Island frozen under the ground. Also, one of the logos seen in the cockpit of the plane Donkey Kong crashes into in the beginning of the game has the logo for this game. Snaps, an enemy from this game, makes a cameo on the title screen.
  • Super Mario 3D Land: One of the games Donkey Kong plays on his Nintendo 3DS during his idle animation is this game. During the animation, he can be heard passing a Goomba and collecting a coin.
  • Mario Kart 7: Donkey Kong sometimes plays it during his idle animation. He is heard playing as himself, picking up a Super Leaf item, and avoiding a Green Shell.
  • Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D: The Crash Guard, Green Balloon, and Portable DK Barrels originated in this game. Also, this is one of the games Donkey Kong plays on his Nintendo 3DS during his idle animation. He is heard in Cranky Kong's Shop, as well as activating a secret path in a level.

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