Seashore War

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Seashore War
Seashore War
Level code 6-2
World Donkey Kong Island
Game Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
Music track Seashore War
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Seashore War is the second level of Donkey Kong Island in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and its Nintendo Switch port. This level is reminiscent of the Beach levels of Donkey Kong Country Returns, but it has become a snowscape due to the invasion of the Snowmads on the island. The major obstacle in this level is the freezing water that makes swimming impossible: one heart of damage is dealt if contact is made with the water. In addition to icy platforms, which greatly reduce traction, the level also features many sinking ice structures and sunken ships. Many of these ships have levers that Donkey Kong can pull to raise the ships out of the water, allowing him to not only reach higher areas, but also gain access to the previously-sunken areas of the ships. The end of the level also features a rotating sequence of ship masts that move in and out of the water, and the enemies here increase the difficultly of avoiding the ice water. Common enemies in this level include Tucks, Tuff Tucks, Painguin Tucks, Big Sphens, Blue Hootzes, and Hot Hootzes.

The soundtrack for this level is titled "Seashore War". David Wise, long-time composer for several Donkey Kong games and the author of the aforementioned musical composition, once stated that it is "[his] favorite song [he's] composed", and that it was "[his] friend who played the guitar on it".[1]

In Time Attack mode, a time of 1:41.00 is required to get a gold medal, a time of 2:19.00 for silver, and a time of 2:31.00 for bronze.


The level begins on a solid and snow-covered structure, where a prohibition sign can be found that warns against swimming in the water. The platforms following here are all glaciers that sink when stood on. Through here, Donkey Kong and the others can find the letter K and a DK Barrel that can free Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, or Cranky Kong. An Archy guards the letter K, while a row of Blue Hootzes fly between two platforms. The first sunken ship is ahead of here, and a lever on its right side can be used to lift it from the water and reveal a Puzzle Piece. This also allows the Kongs to reach a sloped platform and continue through the level. A Barrel Cannon leading to a Bonus Level is ahead of here, but it only appears if Donkey Kong pounds on a plant, which is guarded by a Big Sphen. The first checkpoint is located ahead, beyond more sinking platforms and Hootzes.

A long ship lies ahead of here, where the Kongs can find several more Hootzes, including four Blue Hootzes that circle the letter O. If the ship is lifted from the water, the Kongs also gain access to more bananas and Banana Bunches. Ahead, the next ship must be raised to reach a platform with a Big Sphen on it. This platform sinks into the water as its neighboring ship platform rises. On the platforms ahead of here, Donkey Kong can find a circle of bananas that must all be collected to spawn a Puzzle Piece. Beyond here, some large gaps must be crossed either by using swinging vines or by roll-jumping. The letter N is over one of these gaps, but it is also guarded by a Blue Hootz. Boom Birds throw Watermelon Fuse Bombs from the background as the Kongs progress through here. Soon, they reach a solid ship platform with a cracked block over an alcove. A Bonus Level can be accessed if the block is broken. The second checkpoint lies ahead.

Seashore War
These mast platforms cycle in and out of the water.

Following the checkpoint, the Kongs reach a ceiling covered in climbable leaves. Two Blue Hootz here surround a large Banana Bunch and a sinking platform. The letter G is located on a ship nearby, but it is slightly submerged and can only be collected safely by lifting the ship with a nearby lever. A Hot Hootz is placed above here to shoot flames at Donkey Kong as he attempts to raise the ship. Raising the ship is also necessary to reaching a nearby Blast Barrel, which is connected to a mast across from another Blast Barrel and mast. The masts, along with the barrels, both sink into the water if the Kongs remain in the barrels for too long. Blue Hootzes and a few collectibles, such as a heart, circle the area between the barrels, so timing is important. The second Blast Barrel shoots to the next area, where Donkey Kong and his friends must use ship masts that rise and fall into the water as platforms. The masts move together as if they were connected on a wheel, meaning that, as they begin to emerge or sink, they are angled so that the Kongs can slide off of them. An additional danger in this area are the multitude of Hootzes and Boom Birds that attack as the Kongs make their way through. A checkpoint lies at the end of this area.

Ahead of here, Donkey Kong reaches a large platform with a ledge that can be passed by raising the platform from the water and traveling through the passage underneath. If he manages to reach the top of the ledge, he can find a Puzzle Piece in a plant. After passing a Big Sphen on the following platform, the Kongs come to raised, wooden structure with another Big Sphen attacking on it. They must progress quickly here, as the ice in the background falls into the foreground once they enter the area. Following here, they continue along more wooden platforms, which are surrounded by Hootzes, until they reach a Barrel Cannon. The barrel aims toward the Slot Machine Barrel, and they must shoot to it while watching for the pieces of ice that fall from the background.


KONG Letters[edit]

Seashore War
A Blue Hootz guards the letter N.
  • K: The letter K is located in the air at the beginning of the level and can be reached by jumping on a nearby enemy or by roll-jumping from a nearby ledge.
  • O: The O is located above a long ship soon after the first checkpoint. It is circled by four Blue Hootzes, and it can be collected safely by raising the ship from the water.
  • N: Shortly before the second checkpoint, the letter N is placed near a swinging vine. The Kongs must dodge a Blue Hootz while collecting it.
  • G: Near the end of the level and immediately before the area with the rotating ship masts, the letter G is located partially sunken in an alcove. The ship can be raised by a nearby lever to be able to safely collect the letter.

Puzzle Pieces[edit]

  1. The first Puzzle Piece is on the first sunken ship in the level, but it is submerged. Donkey Kong can raise the ship to make it accessible.
  2. At the beginning of the level, the Kongs reach a bell-curve shaped platform with a plant in the center and a Big Sphen on the end. A Barrel Cannon appears when the plant is destroyed, and it leads to a Bonus Level. Here, bananas must be collected on several icy platforms within 30 seconds. A Puzzle Piece appears upon successfully collecting the bananas.
  3. Shortly before reaching the letter N, the Kongs can find a group of bananas moving in a circle. If the bananas are all collected, a Puzzle Piece appears.
  4. The fourth Puzzle Piece is located in an area beyond the letter N. The Kongs can pound through a cracked block on a ship to open the passage to a Bonus Level. Here, they must use a series of trampolines to collect bananas and Banana Bunches traveling in circular paths. If they are all collected within 30 seconds, a Puzzle Piece appears.
  5. Immediately after passing the final checkpoint, the Kongs can jump on a nearby Waldough or use a well-timed roll-jump to reach a ledge with a plant on it. Dixie Kong is necessary to reaching this ledge with only a roll-jump. A Puzzle Piece shoots from the plant when it is pounded on.



Additional names[edit]

Internal names[edit]

Game File Name Meaning

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze content/Worlds/w06_frozen/l02_frozen_beach.pak l02_frozen_beach.pak Frozen Level 2: Beach

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese いてつくビーチ
Itetsuku Bīchi
Frozen Beach

French Plage de glace
Icy Beach
German Verschollen im Eis
Missing in Ice
Italian Iceberg Instabili
Unstable Icebergs
Spanish Navíos nevados
Snowy Ships