Sawmill Thrill

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Sawmill Thrill
World-Level 2 - 4
World Autumn Heights
Game Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
Music Sawmill Thrill
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Sawmill Thrill is the fourth level of Autumn Heights, and the twelfth overall in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. It is a minecart level, taking place on a track running through a machinery mill area, hence the name.


Donkey and Diddy Kong, riding the Log Canoe on a water slide

The level starts out in a deforested area containing birch stumps. Soon after, there is a Barrel Cannon that shoots the Kongs into a minecart, which starts rolling through a long track. After going down a short ramp and through another Barrel Cannon, the Kongs land inside a large enclosed sawmill, with several hazards around the track, such as running blades, gears, and sliding wood blocks. A large saw that moves along with the cart starts cutting through pieces of wood, revealing items such as hearts, hidden inside, along with creating a path for the Kongs. After this, the Kongs pass a checkpoint, where the minecart breaks, dropping them in a Log Canoe that goes along a water slide. Some more sawmills must be avoided. Soon after, the Kongs drop out of the mill into a body of water soared by Pufftons and several pointed logs coming out of the water. Following that, they will slide through another track, this one going through an area on the water with several spike rows in an enclosed surface. If the player jumps into the building's roof at this time, they lose a life. After the water track, the Kongs exchange the Log Canoe for a new minecart, and after passing a checkpoint, they must jump across three platforms with large spinning blades around them. The last blade falls off, chasing the Kongs through another sawmill similar to the first one and causing obstacles to land on the track. Some pieces of the track are thrown into the air, and the Kongs must jump on them to avoid falling in a pit. Upon getting out of the second sawmill, the Kongs go through another short, bumpy track, causing them to damage the second minecart as well and be thrown out to a platform containing the Barrel Cannon, which ends the level.

A secret exit can be reached by jumping on a Puffton near the end of the level, which causes the Kongs to land on a track that leads to the portal. The portal grants access to Crumble Cavern.


K-O-N-G Letters[edit]

  • K: Soon after entering the sawmill, located above the first sliding wood platform.
  • O: Inside a large birch trunk cut by three small running blades, which delve a forked path in the trunk.
  • N: In the water area, below the second Puffton and where the wooden track restarts.
  • G: In between two of the wood platforms appearing as the spinning blade cuts through the track in the second sawmill.

Puzzle Pieces[edit]

  1. Left from the starting point of the level, there is a a hidden room with Climbing Grass on its side. At the top lies a Puzzle Piece.
  2. Soon after entering the sawmill, under a wood platform following the letter K.
  3. Located inside the small area with spikes (which can be reached by jumping), after the track resumes from the water.
  4. Under the third downhill water track (past the third Puffton), there is a secret area where the Kongs must collect all of the bananas in under 30 seconds to receive the fourth Puzzle Piece.
  5. Under the track that starts leading out of the second sawmill; it can be collected by jumping quickly from the platforms that float around.



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ぎりぎりノコギリトロッコ
Girigiri Nokogiri Torokko
Grinding Saw Minecart
Spanish Aserradero majadero Crazy Sawmill
French Bûches et embûches Logs and Pitfalls
German So eine Schreinerei What a Carpentry (a pun on "eine Schweinerei" meaning "a Mess")
Italian Falegnameria Fantasma Ghost Carpentry