Red Finley

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Donkey Kong swims along with two Red Finleys.

Red Finleys[1] are members of the Finley group, which includes generic fish enemies from Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. Unlike Blue Finleys, Red Finleys are colored red and yellow, possibly meant to reflect their rasher behavior.

Red Finleys swim faster than their relatives, but defend themselves the same nevertheless. The Kongs lose one heart from the health counter if bitten by a Red Finley. Contrariwise, the player can perform a Corkscrew attack on a Red Finley to defeat it. Cranky's cane swing is also efficient in casting out the foe.

The places where Red Finleys can be found are Twilight Terror and a number of levels from Sea Breeze Cove. They never show up outside the water like Blue Finleys do in Rocket Rails. Red Finleys, together with Blue Finleys, allude to pair-forming underwater enemies from other Donkey Kong Country games, such as Flotsams and Kocos.


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