Bell (Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze)

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This article is about the objects found in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. For other uses, see Bell.
DK, Dixie and Rambi, under a bell
Donkey Kong, Dixie Kong and Rambi, right under a bell

Bells in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze typically help the Kongs advance further in a level or uncover hidden items. They are common objects throughout Autumn Heights.

Near the end of Windmill Hills, small gold bells are placed above the platforms carried by the blades of a windmill. A Puzzle Piece in the center of the windmill will gradually reveal if the Kongs ring all four bells by ground pounding on their platforms.

In Mountain Mania, large bronze bells are attached to short steeples. They display owl renders in reference to the island's prominent Hootz theme. They can be knocked by Rambi the Rhino to produce an item, which can be a banana, a Banana Coin, or, in one case, a Puzzle Piece. To reach and destroy a bell, the Kongs have to jump from the steeple's extended base; if they charge into the steeple's base itself instead, they will collapse the whole structure altogether without receiving any item.

DK, about to crash into a bell in Wing Ding
DK, about to crash into the massive bell at the end of Wing Ding

Bells are also present in Wing Ding, where the majority of them appear to be silver and smaller than the previous ones. They are arranged in rows of three and appear alongside Zip-Line Vines. The Kongs can ring a row of bells by spinning near them, causing other zip-lines to appear ahead or destroying impeding owl statues, allowing the characters to advance. Single golden bells are also present in the level and, when rung, cause Banana Coins to spawn along the way.

Near the end of Wing Ding, the Kongs are launched into a massive bell, located at the top of a tower. This causes it to ring loudly and collapse the tower from the bottom up, prompting the Kongs to climb it and reach the Slot Machine Barrel at the top quickly.