Giant Spiked Nut

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A purple Giant Spiked Nut at the left of Donkey Kong

Giant Spiked Nuts[1] are hazards from Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. They are the fruit produced by baobabs in Baobab Bonanza. They regularly spawn from behind the leaves of these baobabs and fall on inclined ground, on which they begin to roll as soon as they land; all of them eventually drop into a pit. Giant Spiked Nuts slightly differ in size, as well as color, with the regular ones being purple, and the bigger ones being orange and rolling considerably faster.

Being covered in spikes, they can damage the Kongs and cut one of their hearts. Although they cannot be destroyed by any means, including a Kong POW, Giant Spiked Nuts can be avoided with a jump. Cranky Kong can safely use his Cane Bounce on one, but with no effect.

A separate, enormous Giant Spiked Nut appears near the end of the level, taking up the entirety of the screen's width. It falls from a large baobab tree and chases the Kongs down an obstacled course, filled with spiked floor, Blue Hootz, and Purple Flower Platforms, destroying everything in its path.


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