Lost Mangroves

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Lost Mangroves
Lost Mangroves.png
Game Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
Level(s) 8
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“Yikes, did we get blasted into the Bermuda Triangle or somethin'? You see all that gnarly wreckage out there?”
Funky Kong, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Lost Mangroves is the first island in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and its Nintendo Switch port of the same name. As the name suggests, this island is covered in mangrove trees, with many reaching enormous sizes. The island is home to many coves, forcing the Kongs to swim and introducing underwater mechanics. Some of these coves feature the remains of large shipwrecks. In addition to the shipwrecks, many crashed planes are also found on the island. This island also introduces mine carts. Many Snowmads and their ships are found here, particularly Tuckses. Other enemies include Dozies, Monocle Monicas and Punchy Paddies. The boss of this world is Pompy.


Code Name/Screenshot No. of Puzzle Pieces Description
1-1 Mangrove Cove
Mangrove Cove
9 The first level of the game, where Diddy Kong can be encountered for the first time.
1-2 Shipwreck Shore
Shipwreck Shore
9 A level which introduces Dixie Kong, as well as climbing grass, an entity grown on various surfaces which the Kongs can grasp and hold onto.
1-3 Canopy Chaos
Canopy Chaos
7 The first level with Cranky Kong. It features numerous razors and spike machines.
1-4 Trunk Twister
Trunk Twister
5 The first minecart course in the game.
1-A Screenshot of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.
Zip-Line Shrine
5 The level in which Zip-Line Vines are introduced. The Kongs can grab and hold onto these vines and slide along them.
1-B Busted Bayou.jpg
Busted Bayou
9 The first silhouette course in the game.
1-K Swinger Flinger
Swinger Flinger
5 The first Hidden Kong Temple course in the game. It is primary composed of swinging vines.
1-BOSS Green Finleys at Big Top Bop in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
Big Top Bop
0 The first boss stage in the game. Here, the Kongs have to face Pompy, a Snowmad sea lion.


Diorama of a scene from Lost Mangroves
The Lost Mangroves diorama

The following is extra content that can be unlocked in Lost Mangroves. The unlockables can be seen in their respective galleries after selecting the "EXTRAS" option. For a full list of extras in the game, see here.


Images are unlocked by collecting all Puzzle Pieces in certain levels. Below every image that follows is the name of the level it can be unlocked in.


A soundtrack selection for this world can be unlocked after beating Pompy, the Presumptious.

Audio.svg Mangrove Cove - Plays in Mangrove Cove.
File infoMedia:DKCTF MangroveCove.oga
Audio.svg Mangrove Cove Underwater - Plays in the underwater sections of Mangrove Cove.
File infoMedia:DKCTF MangroveCoveUnderwater.oga
Audio.svg Shipwreck Shore - Plays in Shipwreck Shore.
File infoMedia:ShipwreckShore.oga
Audio.svg Mangrove Swing - Plays in Canopy Chaos; it also plays in the level Sea Stack Attack of the world Sea Breeze Cove, later in the game.
File infoMedia:DKCTF MangroveSwing.oga
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Additional names[edit]

Internal names[edit]

Game File Name Meaning

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze content/Worlds/w01_mangrove w01_mangrove World 1: Mangrove

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マングローブアイランド
Mangurōbu Airando
Mangrove Island

French Mangrove Perdue
Lost Mangrove Swamp
German Mangrovien
Pun on mangroven ("mangroves").
Italian Mangrovie Sperdute
Lost Mangroves
Spanish Manglar Remoto
Remote Mangrove Swamp