Fire Floor

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Donkey Kong scurrying across Fire Floor

Fire Floors[1] are obstacles in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and its Nintendo Switch version. Found exclusively in the level Scorch 'n' Torch, they are patches of ground that begin burning momentarily soon after the Kongs or an enemy steps on them. If the characters are in contact with this type of ground as it kindles, they receive damage. Throwing a Water Sack at Fire Floor will douse it permanently, making it safe to stay on.

The only enemy in the level to make contact with Fire Floor is a Fluff that repeatedly hops across it, causing fire to appear where the enemy landed. If the Kongs immobilize the Fluff on the ground by shooting it with a popgun, hand slapping near it, or simply running into it as to take damage, the fire coming from the ground will catch up to the Fluff before the enemy can jump away from it, defeating the Fluff.


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