Log Canoe

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Sawmill Thrill
Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong riding a Log Canoe

The Log Canoe[1] is a rideable object in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. It is a hollowed out birch log that serves as a boat. It incidentally saves the Kongs from falling off their Mine Cart in Sawmill Thrill.

The Log Canoe is maneuvered in a similar way to the Mine Cart, as the Kongs can jump with it and duck inside it to avoid obstacles such as buzzsaws and spikes. The Log Canoe is mostly ridden on gutters, but it also enables the Kongs to travel along the surface of the water. Every time they jump while riding the Log Canoe on water, they dive a certain distance into the water and come back to the surface shortly afterwards; this can be done to collect submerged items or avoid oncoming obstacles. As with the Mine Cart, the Log Canoe can be used to jump on enemies and defeat them in one hit (even if they usually require three), as it happens with Pufftons which are the only enemies encountered while riding the Log Canoe.


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