Baobab Bonanza

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Baobab Bonanza
Baobab Bonanza.png
Level code 3-2
World Bright Savannah
Game Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
Music track Baobab Bonanza
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Baobab Bonanza is the second level of Bright Savannah, the third World of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and its Nintendo Switch port of the same name. The level heavily features Giant Spiked Nuts created by baobab trees. Touching one makes the Kongs lose a Heart. There is also a gigantic baobab fruit at the end that chases the Kongs and must be escaped from, as coming into contact with it will instantly defeat them. This level is unlocked by finishing Grassland Groove, and completing this level unlocks Frantic Fields. There are seven Puzzle Pieces in this level.


The level begins with a small baobab grove with a Fluff and a Plump Yellow Fruit at the end of it. This plump fruit spawns a Banana Coin when pounding the ground nearby. After this, a ravine opens up, with Purple Flower Platform and a couple of bananas risen up. Further is another strip of land featuring a downwards slope. At the beginning of the slope, small spiky baobab fruits fall down. (Should the Kongs touch one of these, they lose one Heart). At the end of the slope is a short gap that leads to a short platform containing one Plump Yellow Fruit that contains a Banana Bunch. After another small gap is another Purple Flower Platform with two rings of bananas on both sides of the platform. As the Kongs overcome a small pit, they encounter a Waldough, and as they leap over another gap, they land at the base of a slope that goes upwards. On this slope, baobab fruits roll towards the heroes. The Kongs must leap over the approaching baobab fruits as they march down. There is a small dip downwards that takes the Kongs down to a platform made out of wood, on which two Fluffs are found.

After progressing onwards from the area with the two Fluffs, there is an area with an Item Handle, two Tucks, and a Tuff Tucks. Unearthing the handle reveals several purple flower platforms. The flowers first lead to a left platform with a DK Barrel on it. There is also a Hootz flying around the flower platform savannah. The highest flower platform from the freshly brought up blossom permits navigation towards a knoll with grass on it. It ends with a wooden panel, underneath which is the continuation of the level through a tight hole. A checkpoint booth is found further down. A slope ascends, down which on which baobab fruits fall from their arbors and roll towards the heroes. There is also a Swooper Dooper. At the bottom of this slope is a plump fruit that reveals a Banana Coin upon pounding the ground nearby. After a branch platform and a purple flower platform (with a Heart and two Banana Bunches above) rise over a pit, the players will notice yet another slope, dipping down the road.

On this hill roll multiple baobab fruits, this time of different dimensions, and must be avoided. Above the slope are several small branch platforms grown from the baobabs in the immediate background; on the second one strolls a Tuck. The top of the hill is shadowed by a rocky terrace and the crown of a baobab tree, which branched out with a platform holding Dixie Kong's Buddy Barrel. Beneath the branch, a Painguin Tucks patrols the appropriate edge of a pit, also inhabited by a Plump Yellow Fruit.

A vine hangs over a large chasm and a Hot Hootz. This vine naturally swings towards a purple flower platform with a Swooper Dooper above it. Above the Swooper Dooper is a Banana Coin. A stationary Barrel Cannon aims high up and towards the petals of another flower platform, reaching an arch of bananas. The flower can be inclined towards a vine with a Hot Hootz at its bottom. Further, a Swooper Dooper does its job above a purple flower platform, after which a cliff unveils - and a checkpoint booth too.

The booth is at the base of a short hill. It ends with a plump fruit that yields one banana after pounding the ground nearby. The ground ends steeply, and as a lower platform protrudes from its wall, a Buffaloafer nibbles the platform's barren ground, harvested with tall grass at some distance from the buffalo enemy. On this platform is also an item handle that reveals a Banana Coin when unplugged. At the very edge of the cliff corresponding to the platform, a thin baobab tree hosts a branch with a plump yellow fruit. A mighty chasm area, with a set of two purple flower platforms protruding from its unseen base and waterfalls flowing towards it, yawns afterwards.

After the chasm, an uphill route leads a number of baobab fruits of different sizes towards its edge. The route is coated with baobab trees that host platform branches, each grown slightly above the hill - one carries a Buddy Barrel, and the other one, a Pointy Tucks. As the route goes and eventually gets furrowed by a creek, a wooden platform is erected beneath an inaccessible rocky formation - above the platform float two bananas with a coin between them. The strip of land then reaches its peak, right where a Barrel Cannon is found. Its trajectory is marked by a line of staggering bananas, which pauses at one point to make room for a floating Extra Life Balloon. Anyway, the barrel is actually part of a two cannon set that lead into the trunk of an enormous baobab tree. It is located far in the background (from where the player's character is currently positioned), and a huge spiky fruit can be seen hanging poorly from its crown.

Upon being launched into the background, the player-controlled character bumps into the tree that the gigantic baobab fruit is hanging from, subsequently shaking the tree and making it drop the fruit. It begins to roll steadily towards the Kongs as it lands on the soil. If the Kongs touch the gigantic baobab fruit, they will instantly lose a life. Further to the right, there is a series of Purple Flower Platforms and Blue Hootzes that rise over a garden of cacti. At the end of the garden, the player can see a trembling sedimentary stone wall, which features a platform mossed with climbing grass, to which the Kongs can fortunately stick. The gigantic rolling baobab fruit eventually reaches this colossus of rock, knocking it over. A Barrel Cannon prevails after this rather tense moment; at the players' order, it can launch the Kongs into the Slot Machine Barrel of the level.


KONG Letters[edit]

  • K: After the second flower platform, the Kongs must leap upon a Waldough to reach the K letter.
  • O: After reaching the first Swooper Dooper, traversing the tree platform and the flower platform, and making a medium-sized gap, the O letter is found at the bottom of the upwards slope found after making the gap.
  • N: After being launched upwards by the first Barrel Cannon in the level, the Kongs find a Vine with a Hot Hootz beneath the Vine. Sliding all the way down this Vine nets the Kongs the N letter.
  • G: At the end of the level, where the Kongs are being chased by the gigantic Baobab fruit, the Kongs must grab onto the side of the platform that is found after the final set of two Blue Hootzes have been navigated around. The Kongs must leap towards the G letter found at the bottom of the platform. After collecting the G letter, the Kongs must climb upwards quickly before they are smashed by the gigantic Baobab fruit.

Puzzle Pieces[edit]

  1. At the second flower platform of the level, there are two circles of Bananas. Collecting them all reveals a Puzzle Piece.
  2. At the area with the plug that, when unearthed, creates four flower platforms, the Tuff Tucks there must be grabbed by the Kongs. Grabbing the Tuff Tucks and climbing to the rightmost flower platform, the Kongs can then chuck the Tuff Tucks toward a portion of the wall to the right. Doing so reveals an entrance to a Bonus Level. Successfully finishing the Bonus Level earns the Kongs a Puzzle Piece.
  3. After finding the O letter, the Kongs must find a plug on a section of the upwards slope where it platues out. Unearthing this plug reveals a number of bananas that move about in a confined area. Grabbing all bananas reveals the Puzzle Piece.
  4. After the Kongs have reached the tree platform with the DK Barrel that can only give the Kongs Dixie on, they must leap leftwards to reach a platform that Baobab fruits land upon. On this platform, the Puzzle Piece is found.
  5. After the platform with the Buffaloafer, the Kongs must leap onto the left flower platform of a set of two. Whilst here, the Kongs must collect every single Banana Bunch that flows down. After collecting all of them, the Puzzle Piece appears.
  6. During the second part of the level where Baobab fruits of different sizes roll down, and after the wooden platform in this area, a bud is found. Pounding the area nearby makes a star-like pattern of bananas appear. Collecting every banana in this pattern in a time limit makes the Puzzle Piece appear.
  7. While being chased by the large baobab fruit, the Kongs must collect every banana and Banana Coin up until the G letter. The Puzzle Piece will then appear on top of the same platform as the letter. Should the fruit reach the platform before the Puzzle Piece is collected, the platform topples over, making the Puzzle Piece unobtainable.


Additional names[edit]

Internal names[edit]

Game File Name Meaning

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze content/Worlds/w02_savannah/l02_savannah_baobobs.pak l02_savannah_baobobs.pak Savannah Level 2: Baobabs

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ローリングスパイキーナッツ
Rōringu Supaikī Nattsu
Rolling Spiky Nuts
French Graines cycliques Cyclic Seeds
German Baobab-Boogie Baobab Boogie
Italian Bosco di Baobab Baobab Woods
Spanish Baobabs vacilones Wavering Baobabs