Alpine Incline

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Alpine Incline
Alpine Incline
Level code 2-5
World Autumn Heights
Game Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
Music track Alpine Incline
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Alpine Incline is the thirteenth level of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and its Nintendo Switch port of the same name, and the fifth level of Autumn Heights. As suggested by its name, Alpine Incline takes place in a mountainous area.


Alpine Incline

The level begins in a grassy clearing with pine trees and wildflowers, similar to the end of Sawmill Thrill. Shortly afterward, the Kongs must jump from many saggy, wooden platforms that are suspended over a pit by ropes. The DX Barrel is on the fourth platform, and two Banana Coins are on the fifth platform. As they move across the platforms, Donkey Kong and Dixie Kong encounter some Soaries and Tucks along their way. After the letter K, Donkey Kong and Dixie must swing from a vine to land on another wooden platform, then from two more vines to reach a grassy platform with a Waldough. The Kongs can optionally pull an Item Handle on the platform to obtain a banana. The Kongs must jump into a Barrel Cannon to blast into a trail of bananas leading all the way across to a Blast Barrel, which blasts them slightly to the left, over the first checkpoint on a stone platform. Unlike most other levels, the Kongs must continue left instead of right.

After this, the Kongs must jump across some small wooden platforms held up by balloons. These platforms move up and down slightly, and while the Kongs are standing on a platform, it falls slightly under their weight but not into the pit below them. If the Kongs collect every banana on these platforms, they are rewarded with a Puzzle Piece. A Tuff Tuck is on the last platform held by balloons. Donkey Kong and Dixie must jump left onto a platform, which is not held up by balloons, and it has a Tucks. The Kongs must jump left on a stone platform. To the bottom-left is a Pointy Tucks on a platform with three Banana Coins, and there is a standalone wooden platform held up by balloons overhead. Donkey Kong and Dixie must jump from three more vines, and there are three Tufftons below, each with a Banana Coin above them. The Kongs must jump on a platform and then into a Barrel Cannon, which blasts them far across and onto a large hot air balloon. Donkey Kong must Ground Pound the giant hot air balloon down to a large spike below with a flag of the Snowmad symbol. The spike pierces the hot air balloon, which bursts and elevates the Kongs into the clouds, where they can collect some bananas and the letter O. The large hot air balloon eventually stops to the left of a Barrel Cannon. It blasts them up to the second checkpoint, which is on a wooden platform held up by balloons.

Donkey Kong and Dixie must continue right and bounce on a few balloon platforms. There is a swinging vine overhead with a Banana Coin. The Kongs must then jump on a rocky platform with a Waldough and a DX Barrel. They can pull an Item Handle for a Banana Bunch. Donkey Kong and Dixie must jump onto another balloon platform, which a Hootz and a Red Balloon is above, and jump on another wooden platform held up by balloons. The Kongs must then jump on a platform which moves back and forth horizontally underneath the wooden platform and toward a bouncy platform. The Kongs must avoid the propellers underneath the wooden platform, or else they take damage. From the bouncy platform, Donkey Kong and Dixie must jump onto a whirling platform with the letter N. The whirling platform carries them to a small bouncy platform beneath the third checkpoint which, like the second checkpoint, is held up in the air by balloons.

The Kongs must jump to the right of the third checkpoint to land in a Barrel Cannon. It blasts them in an upper-right direction, into two rows of bananas which overlap then spread out repeatedly. They then land onto a group of large hot air balloons. If the Kongs collect every banana while blasting from the Barrel Cannon, a few Banana Coins appear above the hot air balloons. There are some Soaries flying in the background. The Kongs must bounce across a few more blimp platforms while avoiding the Soaries (presumably the ones in the background) along the way. There are numerous columns of three bananas above the bouncy platforms, and the letter G can be found just before the Kongs land on two large hot air balloons. Just after the two hot air balloons, Donkey Kong and Dixie must jump from more bouncy platforms, which are moving around the Slot Machine Barrel in a circular motion. The Kongs can reach the Slot Machine Barrel by jumping between two platforms from the top.



KONG Letters[edit]

  • K: Soon after the Wooden Canister containing several bananas, the flying Soaries must be used at platforms to reach the letter "K".
  • O: Can be collected before reaching the Barrel Cannon with the rocketing hot-air balloon.
  • N: On the flying wood platform soon after where the fourth puzzle piece is, the letter can be reached via the moving platform underneath.
  • G: In the air above the second area of bouncy platforms, it can be collected by jumping on a platform and using Dixie's propeller ability.

Puzzle Pieces[edit]

  1. Appears after collecting all of the bananas that appear on the balloon platforms.
  2. Appears after bouncing on and collecting the Banana Coins on the helmet-clad Tuffton's heads.
  3. Jumping into the balloon roof (via the first bouncy platform) of where the second checkpoint is located will lead to a secret area containing several bananas, all of which must be collected in 30 seconds or less to receive the third Puzzle Piece.
  4. Underneath the platform held up by floating balloons, the Kongs must ride on the moving platform to reach it and duck to avoid the spinning blades.
  5. When the Kongs find the Slot Machine Barrel, they must skip it and continue to the right. They eventually reach a large group of hot air balloons, two of which are a platform that the Kongs bounce across. An entrance to another Bonus Level is hidden between the numerous hot air balloons. In the Bonus Level, the Kongs must collect 100 bananas within 30 seconds by blasting between two Barrel Cannons. Once all the bananas are obtained, the final Puzzle Piece appears in the center between the two Barrel Cannons.

Additional names[edit]

Internal names[edit]

Game File Name Meaning

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze content/Worlds/w03_alps/l05_alps_bridge.pak l05_alps_bridge.pak Alps Level 5: Bridge

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese バンチバルーンブリッジ
Banchi Barūn Burijji
Bunch Balloon Bridge
French Dangereux dirigeables Dangerous Airships
German Luftschlossromantik Air-Castle Romance
Italian Monti & Mongolfiere Mountains & Hot Air Balloons
Spanish Ascenso aerostático Aerostatic Ascent


  • When the Kongs bounce on the balloons, each Kong has a specific yell for whenever they press the jump button when they land on them.