Alpine Incline

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Alpine Incline
World-Level 2-5
World Autumn Heights
Game Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
Music Alpine Incline
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Alpine Incline is the fifth level of Autumn Heights, and the thirteenth overall in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. It takes place in a mountainous area, hence the name.


The level starts off in a grassy forested area, similar to the end of Sawmill Thrill, soon after which there is a long bridge suspended over a gap with a series of shaky wooden platforms containing Tucks, as well as a Dixie Kong Barrel. After finding the letter "K", the Kongs will swing on a row of vines and then shoot through a Barrel Cannon, followed by a checkpoint and an area in the background that heads left (as opposed to the other direction like most of the other levels in the game). Following it, there is a row of wood platforms attached to balloons moving up and down, after which there are more swinging vines. After this area, the Kongs will shoot through another Barrel Cannon to the top of a large hot-air balloon, which must be pushed into a large spike underneath by Ground Pounding it. This will cause the balloon to breach and start flying up in the sky past several floating Bananas and the letter "O". Following the balloon ride, the Kongs will shoot through another Barrel Cannon and reach a second checkpoint which precedes a long area of bouncy platforms in the sky with small propellers (that can cause damage) in between. After crossing the sky area, the characters will go past a third checkpoint after which they will shoot through a Barrel Cannon and find an area similar to the one below, with only more hazards, such as Soaries, in between. Following this area, they will find the Slot Machine Barrel, which ends the level, under a series of bouncy platforms moving in an arc pattern.



K-O-N-G Letters[edit]

  • K: Soon after the Wooden Canister containing several bananas, the flying Soaries must be used at platforms to reach the letter "K".
  • O: Can be collected before reaching the Barrel Cannon with the rocketing hot-air balloon.
  • N: On the flying wood platform soon after where the fourth puzzle piece is, the letter can be reached via the moving platform underneath.
  • G: In the air above the second area of bouncy platforms, it can be collected by jumping on a platform and using Dixie's propeller ability.

Puzzle Pieces[edit]

  1. Appears after collecting all of the bananas that appear on the balloon platforms.
  2. Appears after bouncing on and collecting the Banana Coins on the helmet-clad Tuffton's heads.
  3. Jumping into the balloon roof (via the first bouncy platform) of where the second checkpoint is located will lead to a secret area containing several bananas, all of which must be collected in 30 seconds or less to receive the third Puzzle Piece.
  4. Underneath the platform held up by floating balloons, the Kongs must ride on the moving platform to reach it and duck to avoid the spinning blades.
  5. After the area with the bouncy platforms moving in a circle (where the Slot Machine Barrel is) there will be a secret area containing bananas, all of which must be collected within 30 seconds the receive the last Puzzle Piece.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese バンチバルーンブリッジ
Banchi Barūn Burijji
Bunch Balloon Bridge
Spanish Ascenso aerostático Aerostatic Ascent
French Dangereux dirigeables Dangerous Airships
German Luftschlossromantik Castle in the Air Romance
Italian Monti & Mongolfiere Mountains & Hot Air Balloons


  • When the Kongs bounce on the balloons, each Kong has a specific yell for whenever they press the jump button when they land on them.