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Cranky Kong avoiding a Chompette

Chompettes[1] are carnivorous plant enemies from Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and its Nintendo Switch port. They possess pear-shaped heads upheld by a thorny stem. They also have crimson coloration and voluminous mouths. They can only be encountered in Bramble Scramble, a level in Bright Savannah.

Unlike the similar-looking Venus Trap Platforms, which may be helpful in certain situations, Chompettes are completely malevolent.[2] Their leaf crowns are ornamental and do not serve any other purpose. They pop from bramble pits and, while facing the sky, crunch the air continuously, waiting for the Kongs to drop between their jaws. This can injure the characters and take away one heart from their health counter. Nevertheless, the Kongs are able bounce on the plant safely, though without inflicting damage, when it briefly closes its mouth. Chompettes can be defeated using three roll attacks, three Cane Bounces, or a projectile, such as a Tuff Tucks or a barrel.

Chomps from Donkey Kong Country Returns look and behave similarly. However, even though they attack in one place, Chomps are admittedly more aggressive, as they attempt to snatch their prey by dashing forward, instead of being completely sedentary like Chompettes.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese バクリィ[3]
Corruption of「バクり」(bakuri, onomatopoeic term meaning "biting into")


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