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By completing certain tasks in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, such as collecting Puzzle Pieces or defeating bosses, players can unlock optional content, which includes images, music and diormas accessible in their dedicated galleries. Players can find these in the "EXTRAS" section of the menu, after unlocking them. The images are artworks and sketches that show ideas proposed during the development of the game. The music gallery contains part of the game's soundtrack selection, which can be played and listened anytime from there. Dioramas and figurines are three-dimensional models of still characters and environments that can be rotated and zoomed in or out.

Below is a list of all the extras available in the game.


Main article: Capsule Toy Machine#Figurines gallery

Funky Kong's Capsule Toy Machine vends figurines which are miniature versions of characters in the game. They are received at random, but only five figurines are possible to obtain at the beginning of the game. Defeating a boss unlocks six more figurines, and completing every level of Secret Seclusion unlocks the Professor Chops figurine.



The diorama gallery comprises elaborate models that represent the six main worlds of the game. They feature Donkey Kong and his pals, depicted in numerous poses and instances, often facing the dangers of one world. A diorama is unlocked after defeating the boss of its represented world. Like figurines, dioramas can be rotated and zoomed in or out in the gallery.



Many concept artworks depicting used and unused ideas are available in the game, and can be gradually unlocked in the Image Gallery by collecting Puzzle Pieces. Certain images, however, are only unlocked after beating the game on Hard Mode, and are the sole reward for completing this task. The Image Gallery consists of eight sub-galleries, each entirely dedicated to a world of the game, except for the seventh and eighth sub-galleries which house general concepts. Unlike in Donkey Kong Country Returns, images are not given titles.

The following table lists every concept artwork found in the game, as well as a description and the condition to unlock it. The color assigned to an image indicates to what extent the idea or ideas depicted in the image were used for the final game: green for ideas used entirely, yellow for ideas used partially, and red for completely unused ideas.

Lost Mangroves
Image Description Unlocked after...
LostMangroves art1.png Here, it is shown that at least Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong, together with their treehouse, would have been flung on the coast of Lost Mangroves. Washed ashore, the Kongs watch in awe as two unseen figures, whose shadows are projected on sand, approach them. In the final game, the Kongs wind up into a dilapidated plane in the treetops, the treehouse having remained on Donkey Kong Island. Collecting all Puzzle Pieces in Mangrove Cove
LostMangroves art2.png A mangrove wetland with Donkey Kong in the frontground and several spoonbills resting on a mangrove shrub nearby. Ship wreckage appears to be tangled into mangroves. Collecting all Puzzle Pieces in Shipwreck Shore
LostMangroves art3.png Sketch for a water-coveying trunk and an obstacle. According to a note found beside, the obstacle consists of a broken plane carcass connected with a rope to a big propeller. The Kongs are able to stay on the carcass, but as water falls down on the propeller, it spins, moving the carcass closer to it. The Kongs should "jump before getting sliced". No such contraption appears in the final game, but there are water mills in Canopy Chaos that move giant platforms from side to side, driving them under rotating propellers. Collecting all Puzzle Pieces in Canopy Chaos
LostMangroves art4.png A different vision of the Lost Mangroves island. The island was originally depicted as having a large tree trunk in the middle, with a waterfall coming from it into a lagoon beneath. A group of flamingos can be seen relaxing into the lagoon. The shoreline on the left side of the island is littered with shipwrecks, and the wooden hulls tangled in the trees from the second artwork can be seen further behind. On the right side, there is a Mine Cart railtrack weaving through broken planes and wooden logs, heading right onto what appears to be an early Snowmad ship. This ship holds a half-pipe arena, similar to the one found in Big Top Bop, the boss level of Lost Mangroves in the final game. This suggests that the battle against Pompy was intended, at least by the artist, to take place on a ship instead of a circus.

The artwork is faithful to the final version for presenting numerous wreckages, as well as featuring a minecart area before the boss battle.

Collecting all Puzzle Pieces in Trunk Twister
LostMangroves art5.png Donkey Kong resting on a branch protruding from a shipwreck. The leaves on the branch are reddish-yellow, something that is not seen in the final game. The scene is set in a mangrove glade and is reminiscent of Canopy Chaos. Collecting all Puzzle Pieces in Zip-Line Shrine
LostMangroves art6.png Silhouettes of DK and Diddy Kong are seen running in a shady area, resembling Busted Bayou. Collecting all Puzzle Pieces in Busted Bayou
Autumn Heights
Image Description Unlocked after...
AutumnHeights art1.png Probably an early idea for Windmill Hills. It is set in an alpine landscape with a windmill peering from behind a rocky cliff. There are rope cables transporting bales of hay. These would have been used as platforms, as Donkey Kong and Cranky Kong are being ferried by one of them in the picture. Collecting all Puzzle Pieces in Windmill Hills
AutumnHeights art2.png Side overview of an autumnal level, possibly a lighter version of Horn Top Hop. Donkey Kong is seen resting on a bed of leaves next to some oval huts, which do not appear in the final game. Collecting all Puzzle Pieces in Mountain Mania
AutumnHeights art3.png An enormous pine tree, decorated with bird houses, candelabrums, globes, and an alphorn. This tree was probably meant to be an early Hootz residence or village, and is reminiscent of Mountaintop Tussle, where the battle against Skowl, the Startling, takes place. Collecting all Puzzle Pieces in Horn Top Hop
AutumnHeights art4.png Donkey Kong is shown riding a Mine Cart during a rainstorm, jumping from one log of wood to another, the logs being carried by a water slide. This most probably stands as the concept for Sawmill Thrill. Collecting all Puzzle Pieces in Sawmill Thrill
AutumnHeights art5.png Concept for a wheel with beavers, which did not made the cut. Nothing else appears in the artwork. These beavers do not seem to be Gnawties, a beaver species present in other Donkey Kong games. Collecting all Puzzle Pieces in Alpine Incline
AutumnHeights art6.png A basic representation of Autumn Heights. The mountains are entirely surrounded by autumnal woods and two windmills in a corner. Midway on the mountains, a watermill stands between some pines on a cliff. Beyond a large cloud, two owl visages are carved in the summit, and a Swiss house rises aloft. An airship can be seen next to the cloud, although nothing like that can be seen in the final game. Collecting all Puzzle Pieces in Wing Ding
AutumnHeights art7.png Donkey Kong jumps a gap inside a large cavern. The place is filled with luminescent mushrooms and red tufts of vegetation. The artwork most probably served as basis for Crumble Cavern. Collecting all Puzzle Pieces in Crumble Cavern
AutumnHeights art8.png Donkey Kong rides a Rocket Barrel while two Cheesy Chesters try to stop him. The concept appears to have been used for Rodent Ruckus. Collecting all Puzzle Pieces in Rodent Ruckus
Bright Savannah
Image Description Unlocked after...
BrightSavannah art1.png Scene of a desolate savannah territory, which is used as a theme throughout Bright Savannah. A lone, round hut sustained by stilts is built on a large rock in the middle. Pieces of cloth and other tribal accessories surround the hut; two heads resembling Tiki Goons are seen in one corner of the giant rock. Some vultures rest on the hut and a tree branch grown from the rock. Collecting all Puzzle Pieces in Grassland Groove
BrightSavannah art2.png An African-looking landscape with a river flowing in the middle, flanked by baobabs and acacias. A path rises and ends abruptly at the edge of the river bed, but continues slightly downhill on the other side. The left side of the river seems to belong to a savannah, while the territory on the right resembles more of a desert, due to the smoother terrain. Two upright crocodiles, purported enemies, are seen in the river, and a series of small elephants rest along the desert path. These elements do not appear in the game. Collecting all Puzzle Pieces in Baobab Bonanza
BrightSavannah art3.png A scene with the Kongs riding Rambi the Rhinoceros through tall grass. While Rambi does appear in a level of Bright Savannah, Frantic Fields, the weather in the picture looks tranquil rather than stormy as in said level. Collecting all Puzzle Pieces in Frantic Fields
BrightSavannah art4.png Concept for a silhouetted stage in Bright Savannah, which does not exist in the game. DK and Diddy run through a shaded field with young acacia trees. In the background, there is a vast plain surrounded by plateaus, with a lake covering a large part of it. Collecting all Puzzle Pieces in Scorch 'n' Torch
BrightSavannah art5.png An area with baobabs, acacia and other plants, irrigated by a river. Donkey Kong is platforming on treetops while Diddy skips on hippopotami peering from the river. These resemble Bopapodamuses from Donkey Kong Country Returns, and it is possible they would have functioned like red Krockheads from Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest. Collecting all Puzzle Pieces in Twilight Terror
BrightSavannah art6.png In the first half of the image, Donkey Kong is shown standing on a cliff, closely surrounded by a group of Kiwi-like birds. In the second half, DK uses one of these birds to carefully float down a bramble ravine. Collecting all Puzzle Pieces in Cannon Canyon
BrightSavannah art7.png Sketch of Donkey Kong gazing at the obstacles ahead: a Papa Painguin holding its spear from a window, a spiky roller in the lower-right corner, and, above, a gigantic octopus (possibly Squiddicus) peeking a tentacle with a club from behind some bars. A wooden platform linked to a chain appears in the middle, and part of a mill wheel can be seen lower to the left. The whole scene appears to take place in a heavily guarded, mechanized area. In the game itself, Twilight Terror and Rickety Rafters contain various mechanisms, but few of them resemble the specific elements in the sketch. Collecting all Puzzle Pieces in Rickety Rafters
BrightSavannah art8.png Early visualization of Bramble Scramble. Aside from its main focus, the brambles, it is also faithful to the final version for being set in a steep canyon with various rock columns. However, in the picture, the brambles are green instead of red, and are weaving through a village of red anthill-like huts, which do not appear in the game. Collecting all Puzzle Pieces in Bramble Scramble
Sea Breeze Cove
Image Description Unlocked after...
SeaBreezeCove art1.png Donkey Kong carefully stepping into the sea. Sea life, including schools of tropical fish and forests of seaweed, appear underwater. A few small islands can be seen towards the horizon on an almost clear sky. Collecting all Puzzle Pieces in Deep Keep
SeaBreezeCove art2.png An image composed of smaller black-and-white artworks depicting unused concepts and sceneries. Donkey and Diddy Kong are often shown standing on the ground as on dry land, although the motion of their surroundings suggests an underwater environment.

Clockwise from top-left, the first artwork shows silhouettes of DK and Diddy exploring the seabed through transparent underwater tubes, with kelp wrapped around these and a few sharks swimming in the background. In the second artwork, the Kongs are caught in a vortex of rising bubbles. In the following artwork, the characters are obscured by a large colony of sea anemones, in an area with ammonite fossils encrusted in limestone formations. The next artwork shows the characters navigating ferris wheels with a curved, spiralled design reminiscent of ammonite shells; the heads of two gigantic eel-like monsters are seen at the bottom. The last artwork renders a habitat consisting of numerous dome aquariums populated by menacing fish; the Kongs are on dry land, gazing at the aquariums in the background.

Collecting all Puzzle Pieces in High Tide Ride
SeaBreezeCove art3.png A gloomy, deep-sea scenery filled with luminescent jellyfish and other assorted creatures. Shadows of DK, Diddy, and other frontground elements are imposed on the scenery. The artwork was likely the basis of Amiss Abyss. Collecting all Puzzle Pieces in Amiss Abyss
SeaBreezeCove art4.png View from inside an underwater grotto with abounding flora and fauna. Several lightbeams propagate into the water through an aperture at the surface. Collecting all Puzzle Pieces in Irate Eight
SeaBreezeCove art5.png DK using a plug to uncover the ruins of a submerged city. The city is based on ancient Roman architecture and consists of two temples and a dome. A mechanism of gigantic gears help these constructions rise above the water. The buildings are populated by corals, clams and seaweed. A hill landscape can be seen behind the city ruins. Collecting all Puzzle Pieces in Sea Stack Attack
SeaBreezeCove art6.png Side view of Donkey Kong platforming in and above water; none of the concepts present in the image, aside from swimming, are used in the game. Firstly, DK is pushed out of the water by a springing eel, above a few seagulls and a giant rock pillar with a spiky top. Back underwater, there are several krill clouds followed by a dense kelp area. DK is seen again swimming towards a dragnet, carried by a Viking ship. It is stated through notes in the picture that the dragnet is risen and lowered by the ship and that it should be avoided, but there is nothing to specify how the krill clouds or the kelp forest would have affected gameplay. Collecting all Puzzle Pieces in Current Capers
SeaBreezeCove art7.png A rumbling statue, similar to the ones seen in Rockin' Relics and the basis of those.[1] It is activated by electricity and scares a fish away. Its body is composed of three round slabs under a head with a small likeness to Dogū figurines. Collecting all Puzzle Pieces in Rockin' Relics
SeaBreezeCove art8.png Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong explore a calcareous zone on dry land. The environment is colorful, spanning tints of blue and violet. In the game, no such environment is traversed or seen, although the artwork might have only been meant to emphasize or inspire the submarine aspect and colors of Sea Breeze Cove. Collecting all Puzzle Pieces in Shoal Atoll
Juicy Jungle
Image Description Unlocked after...
JuicyJungle art1.png DK in front of a timbered fruit-processing plant, which is a basis for the world's most common setting. It is composed of numerous tanks resembling barrels painted in various shades and tints of green. Many screws and valves in the construction resemble pig snouts; as it can be seen in the following artworks, anthropomorphic pigs, similar to Professor Chops, were meant to populate and work on the island. An extended version of the artwork, though lacking the snout-like designs and the various colors on the plant, can be seen here. Collecting all Puzzle Pieces in Harvest Hazards
JuicyJungle art2.png Sketch of DK riding a Rocket Barrel through a run-down factory in the jungle, filled with giant fruit carried by elevators on chains. The fruit appear to be passed through some liquid flows, coming from wooden pipes at the top. Trails of bananas mark the way between obstacles. Although not many elements seen in the sketch are used in the game itself, the concept of a Rocket Barrel level in Juicy Jungle is used for the level Reckless Ride. Collecting all Puzzle Pieces in Reckless Ride
JuicyJungle art3.png Another sketch capturing the jungle factory setting. Multiple pigs are seen working to process giant fruit coming on wooden gutters. Their actions include powering mills, pushing fruit forward, and cutting them. The pig at the top left corner, who maneuvres a saw with a lever, appears to be harassed by a Hootz. The artwork is cropped from a larger image.

In the game itself, the factory of Juicy Jungle is entirely automated, and no pigs are seen throughout, except for Professor Chops.

Collecting all Puzzle Pieces in Fruity Factory
JuicyJungle art4.png Donkey Kong traveling on a slice of fruit along a large juice slide. A barrier with lights is placed ahead of him, and a sign in the background urges him to jump over the barrier. This concept is not used in any levels of the game. Collecting all Puzzle Pieces in Panicky Paddles
JuicyJungle art5.png A group of four pigs harvest a giant pumpkin-like fruit from a vine, using a saw to cut its stem, some string to sustain it, and a cart to transport it on rails. The scene takes place above a body of water surrounded by sown fields. It is one of the two artworks to show that Juicy Jungle was originally conceived as a farmland, rather than a jungle. Collecting all Puzzle Pieces in Jelly Jamboree
JuicyJungle art6.png An early look of Juicy Jungle; this is the second artwork to show the island as a farmland instead of jungle, although the factory setting is kept. Basic stages of processing and production are depicted in the artwork. The largest rock on the island is home to some crop fields; starting from here, juice and fruit slices are dropped into a large funnel house, then transported into a processing plant emitting fumes. The products are then being conveyed by a looped gutter inside a large transparent bowl. The island and factory are surrounded by numerous pear-shaped huts built on stilts, presumably the homes of the pigs seen in earlier artworks. Collecting all Puzzle Pieces in Frosty Fruits
JuicyJungle art7.png DK and Cranky Kong standing on a sliced fruit in the frontground. The artwork focuses on the jungle aspect of the island, but branched water pipes are seen in the image. Large citruses and strawberries are grown on vines. Collecting all Puzzle Pieces in Beehive Brawl
JuicyJungle art8.png Scene of a pig-populated town with whitewashed buildings, heavily inspired by Cycladic architecture and art. Donkey Kong, Dixie Kong and Professor Chops stand close to a house with a balcony and a passage underneath. Many stairways and passages weave between houses, and two pigs are seen conversing on a balustrade. A seaside cliff with houses in the far background peeks between two buildings, further showing the similarity of this place with Greek landscapes. In the game, there is no trace of such town or village. Collecting all Puzzle Pieces in Jammin' Jams
Donkey Kong Island
Image Description Unlocked after...
DKIsland art1.png Side view of Donkey Kong and Cranky Kong standing on an icy platform near a Snowmad outpost. They look down upon a Waldough standing on the snowy shore. A few wooden posts and a frame draped by a Viking veil, as well as some straggly studs acting as fence, mark the area. Several Snowmad chalets, similar to the ones found in Bright Savannah, are built atop brick towers behind the Waldough. The shore stretches towards the horizon and blurs slightly under the dark clouds, as a snowstorm with windy weather prevails in the scene, maintaining a glacial atmosphere, along with palm trees and ridges that are burdened by snow. A few chunks of ice float in the sea nearby. Collecting all Puzzle Pieces in Homecoming Hijinxs
DKIsland art2.png A Snowmad megastructure, likely intended for decoration. It consists of a ship-like frame with shield adornments and two wooden dragon heads arranged in an X cross. The structure is sustained by a wall fence underneath. Nothing identical or similar to this construction is incorporated in the game.

This is a cropped version of another artwork.

Collecting all Puzzle Pieces in Seashore War
DKIsland art3.png Top view of a Snowmad fortress, resembling many of the fortresses that are the hallmark of Donkey Kong Island during the Snowmad invasion. At its base lies a totem-like bird figure, with a candle inside its "mouth" to serve as a lamp. This element is also one of the Snowmad hallmarks. Collecting all Puzzle Pieces in Aqueduct Assault
DKIsland art4.png Sketch proposal for a level mechanic, depicting Donkey Kong using either a cookpot or a shield to slide down a Cliff slope. These would have possibly functioned like Mine Carts, but the concept was not carried over in the game itself. Collecting all Puzzle Pieces in Blurry Flurry
DKIsland art5.png A snowbound, prism-shaped Snowmad chalet, similar to the ones placed around the levels Seashore War, Aqueduct Assault, and Blurry Flurry on the map of Donkey Kong Island. Collecting all Puzzle Pieces in Forest Folly
DKIsland art6.png "Snow Makers", heavy Snowmads using specific devices to create snow. One is shown using its weight to shove ice blocks into an unseen mechanism, producing minced ice through some tubes. Another bounces on a pump to create snow in a similar fashion. No such concepts are used in the final version of the game. Collecting all Puzzle Pieces in Cliffside Slide
Ice dragon conceptart.png Front, profile, and top view of an ice dragon over a white background. Collecting all Puzzle Pieces in Frozen Frenzy
DKIsland art8.png Panorama of a frozen Donkey Kong Island, faithful to its geography from Donkey Kong Country Returns. No significant changes were made between this version and the island's renewed appearance in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. Collecting all Puzzle Pieces in Meltdown Mayhem
Walruses.png Concepts for several walrus warriors, showing crude, Viking flair. Waldoughs and their relatives from the game are close to what the artwork depicts, but the names in the drawing are not used for any characters existing in the game itself. The sketch introduces the following: "Sven the Fisheater", a character wielding a quiver of fish on his back and a possible precursor of Chum Chucker Charlie; "Olaf the Forgetful", a pelt-clad enemy in a ship-like vehicle, with no obvious equivalent in the actual game; "Lars the Immovable", an armored walrus and an early version of Walbrick; and "Krob the Konqueror", an enemy wearing a bib around its neck and wielding a spear with a crab on its head. Collecting all Puzzle Pieces in Dynamite Dash
DKIsland art10.png Artwork for a proposed snowball fight bonus challenge. It depicts Donkey Kong on one side preparing to toss a snowball at some Snowmads taking cover in a fortress on the other side, responding with snowball counterattacks. The concept of a snowball fight is not used in the game, although the Donkey Kong Island diorama shows the Kongs engaged in a snowball battle with some Snowmads. Collecting all Puzzle Pieces in Icicle Arsenal
Hidden Kong Temple
Image Description Unlocked after...
HiddenKongTemple1.png Various species from Lost Mangroves: a Thug Slug, a Dozy, a Punchy Paddy, a Wild Wendell, and a Monocle Monica. Their designs have remained largely unchanged, apart from the Monocle Monica having a bird-like beak in its final version, instead of insect mandibles as depicted here. Collecting all Puzzle Pieces in Swinger Flinger
HiddenKongTemple2.png Various species from Autumn Heights: a Cheesy Chester, a goat, and a Schnautzel. A skunk-like being and some bees swarming over a bale of hay are also seen among the previous, though they are inexistent in the game itself. Collecting all Puzzle Pieces in Bopopolis
HiddenKongTemple3.png Various species from Bright Savannah: a Porcupal, a Buffaloafer, and a Swooper Dooper. A lynx-like enemy and a Bopapodamus wearing a rubber ring also appear in the artwork, though not in the game itself. Of note is that the proportions in the withers and hips of the Buffaloafer are more exaggerated here than in the final version. Collecting all Puzzle Pieces in Precarious Pendulums
HiddenKongTemple4.png Various species from Sea Breeze Cove, most of which are inexistent in the final version: a giant eel monster, a nautillus enemy, a crustacean, a Fritz, and a jellyfish foe. Collecting all Puzzle Pieces in Spinning Spines
HiddenKongTemple5.png Various species from Juicy Jungle: a Bouncelisk, a Buzzy, a Bucky, a Chompasaurus, and a Toucan't, respectively. Collecting all Puzzle Pieces in Platform Problems
HiddenKongTemple6.png Various Snowmad warriors. Aside from the owl enemy with a horned helmet and a bushy moustache, located between the Hootz and the Hot Hootz on the first row, all other characters portrayed in the artwork appear in some form in the game. Notable differences from their final designs are seen on the Tuffton, Blue Hootz, Waldough, and Walnut. The Tuffton wears a much tighter helmet with horns, in addition to sporting a different outfit and look from that of the Puffton, its relative. The Blue Hootz appears to have larger wings and a more spacious, hornless helmet. The Waldough displays a blue snowflake symbol over its belly, which is absent during the game. Lastly, the Walnut has a different color – indigo instead of beige. Collecting all Puzzle Pieces in Slippy Spikes
Secret Seclusion
Image Description Unlocked after...
SecretSeclusion art1.png Three versions of an illustration with Donkey Kong crossing some grassy, floating islands above the clouds and the ocean, in an ethereal setting reminiscent of Secret Seclusion. Rocks and stones around the paysage are curved, sleek-looking, and are carved with ancient runes.

The first version of the artwork takes place under a clear sky during daytime; flower petals are being carried by the wind. The second artwork depicts a more foggy atmosphere. The third version is a nighttime scene, illuminated by the runes in the stones and an aurora furrowing the sky.

Collecting all Puzzle Pieces in Levitation Station
SecretSeclusion art2.png The "secret moon world", a foreign world in which Donkey Kong can be seen jumping a gap between several rugged platforms. The surface of the moon world is chipped by numerous fault mountains and craters, similar to the real world Moon, and some levitating platforms can be seen in the background. No atmosphere is present in this moon world, making stars and a much closer celestial object visible in the sky. The image comes with sketches of the overall look of the moon world and its corresponding level node on the map (a fuming meteor crashed into a crater). This concept, or the concept of a level taking place outside Donkey Kong's planet, is not used in the game. Collecting all Puzzle Pieces in Rocket Rails
SecretSeclusion art3.png Two pictures: one of the monkey statue on Secret Seclusion (along with an arrow to indicate rotation), and the other an unfinished artwork of the entire Secret Seclusion world as it could be seen on the map. Apart from the statue's island being considerably larger, the artwork is faithful to its final version for including three smaller islands surrounding the island in the middle, each being a level themed around levitating platforms, Mine Cart/Rocket Barrel rides, and crashed planes, respectively. Collecting all Puzzle Pieces in Crazy Clouds
FunkyFlyNBuy.png Funky's Fly 'n' Buy, here dubbed "Funky's Flights" like Funky Kong's service in the original Donkey Kong Country. Funky and his merchandise (including Red Balloons, a Heart Boost, and a green parrot), can be seen in a makeshift stall inside Funky's plane. Beating the game on Hard Mode
BubblegumPopgun.png Numerous early designs for Dixie Kong's Gumball Popgun, along with its final version, scaled.
SecretSeclusion art6.png Donkey Kong in an enchanted forest, where trees are sinister and branch into what resemble hands with claws. The path behind DK is engulfed in light coming through the canopy, while the area beyond is dark and gloomy. Several colorful spirits rise from a pit, and two figures can be seen in the tree branches above, lurking in the shadows.
SecretSeclusion art7.png A grim swampland, over which Donkey Kong is seen gliding with a puffy plant. The place is teeming with odd vegetation and pungent waters, imbuing the place with greenish thick fumes. An obscured sign on the right, showing a dead rodent, suggests the waters are toxic. A crammed stilt village is built over the swampland, in which houses are made out of tin and wood and show signs of rust and negligence. A light signal is placed on a wire between the rooftops, suggesting the village is also a canal for navigation.

Nothing similar to this world appears in the game.

SecretSeclusion art8.png Donkey Kong facing a much larger enemy inside what looks like a rudimentary storage kitchen, preserving the atmosphere of the previous artwork. The place has a row of circular windows peering into dense vegetation, and stows a boiling cookpot in the middle, several barrels and crates filled with fruit, and two fish hung in the upper right corner. The enemy is an enormous caterpillar in Viking and cook attire, carrying a bloated segment with spikes. Due to its imposing stature and surroundings, it is likely that the giant caterpillar enemy would have been the boss of the swampland world.
SecretSeclusion art9.png An early look of Punch Bowl, the boss level of Juicy Jungle. DK drops onto an arena where a large polar bear, Bashmaster, awaits him to fight, holding an ice block with an item inside. The battle arena is a frozen slice of fruit floating in the middle of an orange juice pond, and is tilted under Bashmaster's weight. It is surrounded by tiered floors crowded by penguins, which attend the battle and throw ice blocks on the arena.

In the game, Bashmaster is battled in a similar setting, although with differences from the concept artwork. In the final version, the arena itself is a simple chunk of ice floating on a purple pond. The surrounding spectators are indeed penguins – Tuckses – but they do not help Bashmaster fight in any way, as he produces ice blocks himself.

SecretSeclusion art10.png Concept artwork of Big Top Bop, the boss level of the Lost Mangroves, where DK faces Pompy on a half pipe arena. The circus setting, the hanging lights above, the spectating penguins and the large plane wreck in the background, all of which appear in the final version of the level, are also seen in this artwork. A notable difference in the artwork is that Archy-looking penguins, holding up swim tubes, guard the flanks of the arena, whereas in the game, Walbricks are given this role.


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The music gallery is a collection of themes that play throughout the game, and is divided into six sets, each covering some of the music that plays in one world of the game (excluding Secret Seclusion). Each set is composed of four themes and can be unlocked by defeating the boss of its corresponding world.

Lost Mangroves[edit]

Audio.svg Mangrove Cove - Plays in Mangrove Cove.

File infoMedia:DKCTF MangroveCove.oga
Audio.svg Mangrove Cove Underwater - Plays in the underwater sections of Mangrove Cove.

File infoMedia:DKCTF MangroveCoveUnderwater.oga
Audio.svg Shipwreck Shore - Plays in Shipwreck Shore.

File infoMedia:ShipwreckShore.oga
Audio.svg Mangrove Swing - Plays in Canopy Chaos and Sea Stack Attack.

File infoMedia:DKCTF MangroveSwing.oga
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Autumn Heights[edit]

Audio.svg Windmill Hills - Plays in Windmill Hills.

File infoMedia:DKCTF WindmillHills.oga
Audio.svg Sawmill Thrill - Plays in Sawmill Thrill.

File infoMedia:DKCTF SawmillThrill.oga
Audio.svg Alpine Incline - Plays in Alpine Incline.

File infoMedia:DKCTF AlpineIncline.oga
Audio.svg Rodent Ruckus - Plays in Rodent Ruckus. It is an arrangement of "Mine Menace" from Donkey Kong Country Returns.

File infoMedia:DKCTF Rodent Ruckus.oga
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Bright Savannah[edit]

Audio.svg Baobab Bonanza - Plays in Baobab Bonanza.

File infoMedia:DKCTF BaobabBonanza.oga
Audio.svg Scorch 'n' Torch - Plays in Scorch 'n' Torch.

File infoMedia:DKCTF ScorchTorch.oga
Audio.svg Twilight Terror - Plays in Twilight Terror.

File infoMedia:DKCTF TwilightTerror.oga
Audio.svg Savannah Pop - Plays in Cannon Canyon, Rickety Rafters, and Bramble Scramble.

File infoMedia:DKCTF SavannahPop.oga
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Sea Breeze Cove[edit]

Audio.svg Deep Keep - Plays during the on-land section of Deep Keep.

File infoMedia:DKCTF DeepKeep.oga
Audio.svg Funky Waters - Plays during the underwater sections of Deep Keep and Amiss Abyss. A calmer version of "Deep Keep".

File infoMedia:DKCTF FunkyWaters.oga
Audio.svg Irate Eight - Plays during the Squiddicus chase sequence of Irate Eight.

File infoMedia:DKCTF IrateEight.oga
Audio.svg Aquatic Ambiance Returns - Plays during the second half of Deep Keep, the majority of Current Capers, and the entirety of Shoal Atoll. It is a cover of "Aquatic Ambiance" from the original Donkey Kong Country, and it is not to be confused with an identically named musical track from Donkey Kong Country Returns, which is a different cover of the original song.

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Juicy Jungle[edit]

Audio.svg Swing Juice - Plays in Harvest Hazards, Panicky Paddles, and in the starting and ending sections of Reckless Ride.

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Audio.svg Juicy Groove - Plays in Fruity Factory.

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Audio.svg Fruit Bounce - Plays in Jelly Jamboree and Beehive Brawl.

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Audio.svg Frosty Fruits - Plays in Frosty Fruits.

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Donkey Kong Island[edit]

Audio.svg Snowmads Theme - Plays in Homecoming Hijinxs, Cliffside Slide, and Meltdown Mayhem.

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Audio.svg Seashore War - Plays in Seashore War.

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Audio.svg Freezie Breezie - Plays in Forest Folly and Icicle Arsenal.

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Audio.svg Frozen Frenzy - Plays in Frozen Frenzy.

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  1. ^ The artwork was created by Toph Gorham, who worked closely with another artist at Retro Studios, Eric Kozlowsky, to come up with a look for the ancient statues seen throughout Sea Breeze Cove, as Eric himself states on his blog.