Mama Saw

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A Mama Saw swimming between two sunken bananas

Mama Saws[1] are fish enemies appearing in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. Their appearance is based on the real-life sawfish, as each Mama Saw displays a narrow spiky nose extension, resembling a saw – hence the species' name. They have flattened body structures, which are orange-colored, as well as striped with shades of the said color.

Mama Saws swim from side to side, and they can damage the player by thrusting their spiky nose into them. They also cause damage if any part of their body is touched. Mama Saws can be defeated by being corkscrewed into from behind. Cranky Kong can also defeat them by swiping at them with his cane, which will additionally work against their front sides.

Mama Saws are found in three levels of Sea Breeze Cove, namely Irate Eight, Rockin' Relics, and Shoal Atoll, where they always patrol underwater areas.


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