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Cranky Kong bouncing off a Tuffton in Slippy Spikes.
Cranky Kong, having damaged a Tuffton with a Cane Bounce
“Use Cranky Kong's cane to perform even higher jumps than normal. In areas where thorns or spikes are a problem, Cranky's cane will let you cross them without taking damage.”
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze manual

The Cane Bounce[1] is an action that can be performed by Cranky Kong in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. It involves the use of Cranky's cane, which he can use as an improvised spring or even as a weapon. The Cane Bounce acts similar to Scrooge McDuck's pogo stick bounce from the video game DuckTales.

The move can only be performed either as Cranky Kong alone or as Cranky partnered with Donkey Kong or Funky Kong. While in mid-air, Cranky can put his cane vertically underneath him and bounce off the ground to gain height. He can also build up speed if he bounces repeatedly while going in a direction. Cranky can safely bounce with his cane on spiked floors and, in many situations, traverse it to gain access to secrets. Likewise, Cranky can use the Cane Bounce to defeat enemies that cannot be defeated with a regular stomp, such as Pointy Tucks, Tuff Tucks, and Tufftons, which protect their top sides with thorns or tough helmets.

Enemies and obstacles engulfed in fire, however, cannot be attacked with a Cane Bounce, and inflict harm on Cranky Kong. Additionally, some spiked floors have spikes that are long enough to hit Cranky Kong, even when he is using the Cane Bounce; this is most notable in the level Slippy Spikes.

The Cane Bounce can be executed whenever the character is airborne, by:

  • pressing A Button or B Button when the player uses the primary or secondary controls of the Wii U GamePad;
  • pressing the Two Button when the player uses only the Wii Remote;
  • pressing the A Button when the player uses both the Wii Remote and the Nunchuk.



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