Fruity Factory

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Not to be confused with Fruit Factory.
Fruity Factory
Fruit Factory.png
World-Level 5 - 3
Game Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
Music Juicy Groove
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Fruity Factory is the third level of Juicy Jungle in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. The level takes place in the factory where the fruits are processed.


The Kongs in Fruity Factory.

The level starts out where the green smoke comes out from the bottom. Past the place with two Chompasauri is the passage through the factory, where giant watermelons are being carried and processed. The level introduces new type of death traps: giant fruit cutting knives, huge juicers that drill through giant fruits, spinning blades that cut through fruits, and another sets of fruit cutting knives in a shape of a shuriken. Other than watermelons that act as a platform, sliced giant orange-like fruits act as a flat platform, but it has to get through quickly, because it will fall into the bottom, where there are shuriken-like blades that mince fruits. In addition to the aforementioned traps and fruits, there seem to be two factories instead of one, which seem to be separate ones but works in a same way. At the end of the level lies the huge barrel that houses the fruit-cutting blades. They cut through orange-like fruits that act as a platform. At the end of the giant barrel lies a Slot Machine Barrel.


K-O-N-G Letters[edit]

  • K: Pass the watermelon section in the first factory, there is a letter K between two fruit-cutting blades. Players must stomp Hootz to get it, if he or she does not have Kong partners.
  • O: In the second grapefruit platform section, there is a letter O in behind of a Barrel Cannon.
  • N: After accessing the second factory, a letter N can be found in front of a swinging citrus platform.
  • G: In the second factory, a letter G can be found in the place where rectangular watermelons are crushed one by one.

Puzzle Pieces[edit]

  1. In the entrance, there is a crumbly wall below an upside-down Chompasaurus. Hand slap the wooden platform to break the wall, which houses bunches of bananas as well as a Puzzle Piece in the middle.
  2. After getting inside the first factory, stomp a Tucks to jump into one of the watermelons, which are being carried by the wooden platforms. Hop onto these watermelons and head to the left to gain access to the secret area, where the player has to collect bananas in 30 seconds to get a Puzzle Piece.
  3. In the area where there are two juicers, players must stop the fruit-cutting blade by triggering a Waldough-like switch. After that, hop onto the second juicer to access the secret area that houses banana bunches as well as a Puzzle Piece.
  4. After passing Professor Chops in the second factory, hand slap the purple plump fruit to reveal a Puzzle Piece.
  5. Grapefruit pieces continuously pop up during the huge barrel section. At the end of the barrel section (where there is a Slot Machine Barrel on the top), there is a grapefruit platform with a Puzzle Piece on the left.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese きょうふのスーパースライサー
Kyōfu no Sūpā Suraisā
Super Slicer of Fear
Spanish Macedonia mortal Fatal Fruit Salad
French Usine à vitamines Vitamin Factory
German Melone zum Quadrat Melon Squared
Italian Fabbrica Fruttosa Fruity Factory


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