Pengaccha 1-gō

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Pengaccha 1-gō prepares to launch a group of Soaries.

Pengaccha 1-gō (generically referred to by Prima as a "vehicle"[1]) is a large machine piloted by a Speedy Tucks in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. It has a pair of extendable claws and a body that can rise and lower while rotating around an axis. Pengaccha 1-gō acts as a recurring obstacle in Reckless Ride, stretching its claws and sending Soaries at the Kongs while pursuing them down the juice flow. In a later part of the stage, Pengaccha 1-gō also attempts to hinder the Kongs by collapsing surrounding structures or opening up gutters to let enormous fruit roll onto them. Though the Kongs do not interact with the machine itself, they must avoid its attacks as they ride their Rocket Barrel.

Nearing the end of the stage, Pengaccha 1-gō ominously points its claws towards the Kongs and spins them rapidly as it prepares for a final attack, but crashes into a stone arch and draws to a halt. The Speedy Tucks piloting the machine panics and ejects itself from it, only to land next to a Chompasaurus that promptly eats it. The now-wrecked machine partially reveals a Barrel Cannon from inside its cockpit, which the Kongs can jump into and blast off of to enter a bonus room.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ペンガッチャ1号[2]
Pengaccha 1-gō
Portmanteau of「ペンガー」(Pengā, Japanese name of Tucks) and possibly「ガッチャ」(gaccha, "gotcha") +「号」(-gō, a common marker for machines and vehicles);「1号」is likely a pun on「苺」(ichigo, "strawberry"), possibly referencing the world's fruit theme.


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