Reckless Ride

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Reckless Ride
Reckless Ride.png
Level code 5-2
World Juicy Jungle
Game Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
Music track Swing Juice
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Reckless Ride is the second level in Juicy Jungle, the fifth island of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and its Nintendo Switch port of the same name. It is the third level in the game to use the Rocket Barrel.

Once again, "Mine Menace" is utilized as background music throughout the Rocket Barrel segment, albeit this time with a more techno-inspired remix.


The Kongs land right next to the Rocket Barrel, which is ridden for most of the level. Starting the rocket, Donkey Kong will have to weave around some rolling berries and suspended fruit. The camera shifts to a perspective view as the player must continue dodging incoming fruit. Pengaccha 1-gō appears, stretching and spinning its claws and then launching Soaries at the rocket. The robot gets out of the way, but some other enemies appear, followed by Professor Chops and his checkpoint booth.

As the camera shifts back to its regular angle, the Kongs enter a building, where the Tucks and its machine return, trying to crush them with its claws again, but now launching giant Soaries, just before leaving as another checkpoint comes into play. The camera once again switches angles. The rocket enters a long corridor where fruit is chopped by sharp blades and spiky compactors. The robot reappears, breaking some poles, which tumble onto the way as obstacles. Leaving the building, the robot causes infinite amounts of fruit to flow through the narrow passage. After a few more attacks, the robot hits a wall, launching the Tucks away (it is then eaten by a Chompasaurus at the background). The Kongs fall off the Rocket Barrel onto a platform, where they can hit the Slot Machine Barrel to complete the level.


KONG Letters[edit]

  • K: After the camera switches angles for the first time, the letter K can be spotted under a bridge.
  • O: During Pengaccha 1-gō's first comeback, it will knock down a pipe, which the Kongs must dodge to collect the letter O.
  • N: The letter N is located between two spiked compactors.
  • G: As the robot appears for the third time, it will knock down a booth, breaking it. The letter G will be under it.

Puzzle Pieces[edit]

  1. At the start of the level, Donkey Kong must head backward to find a secret room. Collecting every banana in there reveals a Puzzle Piece.
  2. If the player manages to collect the whole trail of bananas above a pile of giant fruit, the Puzzle Piece will then appear under a pipe.
  3. Just like the second Puzzle Piece, Donkey Kong must collect a line of bananas among the Tufftons and Hareys just before the first checkpoint booth in order to reveal the third Puzzle Piece.
  4. After the vertical slicers corridor, there is a fruit ring with a Banana Bunch in the middle of it. If the player collects this bunch, the Puzzle Piece will appear in the middle of a second ring.
  5. At the end of the level, there is a Barrel Cannon inside Pengaccha 1-gō, and DK is able to get to it with the help of a partner or a well-timed roll jump. The barrel will launch them to another bonus area, where they are challenged to collect every banana to receive the last Puzzle Piece.


Additional names[edit]

Internal names[edit]

Game File Name Meaning

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze content/Worlds/w05_juice/l02_juice_rocketBarrel.pak l02_juice_rocketBarrel.pak Juice Level 2: Rocket Barrel

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese カラフル・フライト
Karafuru Furaito
Colorful Flight
French Périple périlleux Perilous Journey
German Zuckerfass zum Abheben Sugar Barrel Liftoff
Italian Avventura Aere Air Adventure
Spanish Canales y canallas Channels and Scoundrels