Ice dragon

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Concept artwork of an ice dragon

An ice dragon[1] is an airborne entity serving Lord Fredrik in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. Ice dragons are produced by Lord Fredrik's horn and cast ice wherever they fly. One of them first appears in the game's prologue and partakes in helping the Snowmad crew conquer Donkey Kong Island. Later in the game, during the final boss fight, several ice dragons are used as weapons against the Kongs. It is worth to be noted that the game's Prima guide once refers to ice dragons as dragon-shaped ice projectiles[1].

An ice dragon, diving onto the arena in Volcano Dome

In the prologue, Lord Fredrik is brought a magic horn used to release ice dragons. A powerful blow in the instrument turns into one such creature. The monster then flies out, cleaving the air rapidly while surrounded by thick layers of clouds and fog. The dragon produces weather-changing winds and is set to glide into Donkey Kong Island. Donkey Kong and his friends, who are celebrating his birthday at the time, are blasted far away by the winds, and the island is left to be transformed into an arctic wasteland by the dragon alone. The outcome of the event is the Snowmad conquest of the island.[2]

Lord Fredrik employs ice dragons again during the battle in Volcano Dome, this time as means of weaponry against the Kongs. The dragons dive down onto the arena, after signaling their coming with falling ice sheds. When colliding with the ground, they turn a patch of its surface into solid ice, making it slippery. Ice dragons can damage the Kongs if they crash onto them, depleting a heart from their heart meter.


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