Ice dragon

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Concept artwork of an ice dragon

Ice dragons[1] are airborne entities produced by Lord Fredrik's horn in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. One of them first appears in the game's prologue, producing a blizzard on Donkey Kong Island that freezes it in the process, followed by the Snowmads settling on the island.

An ice dragon, diving onto the arena in Volcano Dome

Lord Fredrik employs ice dragons again to attack the Kongs during the battle in Volcano Dome, using them in two ways. In one of Lord Fredrik's attacks, ice dragons launch from his horn in the background plane and crash down onto the arena to create slippery patches on the ground. When Lord Fredrik is on the same platform as the Kongs, ice dragons can also be sent horizontally towards them and can be avoided either by crouching if their wings are positioned upward, or by jumping over them if their wings are downward.

The game's Prima guide also refers to ice dragons as dragon-shaped ice projectiles.[1]


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