Donkey Kong Match-Up

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Donkey Kong Match-Up
Developer(s) Unknown
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Browser
Release date 2014[citation needed]
Genre Match-up
Rating(s) N/A
Mode(s) Single player
Media HTML
Input Mouse

Donkey Kong Match-Up is a match-up game on the Play Nintendo website.


DonkeyKongMatchUp gameplay.png

This game mostly consists of a game of match-up starring characters and items appearing in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. The player is first greeted with three different difficulty ratings that they can pick from: Easy (which features eight cards and starts at 5000 points), Medium (which features twelve cards and starts at 9000 points), and Hard (which features twenty-four cards and starts at 12000 points). Once the player selects a difficulty, the game begins. The player then has to match up all of the cards as quickly as possible, while keeping an eye on the score which deducts 100 points to the time bonus for every second elapsed. Each match is worth 500 points. Once the player matches every card, they receive a final score as well as a "What's THAT?" button to find out more about the characters and items they saw during their game.


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"Who's that boss?"


"Collect 100, get a gift"

Banana Coin[edit]

"Use these at Funky Kong's shop"

Banana Juice[edit]

"Guzzle it for invincibility"

Bashmaster, the Unbreakable[edit]

"A big, bad polar bear"

Blue Balloon[edit]

"It'll help you breathe"

CK Barrel[edit]

"Bring on Cranky Kong"

Cranky Kong[edit]

"He'll shoot his dentures!"

DD Barrel[edit]

"Call for Diddy Kong"

Diddy Kong[edit]

"Has his own jetpack"

Dixie Kong[edit]

"Watch out for the ponytail"

DK Barrel[edit]

"DK stands for "Donkey Kong""

Donkey Kong[edit]

"Donkey Kong loves bananas"

DX Barrel[edit]

"Dixie's joining in"

Fish Poker Pops[edit]

"Baddie with a puffer fish spear"

Funky Kong[edit]

"Sells useful items from his shop"

Green Balloon[edit]

"Need a lift from a dangerous fall?"

Letter K[edit]

"It's the start of K-O-N-G"

Pointy Tucks[edit]

"Penguins in horned helmets"

Pompy, the Presumptuous[edit]

"Giant sea lion boss"

Professor Chops[edit]

"Smart pig with helpful advice"

Puzzle Piece[edit]

"Find them all in all the levels"

Rambi the Rhinoceros[edit]

"Hop on his back!"

Red Balloon[edit]

"An extra life!"

Squawks the Parrot[edit]

"He's got a nose for Puzzle Pieces"

Website description[edit]

Donkey Kong Match-Up

Bananas. That's what you are gonna go once you start matching these items and characters from Donkey Kong Island. They are also a healthy snack. (Bananas—not items and characters.)


A matching game to flip over

Careful: it's a jungle in there.