Mario Tennis Aces Mushroom Kingdom Characters Quiz

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Mario Tennis Aces Mushroom Kingdom Characters Quiz
Title screen
Title screen
Publisher Nintendo
Platform(s) Browser
Rating(s) N/A
Mode(s) Single player
Input Mouse/touchscreen

Mario Tennis Aces Mushroom Kingdom Characters Quiz is an activity on the Play Nintendo website.[1] It aims to help the player decide on a preferred doubles team to play as in Mario Tennis Aces.


The activity is a series of fifteen questions where the player has to choose who they would rather play with between two random playable characters from Mario Tennis Aces. When a character is selected, it reappears as an option in a future question. The two most selected characters by the end of the game are determined as the winning doubles pair.

Each character has a short bio under their icon, which describes their powers and abilities to help the player adjust their choices. The player can choose to start the game over at any point past the title screen.

Character bios[edit]

Name Description
Mario "With his all-around play style and snazzy tennis outfits, Mario makes a great partner on the court."
Luigi "Luigi has a lot of practice being part of a winning team—he’s Mario’s younger brother, after all."
Wario "Wario’s a powerful player. He claims to be Mario’s old friend, but he’s better known as Mario’s greatest rival."
Waluigi "His long arms are a great asset on the tennis court, since he can cover a wide area. Plus, check out that mustache!"
Peach "Her highness rules over the Mushroom Kingdom. She also rules over the tennis court with her technical style."
Daisy "Daisy can be a challenging rival, so you might want to keep this perky tennis pro on your good side."
Rosalina "The stars shine bright on Rosalina, especially when she’s nailing Tricky Shots[sic] on the tennis court."
Toad "Toad moves awfully fast for someone with such tiny feet. His speedy style makes up for his small stature."
Toadette "Toadette is tiny, but she’s got great control. When she aims for a far-away spot, she can nail it with ease."
Bowser "Bowser’s play style is powerful, just like his breath. But the King of the Koopas also makes a powerful partner!"
Bowser Jr. "Bowser Jr. loves to stir up trouble, especially on the court. Watch out—he’s got quite a reach!"
Boo "It’s no surprise that Boo has a tricky play style. But instead of spooking you out, Boo will serve you a wicked slice."
Yoshi "Yoshi can really speed around the tennis court. And if you’re not careful, he’ll speed his way into your heart!"
Donkey Kong "This banana-loving Kong swings into action on the tennis court with a powerful play style and fast shots."
Spike "If you’re looking for power, Spike’s a good bet. As his name suggests, he’ll use spiked objects to try to win."
Chain Chomp "Chain Chomp is new to tennis, but it’s picked up a few good moves—like a powerful play style and fast shots."

Website description[edit]

Who could be your doubles dream team?

You can choose between fan-favorite Mushroom Kingdom characters to see which two could be your doubles dream team in the Mario Tennis Aces game, now available for the Nintendo Switch system.

Ultimate doubles

Who'd be your dream team on the tennis court?



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