Madame Mirage

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Madame Mirage
MTA Madame Mirage.jpg
Species Mirror
First appearance Mario Tennis Aces (2018)
“If you are truly unafraid, I dare you to come hither, I’ll gladly show you how terrifying the queen of mirrors can be.”
Madame Mirage, Mario Tennis Aces
Madame Mirage
Madame Mirage render model

Madame Mirage is the second boss of the story mode of Mario Tennis Aces. She is a sapient mirror fought in the Royal Chamber in the mission All Hail the Mirror Queen.

At the beginning of the match, Madame Mirage will serve a ball. She rallies the ball back by catching it via her mirror-like hands, then spits it out from her "face" mirror. Each rally deducts health from her, and if she is out of health, Mario must fire a Zone Shot directly at her face. Afterwards, she will take control of a mirror, an old clock, a globe, and a lamp, arrange the objects in a horizontal line, and move them towards Mario multiple times followed by a vertical alternation at the end, forcing him to either jump over them or stand in the gap. She will serve the ball again, this time starting with a Zone Shot which must be blocked. When using a Zone Shot on Madame Mirage a second time, she will use the controlled objects to shield herself; after she is hit a second time, she will take control of the old clock, globe, and mirror again, but this time she will also take control of two couches. She will then alternate vertically with them, finishing by scrambling the objects' positions and moving them towards Mario one by one. Madame Mirage will then repeat her process of serving balls, with the exception of using multiple Trick Shots. She tries to shield herself again from the Zone Shot using the same objects as in the second hit.

After being hit a third time, Madame Mirage will disintegrate and reveal a treasure chest that contains the second Power Stone.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ミラージュ
Mirage; also likely a pun on「ミラー」(mirā, mirror)
Dutch Morgana From Fata Morgana
French Madame Mirage -
Italian Regina Miraggia Queen Mirage
Russian Мадам Иллюзия
Madam Illyuziya
Madame Illusion
Spanish Morgana From Fata Morgana