Mirage Mansion

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Mirage Mansion
MTA Mirage Mansion.jpg
Ball speed Fast
Bounce strength Normal
Appears in Mario Tennis Aces

Mirage Mansion is a court in Mario Tennis Aces that takes place in a haunted house. Broken black-and-white floor, chairs, and armchairs are seen in the background. Peepas and a Big Boo serve as line judges and the court's referee, respectively. The court's gimmick is two mirrors that appear in the center; when the ball touches one, the mirrors switch sides and the ball comes out of the other mirror.

In-game description[edit]

  • "Mysterious mirrors adorn a mysterious mansion. But...where exactly does a tennis ball go when it disappears inside one of these mirrors?"

Adventure Mode[edit]

In Adventure Mode, Mirage Mansion is the third area visited. Mario and Toad come here searching for the second Power Stone. Upon arriving at the mansion, the duo are antagonized by a trio of sentient mirrors. They summon Boo, who challenges Mario to a tennis match. After that, Mario reaches the Reflection Room, where he must solve a mirror puzzle within a time limit in order to move forward. The mansion is ruled by the mirror queen Madame Mirage, who guards the Power Stone. Optionally, Mario can accept a challenge from Boo in which he needs to knock down panels with the tennis ball; if he completes it, Boo will give Mario a hint for solving the puzzle in the Reflection Room. There is also another optional mission where Mario needs to return the ball to Boo until he reaches 300 points, which will reward him with the Mirror Racket.


Mission Location Description
Malicious Mirrors
Mirage Mansion "Defeat Boo while avoiding the mysterious mirrors!"
Panel Challenge (Beginner)
Practice Court "Score 500 points within the time limit!"
The Great Mirror Mystery
Reflection Room "Solve the mirror puzzle and clear the path forward within the time limit!"
Rally Challenge (Intermediate)
Detour "Keep rallying until you reach 300 points!"
All Hail the Mirror Queen
Royal Chamber "Defeat the boss of Mirage Mansion within the time limit!"


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ミラージュの館
Mirāju no Yakata
Mirage Mansion

Chinese (simplified) 迷拉镜洋馆
Mílājìng Yángguǎn
Mirage Mirror Mansion

Chinese (traditional) 迷拉鏡洋館
Mílājìng Yángguǎn
Mirage Mirror Mansion

French Manoir aux miroirs
Mirrors Mansion
Italian Villa dei miraggi
Mirage Mansion
Spanish Mansión Espejismo
Mirage Mansion