Malicious Mirrors

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Malicious Mirrors
Location Mirage Mansion
Mission # 9
Game Mario Tennis Aces
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Malicious Mirrors is the ninth mission in Mario Tennis Aces, taking place in Mirage Mansion.


Mario and Toad reach Mirage Mansion, only to encounter a trio of sapient mirrors who mock them for trying to steal their Power Stone, and challenges Mario to a tennis match with a Boo.

The mission consists mainly of a three-set match against the Boo. If Mario hits one mirror, the ball is served back at him from the other mirror.

Afterwards, the mirrors claim that the "true horror" of Mirage Mansion still awaits them up ahead.

In-game text[edit]

  • "Defeat Boo while avoiding the mysterious mirrors!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese いじわるな鏡
Ijiwaru Na Kagami
Malicious Mirror

Italian Specchi maliziosi
Malicious Mirrors
Spanish (NOE) Espejos espeluznantes
Terrifying Mirrors