Snow Ogre Showdown

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Snow Ogre Showdown
Location Snowfall Mountain Summit
Mission # 18
Game Mario Tennis Aces
Boss(es) Snow Ogre
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Snow Ogre Showdown is the eighteenth mission in Mario Tennis Aces, taking place in Snowfall Mountain Summit.


Mario and Toad enter Snowfall Mountain Summit, knowing that both the third Power Stone and the Snow Ogre are close by. The Snow Ogre then appears and starts to fight Mario.

In this mission, Mario must defeat the Snow Ogre within 300 seconds. At the beginning of the match, the Snow Ogre will serve a ball by flicking a finger. It will continue to rally the ball until it runs out of health. Occasionally, one hand alone will rally the ball while the other will attempt to pound down Mario multiple times. The Snow Ogre will also occasionally fire a barrage of Zone Shots which Mario must block. After the Snow Ogre is out of health, the rallying hand will expose its eye while the other will attempt to shield it; Mario must knock away the shielding hand with a Zone Shot, then fire a Zone Shot at the eye to damage it. The Snow Ogre will then create two ice walls and send ice blocks towards Mario by ricocheting them off the walls; it will do this in rows and eventually in one zigzag line. After the walls disappear, the Snow Ogre will repeat its ball-serving mechanic, but will fire more Zone Shot barrages. Mario must then attack the defending hand two times via Zone Shot before attacking the eye on the rallying hand. It will repeat its ice block attack, then repeat its ball-serving mechanic once more, except fire even more Zone Shot barrages. This time, when Mario is using a Zone Shot, the defending hand will move in a back-and-forth motion, and Mario must wait for an opening to fire a Zone Shot at the exposed eye.

Afterwards, Mario will obtain the third Power Stone.

In-game text[edit]

  • "Defeat the boss of Snowfall Mountain within the time limit!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 対決! 氷のバケモノ
Taiketsu! Kōri No Bakemono

Italian Scontro con il golem di ghiaccio
Clash with the Ice Golem (Golem di ghiaccio is the Snow Ogre's Italian name)
Spanish (NOE) Duelo con el monstruo de hielo
Duel with the Ice Monster