Sure Shot Challenge (Advanced)

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Sure Shot Challenge (Advanced)
Location Castle Bridge
Mission # 23
Game Mario Tennis Aces
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Sure Shot Challenge (Advanced) is the twenty-third mission in Mario Tennis Aces, taking place in Castle Bridge.


Mario and Toad enter Castle Bridge and find some statues with an inscription on them. A Chain Chomp suddenly appears, and Mario proceeds to play tennis with the Chain Chomp to buy Toad enough time to read the inscriptions.

In this mission, Mario must hit thirty balls past the Chain Chomp to win. Failing to hit a ball or having the Chain Chomp hit the ball back results in a miss, and the mission ends in a failure if Mario receives three misses.

Afterwards, the Toad reveals what he read on the inscriptions: a Power Stone was being protected by Bowser, and a gigantic statue is guarding it.

In-game text[edit]

  • "Hit 30 shots past your opponent with fewer than three misses!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese リターンエースチャレンジ 上級
Ritān Ēsu Charenji Jōkyū

Italian Sfida di risposte vincenti (specialista)
Winning Answers Challenge (Expert)
Spanish (NOE) Desafío de restos ganadores (avanzado)
Winning Returns Challenge (Advanced)