An Ancient Trial

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An Ancient Trial
Location Temple of Bask
Mission # 2
Game Mario Tennis Aces
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An Ancient Trial is the second mission in Mario Tennis Aces, taking place in the Temple of Bask.


Mario and Toad enter the Temple of Bask to observe the wall paintings inside the temple. A mysterious voice tells Mario that he must display his skill before he can enter the temple interior.

The temple's front panels reveal which button the player must press to make the desired shot. It starts with a topspin, then a slice, then a flat, then a lob, then a drop shot. Mario must then make a series of ten random type of shots in order to be granted access to the temple.

Afterwards, the mysterious voice will introduce itself as Aster and explain Lucien's origins, tasking Mario to find the five Power Stones. Aster will then teach Mario the Zone Shot and Zone Speed, then follow up by teaching the Max Charge Shot and Trick Shot before finally delving into Special Shots, which the player must successfully perform in order to progress. After the tutorial, Aster will reveal the locations of the Power Stones before begging Mario to foil Lucien's return to power.

While this mission's spot on the map is overwritten with The Final Battle! upon completion of Lucien Cup Finals, it is still possible to replay this mission by opening the menu on the overworld, selecting "How to Play," then selecting "Special Training at Bask Ruins."

In-game text[edit]

  • "Prove your tennis skills and solve the gate puzzle!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese いにしえのウデだめし
Inishie No Ude Dameshi
Ability-trying of the ancient time
German Solarius-Tempel Solarius Temple
Italian Prova ancestrale Ancestral Test
Spanish (NOE) La prueba ancestral The Ancient Trial