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A Special Shot from Mario Tennis Aces
Chain Chomp performing its Special Shot, the Unleash, in Mario Tennis Aces

A Special Shot is a move that any playable character can perform in Mario Tennis Aces. Special Shots can only be used when the energy gauge is full, and allow the player to aim their shot in a first-person perspective. These shots are capable of breaking the opposition's racket in one hit, though they can be blocked, so not all Special Shots are a guaranteed win. Blocking a Special Shot successfully can either drastically push back or spin out the character.

When the player triggers the Special Shot, a short animation is played where the character is shown performing the shot using external forces or special powers. The table below lists all separate names used for the Special Shots as revealed by the Toad commentators during tournaments, along with a description for the action each character carries out to perform the shot. These and Zone Shots are the only types of shots with which the player can get a net.[1]


Image Special Shot Action Shot color and effects
Mario performing his Special Shot, the Blazing Wall Jump Blazing Wall Jump Mario clenches his fist in front of the camera, then uses Wall Jumps to climb some transparent walls that form in the air. Once he reaches a certain height, he flips through the air, preparing to hit the ball with power. Red and magenta with spiral trails
Luigi performing his Special Shot, the Pipe Cannon Pipe Cannon Luigi raises his racket in the air, then jumps inside a Pipe Cannon that appears under him from the ground. Luigi then blasts himself in the air while shouting his name, preparing to launch the ball onto the other side of the field. Red and magenta with confetti trails
Wario performing his Special Shot, the Glorious Garlic Bomber Glorious Garlic Bomber Wario pulls a head of garlic from behind and consumes it, conferring him strength. Afterwards, he jumps and whirls through the air to hit the ball. Yellow and purple with spiral trails
Waluigi performing his Special Shot, the Showtime Showtime Waluigi puts a rose between his teeth and snaps his fingers while posing. He makes several pirouettes to gain momentum before hitting the ball. Red with rose petal trails
Peach performing her Special Shot, the Heart Shot Heart Shot Peach swipes her racket and performs a floaty whirl, stepping on the air to gain height while the racket leaves a pink trail. She then draws a heart in front of the camera using her racket and pulls it back to strike the ball. Pink with heart trails
Daisy performing her Special Shot, the Boom Blast Bloom Blast Daisy winks in front of the camera and quickly glides around on a forming staircase, leaving petals behind her. She then lunges towards the ball to hit it. Orange with Daisy petal trails
Rosalina performing her Special Shot, the Star Combo Star Combo Rosalina performs a whirl and points her racket in front of her, bringing in three yellow, green, and red Lumas that spin to pass the ball from one to another. The last Luma directs the ball to Rosalina, who gives the ball a powerful stroke. Blue with sparkle trails
Toad performing his Special Shot, the Super Toad Dive Super Toad Dive Toad spins as the camera closes up on him. He then throws the racket upward and does a backflip that lands him on his head. From this position, he bounces in the air to grab the racket and strike the ball. Orange
Toadette performing her Special Shot, the Hop Skip Jump Hop Skip Jump Toadette raises her fist in the air and starts hopping on some bouncy mushroom-like platforms that appear in the air. Soon after, she lunges towards the ball to hit it. Pink
Bowser performing his Special Shot, the Fire-Breath Barrage Fire-Breath Barrage Bowser roars and breathes a stream of flames on his racket, setting it on fire. He then jumps and quickly spins in the air while leaving trails of fire before hitting the ball. Red with spiral trails
Bowser Jr. performing his Special Shot, the Armed and Dangerous Armed and Dangerous Bowser Jr.'s Clown Car throws the racket upward and draws a Mecha Hand to catch it. The Mecha Hand then lunges forward to strike the ball. Orange with fire trails
Boo performing his Special Shot, the Illusion Shot Illusion Shot Boo waves the racket and attracts several other Boos that encircle him. The Boos then spin and turn into tennis balls displaying Boo's emblem, which gather around the racket. The playable Boo also spins around several times before launching the balls with a powerful swing. White with ball trails
Yoshi performing his Special Shot, the Flying Rainbow Flying Rainbow Yoshi first poses with the racket backwards, then the camera cuts behind him to show that he gains a pair of wings. Using them, he swirls in the air to hit the ball while leaving a rainbow behind him. Rainbow with feather and star trails
Donkey Kong performing his Special Shot, the Barrel Cannon Chaos Barrel Cannon Chaos Donkey Kong grins to the camera, then mounts a Barrel Cannon that appears next to him. He shoots into a few other Barrel Cannons before launching himself towards the ball with a thrust. Orange with spiral trails
Spike performing his Special Shot, the Spike Strike Spike Strike Spike swallows the racket and turns it into a large spiked roller, which he spins several times above his head before tossing it in the air. He then jumps to grab it again and strike the ball using the gained momentum. Green with spiral trails
Chain performing his Special Shot, the Unleash Unleash Chain Chomp barks and begins skipping frantically. It continues with a brisk spin around an invisible axis, hitting the ball afterwards. Purple with spiral trails
Koopa Troopa performing his Special Shot, the Spin Break Spin Break Koopa Troopa does a short dance and retreats inside his shell. He starts spinning increasingly faster, making the shell glow. He then darts high through the air and comes out of the shell, hitting the ball with a swing. Green with whirlwind trails
Blooper performing his Special Shot, the Wave Rider Wave Rider Blooper gushes a huge stream of water and surfs on it using his racket in order to fly high and smash the ball. Blue
Diddy Kong performing his Special Shot, the Jungle Swing Jungle Swing Diddy Kong throws his racket upward, then grabs a vine and swings on it. As he lets go of the vine, he catches the racket with his tail, hitting the ball with the acquired momentum. Orange with star trails
Birdo performing her Special Shot, the Airlift Extravaganza Airlift Extravaganza Birdo blows a kiss at the camera and a trio of Fly Guys lift her up and throw her up into the air in a twirling motion. She then hits the ball. Magenta with heart trails
Koopa Paratroopa performing his Special Shot, the Spiral Special Spiral Special Two other Paratroopas, one yellow and one blue, appear next to Koopa Paratroopa. They all start spinning around to create a tornado that engulfs the ball. Koopa Paratroopa then flies in a spiral motion towards the ball to hit it. White with whirlwind trails
Shy Guy performing his Special Shot, the Balloon Assist Balloon Assist Shy Guy grabs a cluster of balloons and floats up in the air like a Sky Guy, accompanied by two blue Shy Guys who are tied to separate balloons. Shortly afterwards, he lets go of the balloons and falls down to hit the ball. White and red with spiral trails
Petey Piranha performing his Special Shot, the Vicious Twister Vicious Twister Petey Piranha generates two tornadoes and flies up. The tornadoes combine and engulf the ball, launching it high into the air where Petey Piranha strikes it. Lime green with spiral trails
Luma performing his Special Shot, the Constellation Smash Constellation Smash Three Lumas of different colors appear around the playable Luma and turn into Launch Stars. Luma then shoots from one Launch Star to another to gain momentum before hitting the ball. Yellow with sparkle trails
Boom Boom performing his Special Shot, the Spiteful Strike Spiteful Strike Boom Boom roars and punches the camera, then spins upward to gain height and momentum to hit the ball. Orange with spiral trails
Pauline performing her Special Shot, the Showstopper Showstopper The camera zooms in on Pauline from behind a crowd of New Donkers that are seen cheering her on. The refrain of "Jump Up, Super Star!" plays as the actions unfold. As she starts dancing to the music, a building from the Metro Kingdom begins rising underneath her. Once the building is at its tallest, she jumps up and hits the ball. Red with sparkle trails
Kamek performing his Special Shot, the Gigantic Smash, against blue Yoshi. Gigantic Smash Kamek uses magic to grow both himself and his racket significantly before hitting the ball. Kamek and the racket return to normal size immediately after the ball is hit. Purple with magic trails
Dry Bones performing his Special Shot, the Bone Crusher Bone Crusher Dry Bones dismembers himself and his parts levitate to another position. The body parts then reform Dry Bones in mid-air and he hits the ball. Cyan
Fire Piranha Plant performing his Special Shot, the Hot Shot Hot Shot Fire Piranha Plant flings its racket up and shoots a fireball to the incoming tennis ball, shrouding it in flames and causing it to dart upward. It then leaps high in the air and catches its racket, striking the ball with it. Fiery red trails
Dry Bowser performing his Special Shot, the Blazing Barrage Blazing Barrage Dry Bowser shares the animation with Bowser's Fire-Breath Barrage, but emits blue flames instead. Fiery blue with spiral trails

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French (NOE) Super frappe instinct
Super instinct shot
Italian Colpo speciale
Special shot/hit
Spanish (NOE) Golpe especial
Special Shot