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"New Donk City" redirects here. For information about the golf course in Mario Golf: Super Rush, see New Donk City (golf course).
Metro Kingdom
Modern Commerce Center and Urban Playground
SMO Metro Brochure Art.png
New Donk City
The city that never leaps.
Population Crowded
Size Ridonkulous
Locals New Donkers
Currency Portrait-stamped
Industry Information, Ads
Temperature Average 81°F (27°C)
First appearance Donkey Kong (1981) (retroactively)
Super Mario Odyssey (2017) (named)
Latest appearance Mario Golf: Super Rush (version 2.0.0) (2021)
“Welcome to New Donk City! The Big Banana! No place like it!”
New Donker, Super Mario Odyssey

The Metro Kingdom is the eighth kingdom visited in Super Mario Odyssey. It is the greater location of New Donk City, a large city filled with skyscrapers and buildings. This kingdom's main landmark is the New Donk City Hall, the tallest skyscraper located at the northern end of the kingdom.

The Metro Kingdom is largely based off the real world location of New York City, hence the name of its greater location. The New Donk City Hall is based on the Empire State Building, while a pair of triangular-shaped buildings outside of it appear to be inspired by the Flatiron Building, and visible in the skyline are a building and bridge resembling the Chrysler Building and Brooklyn Bridge, respectively. This kingdom is notable for having humans as the main inhabitants - called "New Donkers" (the equivalent of "New Yorkers") - as well as Pauline as its mayor (notwithstanding). New Donk City's nickname is "The city that never leaps", a play on New York City's nickname - "The city that never sleeps". New Donk City is also referred to as "The Big Banana" by a New Donker, which is a play on New York City being referred to as "The Big Apple". The Metro Kingdom is also the founding location of the Crazy Cap Shop chain. New Donk City has also been implied to be the location of the events that take place in the arcade game Donkey Kong, where Mario had to save Pauline from Donkey Kong.[1][2]

When Mario first visits here, Bowser's airship can be seen flying over the top of the New Donk City Hall. Mario's first objective is to stop Bowser by heading to the New Donk City Hall Rooftop. Once the player climbs up to here, they will find Mechawiggler - a large robotic Wiggler taking all the city's power. Mario must then fight the Mechawiggler and defeat it, which will reward the player with a Multi Moon. Collecting it will take Mario back to the Odyssey, and the kingdom reverts to daytime. The player's next objective is to talk to Mayor Pauline at the New Donk City Hall Plaza. She tells Mario that she needs four musicians to perform in her big festival. Mario finds the four musicians (a drummer, a guitarist, a bassist, and a trumpeter) and takes them all back to Pauline. Once he has done this, the mayor will then tell Mario of a new problem - the Underground Power Plant is not working. Mario must then travel to the Power Plant and restore it in order to generate enough power to hold the festival. Mayor Pauline is impressed by Mario's efforts, and she asks if Mario would like to participate in the festival. He accepts the offer, and the New Donk City Festival begins. If the player can successfully traverse through the festival of the city and reach Pauline at the end, she will give Mario another Multi Moon. Collecting it restores the kingdom to its former glory (although nothing changes between Mechawiggler and the festival), allowing access to more Power Moons. Once Mario has collected enough Power Moons, he can head off to the next kingdom - either the Snow Kingdom or the Seaside Kingdom.


The city's design is largely inspired by real world big cities, most notably New York City. It features many typical things found in cities, such as fire hydrants, street lamps and stoplights (the latter of which Mario is able to grab onto and swing on to jump forward, and their pedestrian crossing lights can be hit like ? Blocks). There are taxis driving throughout the city, which Mario is able to bounce off of the front hoods of in order to gain extra jump height. There are also many billboards, some of which advertise about other kingdoms in the game. Many of the streets and some of the billboards and advertisements in the city are named after characters from the Donkey Kong franchise, such as "Diddy's Mart", "Dixie Street", "Tiny's Piroshkis" and "Cranky Avenue", not to mention the city itself; additionally, there are some red girders that appear in New Donk City as a reference to the original Donkey Kong arcade game. The city is located on an elevated platform above the rest of the kingdom, surrounded by a large bay. Each side of said bay is surrounded by further unexplorable city.

Brochure details[edit]

New Donk City Hall and Mayor Pauline.

Scraping the Sky[edit]

The skyscrapers of New Donk City are most people's first association with the city. But even among those, New Donk City Hall stands out as the very symbol of this great city, so don't miss it. Who knows, you might even run into world-renowned Mayor Pauline!

The nighttime skyline shines from any angle.

A Million-Coin View[edit]

If you've come to New Donk City, you owe it to yourself to see it at night. The best viewing spot is the landmark New Donk City Hall, but sadly the interior is closed for construction, so you'll have to aim for one of the neighboring buildings.

If it's festival season, you'll have a chance at a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but the timing is a bit irregular, so be sure to check the schedule beforehand.

The world's most trusted brand in headwear.

Crazy Cap Flagship Store[edit]

There's probably only one brand that the entire world knows, and that's Crazy Cap. Their original flagship store is right here in New Donk City.

The unique storefront is converted from an old theater. Theater space is no longer much in demand, with so many street performers in the city.

These aren't even safety rails.

Always Be Constructing[edit]

New Donkers are used to construction and new developments. There's always work being done below ground, on rooftops, and inside buildings, so power lines never get taken down—they run throughout town.

Unaccustomed travelers should watch out for the cranes, girders, and manholes scattered everywhere.

Tougher than it looks.

Scooting Across Town[edit]

These motor scooters may look old-fashioned, but they pack a punch and are perfect for tooling around the city. Be sure to try one out!

SMO Metro Brochure C.png

Fun tidbit: RC Cars[edit]

More New Donkers are getting into the noble sport of RC Car racing. Find a local enthusiast, and you'll open up a whole new world.

SMO Metro Brochure G.png

Three Keys to the Kingdom[edit]

  1. Appreciate the constant Power Moon-based progress and development.
  2. Visit those welcoming souls who just leave their doors wide open.
  3. Participate in the citywide festival if you can (schedule subject to change).


SMO Metro Brochure Map.png

Bonus areas[edit]

Bonus area Accessed via Location Description
A slots game in Super Mario Odyssey.
Metro Kingdom Slots Room
Open doorway At the end of the middle street leading to the Construction Site A small room with a slots minigame. Four of the same picture must be lined up to win.
The RC Car Challenge in Super Mario Odyssey
RC Car Room
Open doorway Opposite the Crazy Cap store A room with a miniature race track where the RC Car Challenge takes place.
Private Room in Super Mario Odyssey
Private Room
Open doorway West of the capturable taxi A small room full of notes (including 8-bit ones) which Mario must collect to obtain a Power Moon.
The crowded alleyway in Super Mario Odyssey
Crowded Alleyway
Open doorway North of the Outdoor Café Checkpoint Flag An alleyway-like area where Mario must work his way through an endless crowd of walking New Donkers to obtain a Power Moon on the other side. Additionally, after opening the kingdom's Moon Rock, Mario must find a Bonneter on one of the New Donkers in the crowd and talk to him so he can give Mario another Power Moon.
The spark pylon bonus area in Super Mario Odyssey
Wiring Area
Closed doorway guarded by a New Donker Inside the large building west of the New Donk City Hall An area composed of buildings in the sky where Mario must capture several spark pylons connecting the buildings while avoiding the Burrbos and Fuzzies. Mario can only access this area by wearing the Builder helmet and outfit set and talking to the New Donker at the entrance.
The forty-second Power Moon of the Metro Kingdom.
Siege Area
Capturing the taxi with a question mark On the main street leading straight to the New Donk City Hall Plaza A nighttime area accessed by capturing a taxi where Mario must capture a Sherm and use it to destroy as many other Sherms and obstacles as possible to collect Moon Shards required to obtain a Power Moon.
The forty-fourth Power Moon of the Metro Kingdom.
The Rotating Maze
Manhole Down the same street as the Crazy Cap store A maze-like area accessed by capturing the manhole cover and moving it out of the way. The area features revolving doors that move when hit with Cappy, Fire Piranha Plants, and Moon Shards required to obtain a Power Moon.
The high-rise bonus area in Super Mario Odyssey
High-Rise Area
Mini Rocket On an isolated building at the northwestern end of the kingdom, reached via a Warp Pipe in the Crowded Alleyway. An area where Mario must swing on poles from one building to another.
The forty-eighth Power Moon of the Metro Kingdom.
Bullet Bill Area
Open doorway In the alleyway opposite the Private Room A scaffold-like area where Mario must climb from one pole to another while avoiding the Bullet Bills that constantly fire at him.
The T-Rex chase bonus area in Super Mario Odyssey
T-Rex Alleyway
Open doorway Opposite the Outdoor Café, inside the triangular building. A narrow, alleyway-like area where Mario must ride on a Motor Scooter to escape a rampaging T-Rex.
SMO Metro Moon 64.png
Projection Room
Open doorway At the end of the street leading straight to the Outdoor Café A room featuring a recreation of World 1-1 from the original Super Mario Bros. as the movie (albeit without power-ups and a functioning Goal Pole), which Mario enters as the "actor" via an 8-Bit Pipe. While in the "movie," Mario must collect Moon Shards to make a Power Moon appear.
SMO Metro Moon 76.png
Pitch-Black Mountain
Moon Pipe On the scaffolding between the New Donk City Hall and the northeastern building A darkened, pyramid-like area surrounded by poison and inhabited by Stairface Ogres, where Mario must climb to the top to obtain a Power Moon. Since the Power Moon is atop a pillar surrounded by spikes, Mario must climb up one of said Stairface Ogres to reach it.
SMO Metro Moon 78.png
Swinging Scaffolding
Moon Pipe On top of the building south of the triangular building with the ground-pound switch An area where Mario must traverse several swinging girders in order to travel from one structure to another and capture a Hammer Bro to break dirt blocks.
SMO Metro Moon 80.png
Vanishing Road
Moon Pipe On top of the building south of the triangular building leading to the T-Rex Alleyway An area where Mario must activate several P Switches to make a path appear, along which Mario must ride a Motor Scooter to reach the other side as soon as possible before it disappears while avoiding several Sherms along the way.


Enemies marked with an asterisk (*) are only found in bonus areas. Enemies formatted in bold are capturable.


  1. The Scourge on the Skyscraper: The goal is to reach the top of the skyscraper and defeat Mechawiggler.
  2. A Fresh Start for the City: Mario must accept Pauline's request to prepare for the New Donk City Festival.
    1. Getting the Band Together: The goal is to gather all four members of the band.
    2. Powering Up the Station: The goal is to restore power to the Underground Power Plant.
    3. An Invitation from the Mayor: Mario must accept Pauline's invitation to participate in the New Donk City Festival.
  3. A Traditional Festival!: Takes place during the New Donk City Festival. Mario must reach the main stage to receive a Multi Moon from Pauline.


SMO Metro Kingdom to Lake Kingdom Painting.png
The painting that leads to the Lake Kingdom
SMO Metro Kingdom to Wooded Kingdom Painting.png
The painting that leads to the Wooded Kingdom

There are two paintings in this kingdom. One can be found behind where the Odyssey is located and it takes the player to either the Viewing Balcony in the Lake Kingdom or the Iron Cage in the Wooded Kingdom, and it can be accessed after defeating Mechawiggler. The other one is located far away from the main map at the Isolated Rooftop, which can be only accessed from a painting in the Sand Kingdom.

Power Moons[edit]

The Metro Kingdom has brown Power Moons.
Main article: List of Power Moons in the Metro Kingdom

There are a total of 85 Power Moons (79 regular Power Moons and 2 Multi Moons) in the Metro Kingdom. During the player's first visit to this kingdom, they can collect 49 of the Power Moons and the 2 Multi Moons, including one from the kingdom's Hint Art. The player can also collect a Power Moon if they travel through a painting in the Sand Kingdom. One additional Power Moon can also be found when the player encounters the Tostarenan tourist in the kingdom. After the player defeats Bowser in the Moon Kingdom, 13 more Power Moons become available to collect. The Moon Rock will also be available to destroy, causing 15 additional Power Moons to be accessible.

In order to progress to the next kingdom, the player must collect at least 20 Power Moons, the most Power Moons out of all the kingdoms needed to progress forward.

Unobtainable Power Moons can be seen in the Power Plant.

Regional coins[edit]

Regional Coins
Main article: List of regional coins in the Metro Kingdom

The Metro Kingdom contains 100 regional coins, which take the form of coins marked with an image of Pauline's head on one side and the New Donk City Hall on the other.

Appearances in other games[edit]

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker[edit]

Art of Captain Toad exploring New Donk City
Main article: Uptown, Downtown

A new level inspired by New Donk City appears exclusively in the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch versions of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, where Captain Toad is able to reach the top of the New Donk City Hall and enter the auditorium where the Toad Brigade can be found. Hammer Bros. appear as enemies in the level.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

Pauline and the band in the stage
Overview of the building
Main article: New Donk City Hall (stage)

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the New Donk City Hall appears as a stage. The fighters are carried up the building on a moving platform as the fight progresses, fighting on the building sides. Pauline and the band appear in the background on the ground, and on moving platforms when the fighters are lifted up. If a fighter touches Pauline or a band member, they begin playing music.

Mario Golf: Super Rush[edit]

New Donk City as it appears in Mario Golf: Super Rush.

This section is under construction. Therefore, please excuse its informal appearance while it is being worked on. We hope to have it completed as soon as possible.

Main article: New Donk City (golf course)

A course based on New Donk City appears in Mario Golf: Super Rush.

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Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker[edit]


List of Donkey Kong references[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Metro Kingdom[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 都市の国
Toshi no Kuni
City Country
Chinese (Simplified) 都市国
Dūshì guó
City Country
Chinese (Traditional) 都市國[3]
Dūshì guó
City Kingdom
Dutch Stedenrijk City Realm
French Pays des Gratte-ciel Skyscrapers Country
German Cityland City Country
Italian Regno della City City Kingdom
Korean 도시 왕국
Dosi Wangguk
City Kingdom
Russian Городское царство
Gorodskoye tsarstvo
City Kingdom
Spanish (NOA) Reino Metropolitano Metropolitan Kingdom
Spanish (NOE) Reino Urbano Urban Kingdom

New Donk City[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ニュードンク・シティ
Nyū Donku Shiti
New Donk City
Chinese (Simplified) 纽敦市
Niǔ Dūn Shì
New Donk City
Chinese (Traditional) 紐頓市[4]
Niǔ Dùn Shì
New Donk City
Dutch New Donk City New Donk City
French New Donk City New Donk City
German New Donk City New Donk City
Italian New Donk City New Donk City
Korean 뉴동크시티
Nyu Dongkeu Siti
New Donk City
Portuguese New Donk City New Donk City
Russian Нью-Донк
New Donk
Spanish Nueva Donk New Donk


  • Big Ape City, a location in Donkey Kong Land, is implied at page 15 of the game's instruction booklet to be the setting of the original Donkey Kong arcade game, which New Donk City also is. It is unknown if they are both the same city.
  • New Donk City shares the nickname "Big Banana" with Fourside from EarthBound.
  • The rooftop pool beside the top of city hall was significantly deeper in the game's E3 2017 demo, with the water level being just over Mario's head; in the final game, the water level approximately reaches Mario's neck.[5] It is likely that this change was due to the original water level leaving Mario susceptible to drowning, as demonstrated in a YouTube video uploaded by gaming news site Polygon during E3.[6]
  • The textures used for reflections in windows often depict things that in reality, they couldn't; for example, while looking down at the side of the building the Odyssey is on, the rooftop and Odyssey can be seen in the reflection as though they are a great distance beneath where they actually are.
  • Some street signs in New Donk City feature cycling wrong way signs that look exactly like the signs used in New York City.
  • This kingdom has the most bonus areas out of all the kingdoms in the game, totaling 14 bonus areas.
  • The way Crazy Cap has a flagship store in New Donk City is very similar to how Nintendo’s flagship store is in New York City.
  • Although New Donk City itself does not appear in Mario Kart Tour, it, or rather, Pauline's status as the mayor of the city as well as New York City acting as the locale's basis was indirectly referenced with Pauline being one of the favorite drivers for New York Minute, New York Minute 2, and New York Minute 3.


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