Rabbit Ridge Tower

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Rabbit Ridge Tower
Rabbit Ridge Tower, an area in the Dark Side in Super Mario Odyssey.
First appearance Super Mario Odyssey (2017)
Greater location Dark Side
“This ostentatious stone tower was carved at the direction of the vegetable-loving Madame Broode, who lords over Rabbit Ridge. Her underlings, the Broodals, live within and always have a warm "welcome" for visitors.”
Dark Side brochure, Super Mario Odyssey

Rabbit Ridge Tower is a location in the Dark Side in Super Mario Odyssey. It is the only defined location in this level, the only other area being a colorless Peronza Plaza place inhabited by rabbits connected to the tower with a spark pylon.

The tower is tall, wide, and grey. According to the Dark Side brochure, it is carved at the direction of Madame Broode, who loves vegetables and reigns over Rabbit Ridge. Despite this, she is not found or fought here - alternatively, the Broodals are fought consecutively, serving as a gauntlet.

The spark pylon in the other area takes Mario to the first floor. As he scales the tower, he must fight the Broodals one on one with limited hearts and materials, as well as low gravity. Topper, Hariet, Spewart, and Rango are fought, respectively. Toward the very top of the tower, to the right of the Warp Pipe, Mario may find Captain Toad in a hidden alcove. He supplies Mario Power Moon #2: Captain Toad on the Dark Side!

Upon reaching the very top of the tower, Mario is set to battle RoboBrood, this time with control of Hammer Bros rather than Pokios. Defeating RoboBrood earns Mario a Multi Moon.