Find Band Members in the Seaside Kingdom!

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Find Band Members in the Seaside Kingdom!
Find Band Members in the Seaside Kingdom! in Super Mario Odyssey
Location Seaside Kingdom
Game Super Mario Odyssey
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Find Band Members in the Seaside Kingdom! is the second of three missions in the VR mode in Super Mario Odyssey, set in the Seaside Kingdom during the daytime. It is unlocked after the player clears the Seaside Kingdom in the main game. The objective is to collect all of the notes and deliver the correct musical instruments to the Lochlady, Volbonan, and Tostarenan musicians in the area.

Area layout[edit]

The area is mostly restricted to the beach between Rolling Canyon and the Beach House, where the Odyssey would land in the main game. Unlike in the main game, multiple chairs and umbrellas are scattered about this area, the latter of which can be used to reach greater heights and pass through any coin rings found in the air. Two volleyball nets have also been placed as barricades on the east and west sides; going past them would result in Mario being transported back in a bubble. There is a nearby slingshot that sends Mario up to the cliffs with several coin rings, though they can also be reached via the Warp Pipe in the wall. A Nintendog also roams around the beach and can reveal multiple coins as well as a heart.

Mario can also reach the Glass Tower; however, instead of using the water currents (as attempting to use them would result in Mario being encased in a bubble), Mario can only reach it using the slingshot on the nearby sea stack. After doing so, Mario lands on a small cork floating at the top of the glass, while in the Sparkle Water, he can find six coin rings and a heart at the bottom. Another cork holds a Warp Pipe that transports Mario back to the beach.


  • Lochlady: The Lochlady is located behind Mario upon starting the mission and requires a microphone. Directly in the center of the beach, there is a treble clef that generates a trail of notes leading to the slingshot that launches Mario to the highest cliff, and back towards the camera via another slingshot there. Collecting all of the notes reveals the microphone in the same location as the treble clef.
  • Volbonan: The Volbonan stands in front of the eastern barricade and requires a saxophone. In front of him, there is a large seed under an umbrella that can be planted into a nearby soil patch, creating a beanstalk. At the top of the beanstalk is a treble clef that creates a line of notes leading back down the beanstalk. The saxophone appears at the base once all of them have been collected.
  • Tostarenan: The Tostarenan stands next to the umbrellas on the west side and requires a trombone. Between the umbrellas is a treble clef on top of a few rocks, which causes an arch of notes to appear above the umbrellas. Mario must use the umbrellas to reach and collect every note; upon doing so, the trombone appears on a rock on the ground.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 海の国で 演奏者を集めよう!
Umi no Kuni de Ensōsha o Atsumeyō!
Let's Gather Performers in the Seaside Kingdom!

Chinese 在海之国召集演奏者吧! (Simplified)
在海之國召集演奏者吧! (Traditional)
Zài hǎi zhī guó zhàojí yǎnzòu zhě ba!
Let's Gather Performers in the Seaside Kingdom!

Spanish (NOE) ¡Da con los miembros de la orquesta en el Reino Ribereño!
Find the Band Members in the Seaside Kingdom!