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Blue Tostarenan from Super Mario Odyssey.Green Tostarenan from Super Mario Odyssey.
Blue (left) and green (right) Tostarenans.
First appearance Super Mario Odyssey (2017)
Notable members
Desert Wanderer
“Dress like us, party like us! That's what we say, anyway.”
Tostarenan, Super Mario Odyssey
Mario and a Tostarenan.
Mario next to a Tostarenan

The Tostarenans are the inhabitants of the region of Tostarena within the Sand Kingdom of Super Mario Odyssey. They are skeletal beings that dress in traditional Mexican-style clothing, including sombreros and ponchos, and often play such instruments as maracas and guitars. They are based off of skull-shaped traditional figures and candies made during Día de Muertos, also known as "Day of the Dead", as well as José Guadalupe Posada's Female Dapper Skull, a critical character from Mexico's late 19th century that inspired the entire representative-collective image about the Day of the Dead.

There are two types of Tostarenans: short, blue Tostarenans that have yellow sombreros and red maracas with a yellow stripe, and tall, green Tostarenans that have purple sombreros and yellow maracas with a red stripe.

The Tostarenans run a slot game that can be played to win coins, Life-Up Hearts, and Power Moons. These Tostarenan-ran slot games can be found in the Sand Kingdom, Metro Kingdom and Luncheon Kingdom.

At the game's finale, in the Moon Kingdom, a few Tostarenans can be found in attendance of the wedding between Bowser and Princess Peach. They comment on how they were brought forcefully. After beating the game, they can be found at the entrance of the Moon Kingdom near the Odyssey, and in the start of Darker Side. A notable Tostarenan known as the Desert Wanderer is seen traveling to other kingdoms with a New Donker and his Taxi.

Like many of the supporting characters, Tostarenans will cower and refuse to talk to Mario if an enemy gets too close to them, regardless whether Mario has captured the enemy in question or not.

Chinchos are undead blue Tostarenans, despite Tostarenans already being skeletal.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アッチーニャ人
Tostarena People
Dutch Zonnesteker From "zonnesteek" (heat stroke) with "-er" (a suffix used for denoting inhabitants of a place)
French Zuituzèc Corruption of French phrase "J'suis tout sec" (I'm all dry)
German Brutzteke Portmanteau of "brutzeln" (to frizzle) and "Azteke" (aztec)
Italian Tostalandesi From "Tostalandia" (Tostarena) and possibly the Italian demonym suffix "-ese"
Korean 아뜨레나인
From the Japanese name
Russian Тостаренец
Spanish Soltitleco From "Soltitlán" (Tostarena) with the Spanish inhabitant suffix "-eco"