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Gushen Icon SMO.png
First Appearance Super Mario Odyssey (2017)

Gushens are purple flapjack octopus-like creatures encased in balls of water found in the Seaside Kingdom, Sand Kingdom and Mushroom Kingdom of Super Mario Odyssey. They are normally found floating on the surface of the water in their water balls, occasionally making large vertical leaps. However, when Mario approaches, they shoot a powerful stream of water from their undersides. If Mario captures one, he can use it to fly. The result is similar to F.L.U.D.D.'s Hover Nozzle, in that it propels Mario upwards for a limited time before needing to be refilled by touching water, a Power Moon or a Checkpoint Flag, although the height he can travel to is more akin to the Rocket Nozzle, and the high speeds he travels on water make it akin to the Turbo Nozzle. He is also capable of spinning while shooting to the side to spray all around him, and the water can clean away lava as though it were graffiti, like the Squirt Nozzle. Mollusque-Lanceur, the boss of the Seaside Kingdom, resembles a Gushen in that he is a purple octopus with golden hair and mustache (Gushens have a simple golden mustache), but it is unknown if there is any actual relation. Gushens turn dark-grey and move slowly on land without their water balls.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ホースイ
From 「放水」(hōsui, drainage)
Spanish Pulpichorro Octoflow
French Giclopode From gicler (squirt) and -pode (-pod, for foot)
Dutch Gushen -
German Düsenkrake From Düsen (dash or jet) and Krake (octopus)
Italian Sprizzo Spurt
Russian Струевик
From струе struye (squirt) and руевик ruyevik (rider)
Chinese 轰水 (Simplified)
Hōng shuǐ
噴水 (Traditional)
Pēn shuǐ
Literally "to blast water"

Literally "to spray water"


  • The part of the body that Gushens shoot water from would be the mouth on a real octopus; however, Gushens appear to have tan mustaches on their fronts.
  • Real cephalopods indeed shoot water from their bodies to move; however, these are from funnels higher up on the body, not the mouths.