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This article is about the world in Donkey Kong Country Returns. For the object in New Super Mario Bros. 2, see Volcano (object).
Map of Volcano in Donkey Kong Country Returns
Game Donkey Kong Country Returns (3D)
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
Level(s) 9
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“It's a bittersweet feeling to reach the end of such an adventure, don't you agree?”
Cranky Kong, Donkey Kong Country Returns

The Volcano is the eighth world of Donkey Kong Country Returns and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D. It can be accessed after defeating Colonel Pluck and his Stompybot 3000. It is an active volcano located on Donkey Kong Island. During the events of the game, it is infested by members of the Tiki Tak Tribe, who have stolen Donkey Kong's and Diddy Kong's banana hoard. This world is also home to the Tiki Tak Tribe's leader and the game's final boss, Tiki Tong.

Donkey Kong Country Returns Volcano Icon
Volcano icon.

The Volcano is a very dangerous world, and as its name implies, it takes place in a volcanic area. It features many new elements not seen in the game's previous worlds, such as lava that will instantly take out the Kongs and fireballs that move in a set pattern. There are structures that sink into the lava when stepped on and platforms that appear for a set period, then sink back into the lava. This area also brings back many elements from the past worlds, such as turf, minecarts, Rocket Barrels, vines, and even Rambi. The levels in this world are all diverse and use different mechanics.

The enemies in this world are mainly flammable enemies like Tiki Torches, Tiki Bombers, Char-Chars, and Flaming Tiki Buzzes.

The Volcano appears to be the mountainous counterpart to Gorilla Glacier from Donkey Kong Country. When asked if they were the same region, senior designer Kynan Pearson approved of the idea.[1]

In Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and its Nintendo Switch port, the penultimate level Meltdown Mayhem takes place inside the volcano. This time, the place appears to be frozen, while lava is still intact.


Code Name/Screenshot No. of Puzzle Pieces Description
8-1 Furious Fire
Furious Fire
5 A level where a large number of Char-Chars and Rentamaguma are present.
8-2 HotRocket.png
Hot Rocket
5 The fifth Rocket Barrel level in the game. The Kongs have to navigate through series of fiery obstacles. A wave of lava chases them near the end of the level.
8-3 Roasting Rails
Roasting Rails
5 The sixth Mine Cart course of the game. The Kongs have to travel on a collapsing railtrack occupied by sizzling hazards.
8-4 Smokey Peak
Smokey Peak
5 The fourth level to feature Rambi. The level is silhouetted in order to contrast with the lightened background.
8-5 BobbingBasalt.png
Bobbing Basalt
7 A course containing chunks of basalt that bob above the lava, with some immersing completely into it for a brief moment.
8-6 Moving Melters
Moving Melters
5 A stage that focuses on using various moving platforms to travel over a lava creek.
8-7 RedRedRising.png
Red Red Rising
5 A level where the Kongs have to scale a volcanic shaft while pressured by rising lava.
8-K DKCR Five Monkey Trial 4.png
Five Monkey Trial
5 The eighth and last Key Temple stage of the game. The Kongs are challenged over the course of five trials.
8-B Tiki Tong
Tiki Tong Terror
0 The final boss stage, where, after a Rocket Barrel sequence, the Kongs face Tiki Tong.


One of the eight dioramas, from Donkey Kong Country Returns.
The Volcano diorama, unlocked after collecting all Puzzle Pieces in Five Monkey Trial and defeating Tiki Tong

The following is extra content that can be unlocked in the Volcano area. The unlockables can be seen in their respective galleries after selecting the "EXTRAS" option in a file's menu. For a full list of extras in the game, see here.


Images are unlocked by collecting all Puzzle Pieces in certain levels. All images that can be unlocked in the Volcano area are listed below, along with their titles and the levels wherein they can be unlocked (mentioned in parentheses).

* - requires defeating Tiki Tong


A soundtrack selection for this world can be unlocked after beating Tiki Tong.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ボルケーノエリア
Borukēno Eria
Volcano Area


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