Tiki Tong

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Tiki Tong
Tiki Tong.png
Species Tiki
First appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns (2010)
Latest appearance Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (trophy cameo) (2014)

Tiki Tong is the hidden main antagonist of the Wii game Donkey Kong Country Returns and its Nintendo 3DS port, Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D. He is the eighth and final boss of the game, residing in the massive Tiki Tong Tower inside the Volcano, and fought during the level Tiki Tong Terror. Tiki Tong is the leader of the Tiki Tak Tribe and the reason why the Tikis are running amok. He made his minions steal Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong's banana hoard to make more Tikis and take over Donkey Kong Island. His fight music is one out of the three boss themes that can be unlocked, the others being Stu's and Mangoruby's.


Donkey Kong Country Returns[edit]

When the Tiki Tak Tribe is awakened from inside the volcano, Tiki Tong orders his commanders hypnotize the animals of Donkey Kong Island into stealing the banana hoard, their life source, and plans to conquer the island for their own. Tiki Tong had also sets up a plant in the Factory, where Colonel Pluck would use his Stompybot 3000 to create more soldiers. However, Tiki Tong's plans are stopped short by Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong, who take down his commanders and Colonel Pluck. When Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong invade Tiki Tong's lair, the Tiki Tak Tribe's commanders come and throw the remaining bananas in Tiki Tong's head. He then grinds the bananas into juice by spinning around, and then spits it on the Tikis. This action transforms them into his own pair of hands so that he can take care of the two once and for all. Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong manage to defeat Tiki Tong, whose demise launches the Kongs out of the Tiki Tong Tower and into space. While there, DK and Diddy knock the moon down to earth, which crushes the tower. This releases the stolen bananas, which sends the moon flying back into orbit. With the defeat of the Tiki Tak Tribe, the effects of the hypnosis on the animals of the island are undone. DK and Diddy are able to land before they crash onto the island, and cheer as their bananas continue to rain from the volcano.

If the player beats the boss with only Diddy Kong, he is sent into space, but unlike with Donkey Kong, he panics and desperately tries to save himself from crashing into the moon using his Barrel Jet. It malfunctions however, and Diddy flies into the moon and bangs his head on it, making it fall onto the volcano like usual. He falls down to the ground unconscious, but DK catches him in his arms. They celebrate getting their bananas back.

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U[edit]

Tiki Tong appears as a Donkey Kong series trophy in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. It is unlocked by purchasing it from the trophy shop.

General information[edit]

Physical description[edit]

Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong prepare to fight Tiki Tong.
Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong get set to fight Tiki Tong.

Tiki Tong is a large, wooden head that bears a resemblance to a drum. He has sharp, wooden teeth with orange and purple stripes located below them. He has a flat nose and two, huge, spherical, and uneven eyes. One of the eyes has the same orange and purple stripes with pointed eyelids while the other is bare with normal eyelids. His sclera are black and his pupils are red. One of his eyes is notably larger, similarly to King K. Rool. Tiki Tong has red markings around his eyes and has red leaves where his “ears” are. He wears a wooden crown with the outer ring being purple with orange triangular markings on the front. He also has two hands with orange fingers and purple zig-zags on the backside.

As seen in the image gallery, Tiki Tong was originally going to have four fingers on each hand.


When Tiki Tong has both hands, he generally performs three attacks.

  • His first attack is to lay his hands flat in the air and quickly sweep them across the stage. This can be avoided by simply ducking. During this attack, the palms of his hands can face up or down. If the hands face up, a Heart may appear on one of them. Even if there is a heart, the Kongs should not attempt to jump on the hands. If they do, Tiki Tong will close his hands, squishing Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong. If the hands face down, however, jumping on them will cause damage to Tiki Tong.
  • Tiki Tong will also slam his hands on the floor. Sometimes, he quickly removes his hands, but other times, he leaves them there for a longer period of time, leaving an opportunity to deal damage to the exposed back of the hand. Tiki Tong may also only attack with one hand, instead of both.
  • Tiki Tong may also move his hands to both sides of the stage, and then quickly clap them together. If Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong are caught in the middle, they will take damage. This can be avoided by jumping over either hand before Tiki Tong moves them. Whenever he does an attack, a flash of light appears from the buttons on his hands.

When his hands are hit twice, regardless if it was the same hand twice or once on each hand, he does the same attacks, except much faster. He can also fake out a hand slam or a clap, laughing for a few seconds before resuming the attack, except the attack happens almost instantly, leaving very little time to avoid the attack.

When Tiki Tong loses both his hands, he attacks by slamming his head into the ground, causing shockwaves. This will reveal his weakness: the button on his head. When it is damaged once, he can swoop his head down, which can be dodged by ducking. He can also send out four Flaming Tiki Buzzes that will chase the Kongs. When it is damaged once more, he can rain down Flaming Tiki Buzzes.


Tiki Tong's mode of combat makes him a hands and head boss. During Tiki Tong’s first phase, Donkey Kong must step on the red button on the boss's hands when it slams them on the stage. After each hand is damaged twice, they will explode.

During the second phase, the Kongs must jump on the red button on top of Tiki Tong's head to cause it damage. After Tiki Tong is damaged three more times, he is defeated.

Unlike all the other boss fights, the Tiki Tak Tribe members do not spectate during the Tiki Tong battle.

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U trophy[edit]

Name Image Appears in American English Description British English Description
Tiki Tong Tiki Tong trophy from Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Wii Donkey Kong Country Returns (11/2010)
3DS Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D (05/2013)
In the scorching hot lava of the Volcano area, Tiki Tong waits for Donkey Kong to arrive. It may look like he's enjoying a nice banana snack, but really he's just preparing his next attack: spitting banana juice on the Tikis! That's gross. Gotta get over how nasty that is, though, as the soaked Tikis join with Tiki Tong to attick- I mean attack! In the lava-filled Volcano region awaits Tiki Tong, the leader of the Tiki Tak Tribe. He liquefies a whole pile of bananas into goo, and then - instead of eating it - spits it all over his minions and fuses them to him! Ew! The Kongs'll have to hold off on complaining about how disgusting it all is - taking Tiki Tong out takes prioritiki.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ティキトング
Tiki Tongu
Tiki Tong
German Großer Tiki Great Tiki
Italian Tiki Tong -
Spanish Tiki Tong -


  • If Donkey Kong loses a life after accessing the Volcano and before reaching Tiki Tong, a question mark icon appears to prevent the players from seeing who the main villain and final boss is. If Donkey Kong loses a life after encountering Tiki Tong, regardless of whether or not he wins, the question mark icon changes to a silhouette of Tiki Tong's head.
  • The sound clip of Tiki Tong's laughter is used throughout the level Meltdown Mayhem in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, though it was slightly changed to sound more like Lord Fredrik, the main antagonist of the forementioned game.