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Not to be confused with Nintendo Land.

Super Nintendo World is a theme park area that opened in Universal Studios Japan in Osaka on March 18, 2021.[1] It features attractions, products, and themes mainly based on the Mario franchise. The slogan of Super Nintendo World is "#We Are Mario!! アソビの本能、解き放て! (Asobi no honnō, tokihanate!, Release your play instinct!)" The area has also been announced to open in Universal Studios Hollywood, Universal Orlando, and Universal Studios Singapore.[2]

The Power-Up Bands

While visiting the area, attendees can wear a magnetic wristband known as a "Power-Up Band" (originally unhyphenated),[3] which allows them to interact with various features in the area, compete with other attendees, and keep track of scores and items (such as coins and stamps) earned from such activities.[4][3] The Power-Up Band also connects to the Super Nintendo World section of the official Universal Studios Japan smartphone application found on the App Store and Google Play Store, which contains a map of the area and its key locations, and allows the user to view their rankings and add, remove, and edit bands. Six different designs of the Power-Up Band have been shown so far, all based on emblems of Mario characters: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Toad, and Yoshi.

Of the Mario-themed elements present in Super Nintendo World, it features both a Mario Kart-themed attraction titled Mario Kart: Koopa's Challenge[5] and a Yoshi-themed attraction titled Yoshi's Adventure.[6] Peach's Castle, Bowser's Castle, and a red Toad House are also present. In regards to decorative features, many Mario objects can be seen throughout the area (some of which move, such as coins and Cloud Lifts),[7] though much of the environmental aesthetic is based on that of Super Mario 3D World, including the colored, diamond-patterned platforms, Piranha Creeper vine, pyramids from World 2, and most prominently the grassy platforms, which make up a tall, mountain-like structure replicating Mount Beanpole,[8] with a Goal Pole on the summit. Animatronics of various Mario characters and enemies are also present, including Yoshi and a Thwomp.[7] The area's background music also consists of arrangements of various songs from the Mario franchise.

The song "We Are Born to Play", performed by Galantis and Charli XCX, was released as a music video to promote Super Nintendo World, which depicts numerous attendees exploring a CGI-animated version of the area with many Mario characters and enemies present.

Super Nintendo World temporarily closed on April 25, 2021, due to a surge in Japanese COVID-19 cases, only one month after the initial opening.[9] It was later reopened on June 1, 2021.[10]



The entrance to Super Nintendo World is a large Warp Pipe leading to the foyer of Peach's Castle, which features the sun design on the floor and the cloud pattern on the ceiling, as well as paintings of Bob-omb Battlefield and Tiny-Huge Island from Super Mario 64. An open doorway leads to the main theme park area. If attendees view the paintings from the doorway, the Bob-omb and the Big Goomba morph into Bowser Jr. holding his Magic Paintbrush and Peach's Golden Mushroom in his Junior Clown Car. "Inside the Castle Walls" can be heard in the background while inside the castle.[8]


Mario Kart: Koopa's Challenge

Mario Kart: Koopa's Challenge logo

Mario Kart: Koopa's Challenge, simply referred to as Mario Kart in the Universal Studios Japan app,[11] is an on-rails ride based on the Mario Kart series where attendees race through a course designed by Bowser. It is located inside Bowser's Castle. Attendees are seated in vehicles designed after the Standard Karts from Mario Kart 8, with a steering wheel included with each seat. The ride makes use of augmented reality, as attendees are equipped with AR headsets with Mario Caps for the duration of the ride.[8] Attendees travel through different environments including an underground area, underwater, a ghost area resembling Twisted Mansion, a sky area resembling Cloudtop Cruise, a volcano area with the Bowser Monument, and Rainbow Road,[12] and items can be used.[13] The ride lasts for approximately five minutes, and each kart can hold up to four people (two rows of two seats).[14]

The foyer of Bowser's Castle features stairs leading up to a large Bowser Statue, while the hall leading to the ride itself features displays of the original eight cups from Mario Kart 8. There is also a large display of the Universal Cup trophy, which is designed after the Universal logo, as well as Bowser's challenge letter next to it that reads:[8]

Yoku kike, Mario! Wagahai no shiro ni koi! Kāto de shōbu da! Matteiru zo, nigeru na yo! Gāhhahhahha
Listen up, Mario! Come to my castle! It's a kart contest! I'll be waiting; don't run away! Gahahaha

The queue winds through two storage rooms adorned with various Mario Kart-themed banners and signs, a Mario Kart TV broadcasting room, Bowser's library, a boiler room that serves as a Bob-omb and Mechakoopa factory where attendees are given their AR headsets, and two Mario Kart TV briefing rooms where Lakitu provides a tutorial for the attraction's interactive elements.[15]

Music that plays in the rooms prior to the actual attraction includes the castle theme from New Super Mario Bros. Wii at the stairs, the castle theme from Super Mario World[15] and "A Boss Approaches" from Super Mario 3D World in the trophy hall, Neo Bowser City's theme from Mario Kart 7 in the storage rooms, "Waltz of the Boos" from Super Mario Galaxy in Bowser's library, Mario Kart TV's theme from Mario Kart 8 in the first briefing room, Electrodrome's theme from Mario Kart 8 in the second briefing room, and Bowser's Castle's theme from Mario Kart Wii in the area after the briefing rooms.[16] In the attraction itself, Twisted Mansion's and Cloudtop Cruise's themes from Mario Kart 8 and Rainbow Road's theme from Mario Kart 64 play in the ghost area, sky area, and Rainbow Road, respectively, while Mario Kart Stadium's theme from Mario Kart 8 plays at the finish line.[12]

Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese マリオカート ~クッパの挑戦状~
Mario Kāto ~Kuppa no Chōsenjō~
Mario Kart ~Bowser's Written Challenge~
Chinese (Simplified) 马力欧卡丁车 ~酷霸王的挑战书~
Mǎlì'ōu Kǎdīngchē ~Kùbàwáng de Tiǎozhànshū ~
Mario Kart ~Bowser's Written Challenge~

Yoshi's Adventure

Yoshi's Adventure logo

Yoshi's Adventure is a ride where attendees travel in Yoshi-like vehicles to search for Captain Toad and three "mysterious eggs" using a map.[6] The entrance is a large, yellow Warp Pipe located at the center of Super Nintendo World.[11] The ride lasts for approximately five minutes, and each vehicle can hold up to two people.[17]

The ride first transports attendees over a bridge, then into a Warp Pipe tunnel through a scene with two Yoshis carrying Baby Mario and Baby Peach being pursued by Kamek and some Toadies, with Poochy nodding his head at passing vehicles at the exit. Additionally, another branching path within the pipe tunnel has a view out into space looking at Starship Mario. Exiting the pipe, the Yoshis arrive in a desert and jungle area, and finally to Captain Toad's location at the end of the jungle. The ride's queuing area features designs and murals from Yoshi's New Island.[18]

Music that plays in the attraction includes the main level theme from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island in the queuing area, the main theme from Yoshi's Story at the bridge, the opening theme from Yoshi's Island in the tunnel, the desert theme from New Super Mario Bros. Wii in the desert area, and "Captain Toad Goes Forth" from Super Mario 3D World in the jungle area.[18]

Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヨッシー・アドベンチャー
Yosshī Adobenchā
Yoshi Adventure
Chinese (Simplified) 耀西冒险
Yàoxī Màoxiǎn
Yoshi Adventure

Power-Up Band Key Challenges

Promotional artwork for the Power-Up Band Key Challenges and Bowser Jr. Shadow Showdown

The Power-Up Band Key Challenges are activities found throughout Super Nintendo World that attendees play using the Power-Up Bands to collect keys to help Princess Peach retrieve the Golden Mushroom from Bowser Jr.[6] After collecting three of the five keys, attendees can participate in a boss battle with Bowser Jr. in Bowser Jr. Shadow Showdown.[8][6]

Each key is guarded by one of Bowser Jr.'s minions. The challenges include:

  1. Goomba Crazy Crank:[6] The key for this challenge is guarded by a Goomba who sits on top of a rolling hill. Guests need to turn the crank fast enough to knock the Goomba off the hill and retrieve the Key Coin.[19]
  2. Koopa Troopa POWer Punch:[6] The key for this challenge is guarded by a Koopa Troopa. The challenge involves timing the chain-reaction impact of a series of Red POW Blocks to launch a moving Green Shell at a POW Block with the key on top to collect it. The shell moves left to right while passing through an upside-down T-shaped pipe, and the attendee must physically hit a Red POW Block at the right time so the shell passes over the last Red POW Block when it is activated and launches towards the key. Attendees hold their Power-Up Band in front of a Key Coin reader to start the challenge, and again after they have successfully completed the challenge to claim the key.[8]
  3. Piranha Plant Nap Mishap:[6] The key for this challenge is guarded by a red Piranha Creeper.[8] Guests have to turn off all the ringing alarm clocks to prevent the Piranha Creeper from waking up.[19]
  4. Bob-omb Kaboom Room:[6] The key for this challenge is guarded by a Bob-omb. It is located at the end of the underground maze, after attendees walk through a passageway that gives them the illusion of being shrunk down. As a result of this, the Bob-omb appears giant. The Underground Theme from Super Mario Bros. plays inside the maze.[8] The challenge involves guests assembling pieces of a Key Coin before putting them together on a touch screen before the Bob-omb explodes.[19]
  5. Thwomp Panel Panic:[6] The key for this challenge is guarded by a Thwomp. Guests have to turn every Flipswitch Panel on the touch screens from blue to yellow before the Thwomp slams down. Touching one switch can affect others close-by.[19]
Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese パワーアップバンド・キーチャレンジ
Pawā Appu Bando Kī Charenji
Power-Up Band Key Challenge
Chinese (Simplified) 能量手环的关键挑战[20]
Néngliàngshǒuhuán de Guānjiàn Tiǎozhàn
Power-Up Band's Key Challenge
Bowser Jr. Shadow Showdown
Language Name Meaning
Japanese とりかえせゴールデンキノコ! クッパJr. ファイナルバトル
Torikaese Gōruden Kinoko! KuppaJr. Fainarubatoru
Take Back the Golden Mushroom! Bowser Jr. Final Battle
Goomba Crazy Crank
Language Name Meaning
Japanese まわせ! クリボー・クルクルクランク
Mawase! Kuribō Kuru Kuru Kuranku
Turn It! Goomba Spinning Crank
Koopa Troopa POWer Punch
Language Name Meaning
Japanese ねらえ! ノコノコ ・POWブロックパンチ[21]
Nerae! Nokonoko POW Burokku Panchi
Aim! Koopa Troopa POW Block Punch
Piranha Plant Nap Mishap
Language Name Meaning
Japanese とめろ! パックンフラワー・アラームパニック[21]
Tomero! Pakkun Furawā Arāmu Panikku
Stop! Piranha Plant Alarm Panic
Bob-omb Kaboom Room
Language Name Meaning
Japanese あつめろ! ボムへい・バラバラパズル
Atsumero! Bomuhei Barabara Pazuru
Collect! Bob-omb Scattered Puzzle
Thwomp Panel Panic
Language Name Meaning
Japanese そろえろ! ドッスン・フリップパネル
Soroero! Dossun Furippu Paneru
Get them together! Thwomp Flip Panel

Gift shops

1-UP Factory

1-UP Factory storefront

1-UP Factory is the main gift shop of Super Nintendo World. The shop sells various exclusive Mario-themed merchandise and clothing, one of which is Tokotoko Mario, a batteryless Mario toy that walks while it is pushed with either one's hand or a Red Shell-shaped walker.[8]

Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese ワンナップ・ファクトリー
Wannappu Fakutorī
1-UP Factory
Chinese (Simplified) 1up工厂
1 up Gōngchǎng
1-UP Factory

Mario Motors

Mario Motors storefront

Mario Motors, named after the Mario Kart sponsor of the same name, is a gift shop that mostly sells merchandise themed after the Mario Kart series.[22] It is located on the far north side of Super Nintendo World next to Bowser's Castle.[23]

Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese マリオ・モーターズ
Mario Mōtāzu
Mario Motors

Restaurants and kiosks

Kinopio's Café

Kinopio's Café logo

Kinopio's Café[24] is a restaurant run by Toads, with a virtual character named Chef Toad acting as the head chef. The restaurant serves various Mario-themed dishes and drinks, including Mario's Bacon Cheeseburger, the Super Mushroom Pizza Bowl, and the ? Block Tiramisu. The main dining area features designs of various Mario items on the ceiling, as well as a Warp Pipe and Mushroom display at the center. There are also "windows" in the restaurant showing animated videos of Chef Toad talking to attendees and other Toad chefs preparing food. The foyer of Kinopio's Café has two Gift Boxes: a small one and a big one. Attendees can use their Power-Up Band to open one, which may contain an item or coins. "Mount Volbono: Town" from Super Mario Odyssey plays inside Kinopio Café.[8]

Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese キノピオ・カフェ
Kinopio Kafe
Toad Café
Chinese (Simplified) 奇诺比奥咖啡店
Qínuòbǐ'ào Kāfēidiàn
Toad Café

Pit Stop Popcorn

Pit Stop Popcorn storefront

Pit Stop Popcorn is a food kiosk themed after the Mario Kart series that sells popcorn. It is located opposite Bowser's Castle.[23]

Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese ピットストップ・ポップコーン
Pitto Sutoppu Poppukōn
Pit Stop Popcorn

Yoshi's Snack Island

Yoshi's Snack Island storefront

Yoshi's Snack Island is a food kiosk themed and named after the Yoshi's Island series that sells Yoshi-themed snack food. It is located on the east side of Super Nintendo World.[23]

Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヨッシー・スナック・アイランド
Yosshī Sunakku Airando
Yoshi Snack Island



Main article: List of Super Nintendo World merchandise

In Super Nintendo World, general Mario merchandise is mostly sold at 1-UP Factory, while Mario Kart-themed merchandise is mostly sold at Mario Motors.[22][25][26]

Food and drinks

Image Name Description Location(s) available Price
Koopa Dish available to Super Nintendo World King Bowser's Hamburger Steak with Bread or Rice[27]
Daimaō Kuppa Hanbāgu Sutēki (Pan matawa Raisu-tsuki) (Great Demon King Bowser Hamburg Steak (with Bread or Rice))
A Hamburg steak dish shaped like Bowser, featuring carrot slices on the side, and a Goal Pole figure. Kinopio's Café (Main Menu)[27] ¥2,100[27]
Fish Bone Meunière with Bread or Rice[27]
Fisshubōn Shiromizakana Munieru (Pan matawa Raisu-tsuki) (Fish Bone White Fish Meunière (with Bread or Rice))
A meunière dish with a Fish Bone marking on the fish, featuring carrot slices on the side.[27] Kinopio's Café (Main Menu)[27] ¥2,100[27]
Mario's Bacon Cheeseburger from Super Nintendo World Mario's Bacon Cheeseburger[6]
マリオ・バーガー ~ベーコン&チーズ~[28]
Mario Bāgā ~Bēkon ando Chīzu~ (Mario Burger ~Bacon & Cheese~)
A cheeseburger topped with bacon, lettuce, and mushrooms with a side of French fries and tomatoes. The bacon's placement resembles Mario's mustache, and a Mario Cap is placed on top of the burger.

Website description: "Made for Mario himself! This burger comes complete with a mushroom bun and pecorino cheese. The Mario's hat-shaped pick is yours to take home!"
Kinopio's Café (Main Menu)[27] ¥2,000[27]
Luigi's Green Curry Chicken Sandwich[27]
ルイージ・バーガー ~グリーンカレー・チキン~
Ruīji Bāgā ~Gurīn Karē Chikin~ (Luigi Burger ~Green Curry Chicken~)
A chicken burger topped with green-colored curry with a side of French fries. A Luigi Cap is placed on top of the burger.[27] Kinopio's Café (Main Menu)[27] ¥2,000[27]
Teriyaki Chicken & Super Star Rice[27]
Teriyaki Chikin ando Sūpā Sutā Raisu
A dish with yellow rice in the shape of a Super Star paired with a cut of teriyaki chicken. Kinopio's Café (Main Menu)[27] ¥1,900[27]
Chef's Special: Omelet Rice with Shrimp & Mushroom Cream Stew[27]
シェフ特製 オムライス&エビとキノコのクリーム煮込み
Shefu Tokusei Omuraisu ando Ebi to Kinoko no Kurīmu Nikomi
An omurice dish served alongside a cream stew with shrimp and mushrooms and topped with a sprig of coriander. The omelet has a marking of Chef Toad.[27] Kinopio's Café (Main Menu)[27] ¥1,900[27]
Yoshi Egg Pasta offered at Super Nintendo World Yoshi's Spinach Carbonara[27]
ヨッシー・スパゲティ ~ほうれん草カルボナーラ~
Yosshī Supageti ~Hōrensō Karubonāra~ (Yoshi Spaghetti ~Spinach Carbonara~)
A spaghetti carbonara dish featuring a topping resembling Yoshi's Egg. Kinopio's Café (Main Menu)[27] ¥1,900[27]
Fire Flower Spaghetti & Meatballs[27]
ファイアフラワー・スパゲティ ~ミートボール&トマトソース~
Faia Furawā Supageti ~Mītobōru ando Tomato Sōsu~ (Fire Flower Spaghetti ~Meatball & Tomato Sauce~)
A spaghetti dish with tomato sauce, meatballs, mushrooms, and a cracker with a Fire Flower marking.[27] Kinopio's Café (Main Menu)[27] ¥1,900[27]
Mario dish available at Super Nintendo World Kids Hamburger Meal with Mario Figurine Pick[27]
Hanbāgā Kizzu Setto (Mario no Pikku-tsuki) (Hamburger Kids Set (with Mario Pick))
A kids' meal consisting of a teriyaki burger, omelet, fried shrimp, star-shaped croquette, cherry tomato, dessert, and orange drink. The meal also comes with a ? Block figure and a Mario figurine pick.[27] Kinopio's Café (Kids Menu)[27] ¥1,400[27]
Kids Curry & Rice Meal[27]
Karē Raisu Kizzu Setto (Curry Rice Kids Set)
A kids' meal consisting of curry rice, dessert, and an orange drink. The meal also comes with a ? Block figure.[27] Kinopio's Café (Kids Menu)[27] ¥1,000[27]
Piranha Plant Caprese from Super Nintendo World Piranha Plant Caprese[6]
Pakkun Furawā Kapurēze
A caprese salad featuring lettuce, mushrooms, strawberries, mozzarella, dressing, and two pieces of tomato bearing resemblance to Super Mushrooms.

Website description: "Watch out! This Piranha Plant might bite back! Try this caprese salad with tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and fresh basil."
Kinopio's Café (Pizza & Salad)[27] ¥1,300[27]
Yoshi's Favorite Fruit & Veggie Salad[27]
Yosshī no Daisuki na Furūtsu to Yasai no Sarada
A traditional salad dish consisting of assorted fruits and vegetables.[27] Kinopio's Café (Pizza & Salad)[27] ¥1,300[27]
Mushroom Soup[27]
Masshurūmu Sūpu
A bowl of mushroom soup topped with small, circular wafers with Super Mushroom prints on them.[27] Kinopio's Café (Pizza & Salad)[27] ¥800[27]
Super Mushroom Pizza Bowl with Mushroom Tomato Sauce from Super Nintendo World Super Mushroom Pizza Bowl with Mushroom Tomato Sauce[6]
スーパーキノコ・ピッツァボウル ~マッシュルームの入りトマトソース~[28]
Sūpā Kinoko Pittsa Bōru ~Masshurūmu no Iri Tomato Sōsu~ (Super Mushroom Pizza Bowl ~Tomato Sauce with Mushrooms~)
A pizza bowl shaped like a Super Mushroom filled with mushrooms and tomato sauce.[28]

Website description: "Chef Toad's secret recipe! Tear open the crispy mushroom pizza crust to reveal savory tomato sauce with bacon and mushrooms."
Kinopio's Café (Pizza & Salad)[27] ¥1,500[27]
Portobello Mushroom Pizza Topped with Bacon & Vegetables[27]
巨大マッシュルームのピッツァ ~ベーコンと彩り野菜~
Kyodai Masshurūmu no Pittsa ~Bēkon to Irodori Yasai~ (Giant Mushroom Pizza ~Bacon and Colorful Vegetables~)
A pizza with a portobello mushroom as the base topped with bacon and vegetables of different colors. Kinopio's Café (Pizza & Salad)[27] ¥1,500[27]
? Block Tiramisu from Super Nintendo World ? Block Tiramisu[6]
Hatena Burokku Tiramisu
A tiramisu topped with whipped cream and a token bearing a Super Mushroom and surrounded by wafers printed to resemble the sides of a ? Block.

Website description: "In the Mushroom Kingdom, even the desserts are super! This rich truffle tiramisu Question ? Block has a cute item inside."
Kinopio's Café (Dessert)[27] ¥700[27]
Goal Pole Cake[27]
Gōru Pōru Kēki
A cake with Goal Pole and Super Star designs and a strawberry as its toppings.[27] Kinopio's Café (Dessert)[27] ¥800[27]
Double Cherry Chocolate Cupcake[27]
Daburu Cherī no Chokorēto Kappukēki
A chocolate cupcake with a layer of filling through the middle and topped with two cherries. Kinopio's Café (Dessert)[27] ¥700[27]
Princess Peach's Cake[27]
Pīchi-hime no Kēki
A large cake topped with Super Star designs and strawberries that serves three to four people.[27] Kinopio's Café (Dessert)[27] ¥2,800[27]
Drink available at Super Nintendo World Super Star Lemon Squash[27]
Sūpā Sutā Remon Sukasshu
A lemon squash that comes in a cup featuring Mario symbols, with a yellow straw. Kinopio's Café (Drinks)[27] ¥600[27]
Super Star Hot Yuzu Lemonade[27]
Sūpā Sutā Hotto Yuzu Remonēdo
A yuzu-flavored drink topped with whipped cream and a Super Star design.[27] Kinopio's Café (Drinks)[27] ¥600[27]
The Mario Kart Popcorn Bucket featured at Super Nintendo WorldSuper Star popcorn bucket from Super Nintendo World Mario Kart Popcorn Bucket
Mario Kāto・Poppukōn Baketsu

Super Star Popcorn Bucket
Sūpā Sutā・Poppukōn Baketsu
Can be purchased in a Standard Kart- or Super Star-shaped bucket. The Standard Kart's tires have flashing lights, while the Super Star lights up.[6] The popcorn comes in both Caramel Peach and Mushroom flavors.[8] Pit Stop Popcorn[6]
Green Shell Calzone Filled with Yakisoba & Cheese from Super Nintendo World
Green Shell Calzone Filled with Yakisoba & Cheese[6]
こうらのカルツォーネ ~焼きそば&チーズ~
Kōra no Karutsōne ~Yakisoba ando Chīzu~ (Shell Calzone ~Yakisoba & Cheese~)
Website description: "Bite into a Koopa Calzone! Its savory filling of yakisoba and cheese will be sure to leave you shell-shocked." Yoshi's Snack Island[6] ¥700[29]
Yoshi's Lassi from Super Nintendo World
Yoshi's Lassi[6]
Yosshī no Rasshī
Website description: "Enjoy a yogurt lassi made with Yoshi's favorite fruits and topped with whipped cream. Pick either cantaloupe or mango!" Yoshi's Snack Island[6] ¥700[29]
Yoshi's Hot Apple Tea[29]
Yosshī no Hotto Appuru Tī
A cup of apple-flavored tea, with a design of Yoshi attached to the side of the cup.[29] Yoshi's Snack Island[29] ¥700[29]
Drink Bottle[29]
Dorinku Botoru
A Mushroom-shaped drink bottle attached with a lidded straw. The bottle can be purchased in the Super Mushroom or 1-Up Mushroom design. The former is also sold at the Mario Café & Store.[29] Yoshi's Snack Island[29] ¥1,800[29]


Characters from the Mario series are abundant throughout Super Nintendo World. Most of them are animatronics, while others can be found in meet-and-greet areas. So far, the latter kind of characters known are mascots of Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad.[6] Attendees can choose to have photo opportunities with the Mario Bros. and Peach in Mario & Luigi Photo Opportunity (Japanese: マリオ&ルイージ・フォト・オポチュニティ, Mario ando Ruīji Foto Opocuniti) and Princess Peach Photo Opportunity (Japanese: プリンセスピーチ・フォト・オポチュニティ, Purinsesu Pīchi Foto Opocuniti) respectively.[30][31] Unlike the mascots commonly used for the Mario Bros., Super Nintendo World's Mario and Luigi's costumes have articulated faces, allowing them to move their eyes and mouths.[8] With the exception of Toad, the mascots also can play pre-recorded voice samples.[32][6]


A partnership between Nintendo and Universal Parks & Resorts to open a Nintendo theme park area in Universal Studios Japan, Universal Studios Hollywood, and Universal Orlando was first announced on November 29, 2016.[2] On December 12, 2016, Super Nintendo World was officially announced by name, scheduled to open first in Japan in time for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.[33]

On June 8, 2017, construction on the first Super Nintendo World began when Universal Studios Japan held a groundbreaking ceremony, which was attended by Shigeru Miyamoto, Universal Studios Japan CEO J. L. Bonnier, and Universal Creative president Mark Woodbury.[34] A Mario Kart-themed attraction was announced in the ceremony,[35] while a teaser trailer for Super Nintendo World was released the same day.[36]

On April 3, 2019, Super Nintendo World was announced for Universal Studios Singapore by Resorts World Sentosa.[37]

During an interview with Universal Parks & Resorts CEO Tom Williams held on September 12, 2019, Williams announced that Super Nintendo World in Japan would open in Spring 2020, and that the Mario Kart ride and a Yoshi ride would be featured in the first phase. Williams also revealed information about a magnetic wristband that attendees would wear and would be used to track scores gained through rides and interactions in the area.[38]

The smartphone application being demonstrated

On January 14, 2020, Universal Studios Japan held a "global kick-off presentation event" where many details regarding Super Nintendo World were announced, including the opening now being scheduled for Summer 2020, more details on the function of the wristband (now named the "Power Up Band"), the wristband designs, and the smartphone application.[4][3] The music video for "We Are Born to Play" was also released the same day.

During a Q4 earnings conference held on January 23, 2020, Comcast executives confirmed that Super Nintendo World in Universal Orlando would be part of the upcoming Epic Universe theme park scheduled to open in 2023.[39] However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the project was delayed indefinitely.[40] Also as a result of the pandemic, the opening date for Super Nintendo World in Japan was pushed back by a few months.[41]

On October 7, 2020, Super Nintendo World in Japan was announced to open in Spring 2021.[42] In addition, a Mario Café & Store was revealed and announced to open outside of the area on October 16, 2020, ahead of its opening.[43] The exact opening date of February 4 was later announced on November 30, 2020.[44]

On December 18, 2020, Nintendo released the Super Nintendo World Direct. Hosted by Miyamoto, the video toured various parts of the park, including the entrance based off of Peach's Castle, an underground area with Bob-ombs, and Bowser's Castle, as well as 1-UP Factory and Kinopio's Café and the merchandise and food offered. It also showed how Power-Up Bands are used to interact with activities in the park.[8]

On January 14, 2021, the opening was postponed to an unspecified later date as a result of a state of emergency in place in Osaka due to COVID-19.[45] On March 8, 2021, the final opening date was revealed to be March 18, 2021.[1]

On September 28, 2021, Nintendo announced that a new Donkey Kong-themed area would be added, expanding the size of Super Nintendo World by approximately 70%. The area is set to open in 2024.[46]



Promotional material

On-site photographs

Universal Studios Japan application

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スーパー・ニンテンドー・ワールド
Sūpā Nintendō Wārudo
Super Nintendo World
Chinese (Simplified) 超级任天堂世界
Chāojí Rèntiāntáng Shìjiè
Super Nintendo World

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