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Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

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"YI" redirects here. For information about the GBA port, see Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3.
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
For alternate box art, see the game's gallery.
Developer Nintendo EAD
Publisher Nintendo
Platforms Super Famicom / Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Super NES Classic Edition / Super Famicom Mini, Super Nintendo Entertainment System - Nintendo Switch Online
Release date Super Nintendo Entertainment System:
Japan August 5, 1995
USA October 4, 1995
Europe October 5, 1995
Australia December 1995[1]
Super NES Classic Edition:
USA September 29, 2017
Europe September 29, 2017
Australia September 30, 2017
Japan October 5, 2017
Super Nintendo Entertainment System - Nintendo Switch Online:
USA September 5, 2019[2]
Japan September 6, 2019[3]
Europe September 6, 2019[4]
Australia September 6, 2019[5]
HK September 6, 2019
South Korea September 6, 2019
Genre Platform
ESRB:ESRB K-A.png - Kids to Adults
ACB:ACB G.svg - General
Mode(s) Single-player
Multiplayer Mini Battles
Media SNES.png Game Pak
Nintendo Switch:
Media DL icon.svg Digital download
SNES Classic Edition:
Super Nintendo:
Nintendo Switch:
SNES Classic Edition:

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (sometimes referred to simply as Yoshi's Island) is a 2D platform game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, developed by Nintendo EAD. The game is the prequel to Super Mario World and it stars Yoshi and the Yoshi clan who, while carrying Baby Mario, travel across Yoshi's Island to rescue Baby Luigi from Baby Bowser and his Magikoopa minion/caretaker, Kamek. Instead of relying on jumping and a power-up system for combat as in the traditional Mario platformers, Yoshis use their tongue and eggs to overcome obstacles, as well as the introduction of many other different mechanics. The game is notable for introducing a time-based health system rather than hit points, an anomaly to what many platform games typically did in this game's time period. Rather than relying on powerful pre-rendered graphics as its contemporary, Donkey Kong Country did, Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island employs a very distinct, stylized arts and crafts style to stand on its own. The game makes use of the Super FX2 graphics chip (one of only four commercially-released SNES games to do so), which allows for larger, more detailed sprites and more advanced effects that emulate 3D space.

Although Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island was not as financially successful as its predecessor, the game's highly positive reception and unique style has spawned a new series of platform games from the Yoshi franchise, although it is the fourth entry overall. The game has received various adaptations into manga, such as receiving volumes dedicated to it in the Super Mario-Kun and Kodansha's Super Mario manga series and extensive merchandising. The game has received a remake on the Game Boy Advance, Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3, which was released on Virtual Console for the Nintendo 3DS, with owners applicable for the Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Program being able to download the game for free, and Wii U. The original SNES version of Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island is included on the SNES Classic Edition, and although it has yet to be announced for release on Virtual Console on any other system, it is one of the 20 launch titles for Super Nintendo Entertainment System - Nintendo Switch Online on the Nintendo Switch.


Yoshi carrying Baby Mario.
Kamek, one of the main antagonists, and kidnapper of Baby Luigi.

From the first cinematic of Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island:

Narrator: A long, long time ago... This is a story about baby Mario and Yoshi. A stork hurries across the dusky, pre-dawn sky. In his bill, he supports a pair of twins. Suddenly, a shadow appears in a gap between the clouds and races towards the stork with blinding speed.
Kamek: "SCRREEEECH!!!"
Narrator: WOW!!! Snatching only one baby, the creature vanishes into the darkness from whence it came. The second baby falls undetected towards the open sea... OH NO...
Meanwhile, here is Yoshi's Island, home to all Yoshies. It's a lovely day, and Yoshi is taking a walk. HUH?!? Suddenly, a baby drops in onto his back. The baby seems to be fine. This is very fortunate! Wha-? Something else fell with the baby... Let's take a peek... It looks like a map. Maybe the stork was using it? But Yoshi can't figure it out. Yoshi decides to talk to his friends.

Narrator: Kamek, the evil Magikoopa, and kidnapper of the baby, quickly dispatches his toadies, when he discovers that he missed the other baby!
Yoshi heads leisurely back to the other Yoshies, unaware of the danger at hand. Kamek's forces are actively searching the island. Will these two children ever reach their parents safely?

From the second cinematic of Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island:

Narrator: This paradise is Yoshi's Island, where all the Yoshies live. They are all in an uproar over the baby that fell from the sky. Wait! The baby seems to know where he wants to go... The bond between the twins informs each of them where the other one is. The Yoshies decide to carry the baby to his destination via a relay system. Now begins a new adventure for the Yoshies and baby Mario.

From the instruction booklet:

This story happened a long time ago...this is a story about a baby and Yoshi...
A stork hurries across the dusky, pre-dawn sky. In his bill, he supports a pair of twins, who are to be delivered to their parents as soon as possible.
Suddenly, something appears between the clouds and races towards the stork with blinding speed!
"SSCCRREEEEECH!!!", it screams. "These babies are mine!"
Snatching only one baby, the creature vanishes into the darkness from whence it came.
Oh no! The second baby falls undetected towards the open sea...
The kidnapper is Kamek, an evil Magikoopa from the Koopa Kingdom. Having divined last night that twin babies born this morning will bring disaster to the Koopa family, he arranged for an early morning ambush. Returning to his castle, Kamek realizes that he missed the other baby. He orders his toadies.
"Go forth and find that other baby! Don't let his parents get him back! Ever!!"
Meanwhile, the second baby does not fall into the sea after lands safely on Yoshi's back! And right after him drops a map!!
This paradise is Yoshi's Island. And on this island lives lots of different Yoshies. These Yoshies are naturally laid back and relaxed, but this a calamity and everyone is in a state of panic. As the Yoshies frantically yell over each other, the baby insistently points at something.
Yes! The baby can sense the other baby's location. All the Yoshies quickly agree to help carry the baby to its destination by using a relay system not unlike the old pony express.
The Green Yoshi draws first honors.

The story of Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island takes place while Mario and Luigi are in their infancy, referred to as Baby Mario and Baby Luigi respectively. A stork was about to deliver the newborn twins Baby Mario and Baby Luigi to their parents, but is ambushed by Kamek on the way there. While Kamek was successful at capturing Baby Luigi and the stork and imprisons them at Bowser's Castle, Baby Mario plummets into the sea, only to find himself on a Yoshi's back on an island. The Yoshis then discover that Baby Mario also has a map with him, which reveals the location of Bowser's Castle. Kamek has then figured out that he has missed Baby Mario and then has dispatched his Toadies to kidnap Baby Mario. While the Yoshis discuss what to do with Baby Mario, Baby Mario then notifies the Yoshis which direction to go due to a powerful twin link, where the Yoshis then employ a relay system to transport Baby Mario across the island. After overcoming obstacles and fighting bosses that Kamek has enlarged in various forts and castles in the island, the Yoshis finally manage to defeat Kamek and Baby Bowser and rescue Baby Luigi and the stork, allowing the stork to safely deliver the babies to their parents.


Yoshi aiming his egg at one of the enemies.

Like the previous entries in the Mario franchise, Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island is a two-dimensional, side-scrolling platform game. In addition to the typical run and jump controls, the Yoshis can also ingest enemies and manipulate objects using their tongue. After ingesting an enemy, the Yoshi can either eject or swallow them, although if Yoshi keeps an enemy in his mouth long enough, he will eventually swallow it (with the exception of enemies he can only ingest and spit out, and not fully swallow). Swallowing most enemies allows the Yoshi to lay a Yoshi's egg, which it can carry up to six of; eating another enemy results in the egg at the front of the line to be discarded. While Yoshi has some eggs, the player can aim with a constantly moving target reticle and throw them to damage enemies, activate objects, ricochet them off solid surfaces, and skim them across water. This reticle can be locked into one position while aiming, and while Yoshis are aiming their eggs, they can still move around and jump. While most eggs come in green, some are yellow and red, and they release coins and stars when shattered respectively. While a Yoshi throws an egg, the egg changes color depending on how much it has bounced off walls. Green eggs can bounce up to three times, yellow eggs bounce only twice, and red eggs bounce only once. Power-ups also exist in the form of metamorphosis bubbles, which allow Yoshi to transform into various forms, and the Super Star, which lets Baby Mario turn into Powerful Mario. In addition to these moves, Yoshis can Flutter Jump multiple times in the air to increase the distance they travel. The first Flutter Jumps can increase the height of the jump, but subsequent Flutter Jumps mostly serve to prolong the duration of the fall. Yoshis can perform Ground Pounds to smash stakes and defeat certain types of enemies. Camera controls include looking up to see upper areas of the level and ducking to force the camera down.

Yoshi about to free Baby Mario from his bubble imprisonment.

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island introduces the concept of time-based health, a mechanic that is reused in future Yoshi's Island games. When the Yoshi comes into contact with an enemy, Baby Mario becomes separated from Yoshi, encased in a bubble and floating around in the air. While Baby Mario is in this state, a Countdown Timer appears, counting down in seconds until it reaches zero, in which time Yoshi must recover Baby Mario or Kamek's Toadies take Baby Mario, and the player loses a life. The timer starts at ten seconds at the beginning of each level, and can be increased to a maximum of thirty by collecting stars, using 10-Point Stars and 20-Point Stars, and entering Middle Rings. If the timer falls below ten, it increases back up to ten slowly after recovering Baby Mario. Entering a Middle Ring also marks the point where the Yoshi can continue from if it loses a life. Other ways Yoshis can lose lives are if they touch spikes or thorns, if they fall off a cliff, if they touch lava, if they get eaten by a Lunge Fish, or if they get crushed by moving platforms.

There are six worlds in this game, and each world has nine levels total. The objective of each level is to reach the goal roulette. There are ten spots on the roulette, and five of the spots can be made winning spots by collecting the five flowers in each level. Landing on one of the flower spots allows the player to play a Bonus Challenge. These Bonus Challenge allow Yoshis to either gain lives or Special Items for use in levels. Two levels in each world are forts and castles, and the goal in those levels is to reach and defeat the eponymous boss that resides in those establishments rather than reach a goal roulette. Most bosses are regular enemies that are enlarged by Kamek prior to the fight, with a few exceptions.

Scattered throughout each level are three types of collectibles: thirty Stars, twenty Red Coins, and five flowers. At the end of each level, the player's score is tallied with a maximum of 100 points, with flowers worth ten points each and Red Coins and Stars one point each. Attaining a perfect one hundred points in all eight levels in a world unlocks a Bonus Challenge and an extra level on the level selection map. The extra levels are designed to be more difficult than any other level in the game, and each one has its own unique gimmick. However, the player can always choose to exit an extra level by pausing the game and pressing Select Button; in other levels, this can be done only if the level in question has already been cleared.

If the player succeeds in attaining a perfect one hundred points in the extra level of a world, a star is added to the top of the title screen the next time the player turns on the game, for a maximum of six stars.


The option mode for the control settings.

There are two controller configurations: Patient and Hasty. By default, Patient is selected. The control setup can be swapped at any time on the world map by scrolling over to the button with the Super Nintendo controller next to the "Score" option and selecting it; additionally, at some points, there are Message Blocks that allow the player to swap control configurations. The only difference between the "Hasty" and "Patient" settings is that with "Patient" the player must press A Button to target and press it again to throw an egg, while with "Hasty" the player must hold A Button to target and release it to toss an egg.

Action Patient Hasty
Move +Control Pad
Jump B Button (hold to Flutter Jump)
Ground Pound B Button + +Control Pad (down)
Eat, spit out Y Button (press to eat, press again to spit out)
Duck, swallow +Control Pad (down)
Aim/throw egg A Button (press to aim, press again to throw) A Button (hold to aim, release to throw)
Lock target reticule R Button / L Button (while aiming)
Look up +Control Pad (up; hold to pan camera up)
Pause menu Start Button
Level options Select Button

Worlds and Levels[edit]

World 0
Yoshi's House SMW2.png
Icon # Level Type of level
N/A 0 Welcome To Yoshi's Island Plains
World 1
World 1 Map SMW2YI.png
Icon # Level Type of level
Icon SMW2-YI - Make Eggs, Throw Eggs .png 1-1 Make Eggs, Throw Eggs Plains
Icon SMW2-YI - Watch Out Below!.png 1-2 Watch Out Below! Plains
Icon SMW2-YI - The Cave Of Chomp Rock.png 1-3 The Cave Of Chomp Rock Cavern
Icon SMW2-YI - Burt The Bashful's Fort.png 1-4 Burt The Bashful's Fort Fortress
Icon SMW2-YI - Hop! Hop! Donut Lifts.png 1-5 Hop! Hop! Donut Lifts Sky
Icon SMW2-YI - Shy-Guys On Stilts.png 1-6 Shy-Guys On Stilts Plains/Cavern
Icon SMW2-YI - Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy.png 1-7 Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy Forest
Icon SMW2-YI - Salvo The Slime's Castle.png 1-8 Salvo The Slime's Castle Castle
Icon SMW2-YI - Poochy Ain't Stupid.png 1-★ Poochy Ain't Stupid Lava Cavern
World 2
World 2 Map SMW2YI.png
Icon # Level Type of level
Icon SMW2-YI - Visit Koopa And Para-Koopa.png 2-1 Visit Koopa And Para-Koopa Sky
Icon SMW2-YI - The Baseball Boys.png 2-2 The Baseball Boys Plains
Icon SMW2-YI - What's Gusty Taste Like.png 2-3 What's Gusty Taste Like? Forest/Cavern
Icon SMW2-YI - Bigger Boo's Fort.png 2-4 Bigger Boo's Fort Fortress
Icon SMW2-YI - Watch Out For Lakitu.png 2-5 Watch Out For Lakitu Plains/Sky
Icon SMW2-YI - The Cave Of The Mystery Maze.png 2-6 The Cave Of The Mystery Maze Forest/Cavern
Icon SMW2-YI - Lakitu's Wall.png 2-7 Lakitu's Wall Plains
Icon SMW2-YI - The Potted Ghost's Castle.png 2-8 The Potted Ghost's Castle Castle
Icon SMW2-YI - Hit That Switch!!.png 2-★ Hit That Switch!! Sky
World 3
World 3 Map SMW2YI.png
Icon # Level Type of level
Icon SMW2-YI - Welcome To Monkey World!.png 3-1 Welcome To Monkey World! Forest
Icon SMW2-YI - Jungle Rhythm....png 3-2 Jungle Rhythm... Forest
Icon SMW2-YI - Nep-Enut's Domain.png 3-3 Nep-Enut's Domain Plains/Forest
Icon SMW2-YI - Prince Froggy's Fort.png 3-4 Prince Froggy's Fort Fortress/Sewer
Icon SMW2-YI - Jammin' Through The Trees.png 3-5 Jammin' Through The Trees Forest/Sky
Icon SMW2-YI - The Cave Of Harry Hedgehog.png 3-6 The Cave Of Harry Hedgehog Forest/Cave
Icon SMW2-YI - Monkeys' Favorite Lake.png 3-7 Monkeys' Favorite Lake Lake/Forest
Icon SMW2-YI - Naval Piranha's Castle.png 3-8 Naval Piranha's Castle Castle/Sewer
Icon SMW2-YI - More Monkey Madness.png 3-★ More Monkey Madness Forest/Sky
World 4
World 4 Map SMW2YI.png
Icon # Level Type of level
Icon SMW2-YI - GO! GO! MARIO!!.png 4-1 GO! GO! MARIO!! Plains/Valley
Icon SMW2-YI - The Cave Of The Lakitus.png 4-2 The Cave Of The Lakitus Valley/Cavern
Icon SMW2-YI - Don't Look Back!.png 4-3 Don't Look Back! Athletic
Icon SMW2-YI - Marching Milde's Fort.png 4-4 Marching Milde's Fort Fortress
Icon SMW2-YI - Chomp Rock Zone.png 4-5 Chomp Rock Zone Plains/Valley
Icon SMW2-YI - Lake Shore Paradise.png 4-6 Lake Shore Paradise Lake/Forest/Valley/Cavern
Icon SMW2-YI - Ride Like The Wind.png 4-7 Ride Like The Wind Sky
Icon SMW2-YI - Hookbill The Koopa's Castle.png 4-8 Hookbill The Koopa's Castle Castle
Icon SMW2-YI - The Impossible Maze.png 4-★ The Impossible? Maze Cavern/Sewer
World 5
World 5 Map SMW2YI.png
Icon # Level Type of level
Icon SMW2-YI - BLIZZARD!!!.png 5-1 BLIZZARD!!! Snow/Plains
Icon SMW2-YI - Ride The Ski Lifts.png 5-2 Ride The Ski Lifts Plains/Snow
Icon SMW2-YI - Danger - Icy Conditions Ahead.png 5-3 Danger - Icy Conditions Ahead Forest/Plains/Lake/Snow
Icon SMW2-YI - Sluggy The Unshaven's Fort.png 5-4 Sluggy The Unshaven's Fort Fortress
Icon SMW2-YI - Goonie Rides!.png 5-5 Goonie Rides! Sky
Icon SMW2-YI - Welcome To Cloud World.png 5-6 Welcome To Cloud World Sky
Icon SMW2-YI - Shifting Platforms Ahead.png 5-7 Shifting Platforms Ahead Sky
Icon SMW2-YI - Raphael The Raven's Castle.png 5-8 Raphael The Raven's Castle Castle
Icon SMW2-YI - Kamek's Revenge.png 5-★ Kamek's Revenge Snow/Sky
World 6
World 6 Map SMW2YI.png
Icon # Level Type of level
Icon SMW2-YI - Scary Skeleton Goonies!.png 6-1 Scary Skeleton Goonies! Lava/Cavern
Icon SMW2-YI - The Cave Of The Bandits.png 6-2 The Cave Of The Bandits Lava/Cavern
Icon SMW2-YI - Beware The Spinning Logs.png 6-3 Beware The Spinning Logs Lava/Sky
Icon SMW2-YI - Tap-Tap The Red Nose's Fort.png 6-4 Tap-Tap The Red Nose's Fort Fortress
Icon SMW2-YI - The Very Loooooong Cave.png 6-5 The Very Loooooong Cave Lava/Cavern
Icon SMW2-YI - The Deep, Underground Maze.png 6-6 The Deep, Underground Maze Cavern
Icon SMW2-YI - KEEP MOVING!!!!.png 6-7 KEEP MOVING!!!! Hill/Castle
Icon SMW2-YI - King Bowser's Castle.png 6-8 King Bowser's Castle Castle
Icon SMW2-YI - Ultimate Castle Challenge.png 6-★ Castles - Masterpiece Set Castle/Fortress


Playable characters[edit]

* - The Pink and Red Yoshis' positions on the map screen are swapped, with the former at the seventh level and the latter at the second. This was corrected in the GBA port.

Supporting characters[edit]

Image Name Description
SMW2YIBabyMarioSprite.png Baby Mario Mario as an infant. The Yoshis have to transport him and take care of him throughout the game. Players can control him when he obtains a Super Star.
BabyLuigi - SMW2YI.png Baby Luigi Luigi as an infant. He is kidnapped by Kamek and, similar to Princess Peach of the Mario series, he needs to be rescued.
Hung Stork.png Stork The bird that delivers Baby Mario and Baby Luigi to their parents. The stork is captured alongside Baby Luigi.
SMW2 Poochy.png Poochy A dog that can run across dangerous terrain. He travels in the same direction a Yoshi faces, and he follows a Yoshi.
Melon Bug.png Melon Bug Pill bug-like creatures that can roll up into balls and be used as projectiles which can defeat a wide variety of enemies, including Tap-Taps.
HuffinPuffinSpriteYI.png Huffin Puffin Wanders around with chicks following. The chicks can be used as replacements for eggs.
Muddy Buddy.png Muddy Buddy Covers a Yoshi's feet, allowing Yoshis to safely traverse over spikes.
SMW2 Roger Lift.png Roger Lift Lifts Yoshi to higher places by moving fluidly in a looping motion.
SupportGhost.png Support Ghost Takes Yoshi through treacherous terrain.


Image Name Description
Aqua lakitu.png Aqua Lakitu A Lakitu that hides underwater and throws Spiny Eggs at a Yoshi. Yoshis can defeat them when they come up from the water to attack.
Bandit-SMW2.png Bandit Thieves that attempt to steal Baby Mario from Yoshi. It takes six eggs, three jumps or a Ground Pound to defeat them. They appear in Mini Battles as the opponent a Yoshi faces.
BarneyBubble SMW2.png Barney Bubble Circular, purple enemies that quickly run back forth. Eggs or jumping on them can defeat them, though they cannot be eaten. When stomped on, they produce bubbles that a Yoshi can use.
BaronVonZepplin.png Baron von Zeppelin A balloon that carries either helpful objects or harmful objects. They drop their item they are holding when a Yoshi approaches from underneath, or, in the case of helpful items only, when a Yoshi touches them or hits them with an egg.
SMW2YI - Beach Koopa.png Beach Koopa A shell-less Koopa Troopa. They can be defeated by eating them, throwing eggs on them, or stomping them. If they find a shell, they wear it.
SMW2YI - Big Boo.png Big Boo A larger version of the Boo. They act in the same fashion as them: they stop moving when looked at and follow a Yoshi when a Yoshi turns away from them. They can be defeated only by looking away from them and bouncing an egg off a wall to hit them.
Blow hard.png Blow Hard Cactus enemies that shoot Needlenoses at a Yoshi, indicated by a flashing crosshair. Throwing eggs at them or ground pounding nearby temporarily stuns them. They can be defeated only with a blue watermelon.
BooBalloon SMW2.png Boo Balloon Balloons in the shape of Boos that wander around an area, attempting to attack a Yoshi. Hitting them with an egg inflates them; three hits defeats them.
SMW2YI - Boo Blah.png Boo Blah Adhesive ghosts that stick to the floor or ceiling and jump up periodically. Stepping on them stuns them temporarily; they can be defeated with an Anywhere POW or a Winged Cloud Maker.
YIBoo.png Boo Buddy Ghost enemies that stop moving when looked at and follow a Yoshi when facing away. They can be defeated only by looking away from them and bouncing an egg off a wall to hit them.
Boo Guy SMW2YI sprite.png Boo Guy A ghost Shy-Guy that floats and meanders around.
SMW2YI - Boo Man Bluff.png Boo Man Bluff A blindfolded Boo that uses sound cues such as the gathering of coins to attack a Yoshi.
Bouncing Bullet Bill SMW2 sprite.png Bouncing Bullet Bill Bullet Bills that fired from a yellow Turtle Cannon and can bounce off any surface they touch.
Bowling Goonie.PNG Bowling Goonie A Hefty Goonie that is spat out and rolls about. They can be defeated with a ground pound.
Bubble Dayzee.PNG Bubble Dayzee Purple Crazee Dayzees that can blow bubbles.
BulletBill-SMW2.png Bullet Bill Bullet-like enemies that are emitted from a Turtle Cannon and travel in a straight line.
Bumpties.png Bumpty Penguin-like foes that can bump a Yoshi around. They cannot be eaten.
Burt SMW2YI sprite.png Burt Rotund, circular enemies that attack in pairs by jumping on top of each other. When one is defeated, the other Burt jumps more quickly. They can be defeated with an egg or ground pound.
CactusJack SMW2.png Cactus Jack Stationary foes that can be moved only when shot by an egg. If they come in contact with anything while rolling, they explode.
Caged ghost.PNG Caged Ghost Ghosts that appear from drainage grates. Hitting them with eggs shrinks them until they disappear momentarily, before regrowing to their large size.
SMW2 Chain Chomp.png Chain Chomp Confined, dog-like enemies that are confined and lunge at a Yoshi within their range of attack. They can be defeated by using an Anywhere POW or a Winged Cloud Maker.
Clawdaddy SMW2.png Clawdaddy Crabs covered in foam that uses its claws to attack a Yoshi. Three eggs or a ground pound can defeat them.
Cloud drops.PNG Cloud Drop Enemies that move back and forth in the air.
Coin Bandit.png Coin Bandit Bandits that carry a Red Coin on their heads. They run away if they see a Yoshi, but if a Yoshi collects a coin, they behave as normal Bandits: they attempt to take Baby Mario away. It takes six eggs, three jumps, or a Ground Pound to defeat them.
CrazeeDayzee-SMW2.png Crazee Dayzee Very common enemies that behave as Shy-Guys; they wander around. Unlike Shy-Guys, they can survive if spat out, unless they collide with another enemy or object.
SMW2 DSGuy.png Dancing Spear Guy Spear Guys that appear in groups and dance around. They can be defeated with eggs or eating them.
Dangling ghost.PNG Dangling Ghost Ghosts that swing back and forth while dangling from a ceiling. They can be temporarily retracted if an egg is shot at them.
DizzyDandy SMW2.png Dizzy Dandy Enemies that resemble the collectible flowers, but with an angry face. When Yoshi approaches them, they collapse and roll towards Yoshi's direction.
DrFreezegood SMW2.png Dr. Freezegood Stationary snowmen that appear on ski lifts and push Yoshi around. They can be defeated by jumping on them.
SMW2 EggoDil.png Eggo-Dil Flower-like enemies that can expel their petals in a straight direction. Yoshi can eat the petals or ground pound the Eggo-Dil to make it lose its petals. Only use of a Chomp Rock can defeat them.
Fangs.PNG Fang Flying bat enemies that can swoop down and fly around to attack Yoshi.
SMW2YI - Fat Guy.png Fat Guy Fat, slow-moving Shy-Guys that produce Giant Eggs when Yoshi eat them.
SMW2YI - Fire Bar.png Fire-Bar A line of balls of fire that rotate around a central pivot point, swinging in three dimensions.
SMW2YI - Fishin Lakitu.png Fishin' Lakitu Lakitus that attempt to steal Baby Mario off Yoshi's back with their fishing hooks.
SMW2 Pyro Guy.png Flamer Guy Shy-Guys on fire that can give a Yoshi the ability to shoot fire when eaten.
FlightlessGoonie SMW2.png Flightless Goonie Goonies that lack wings. They walk quickly back and forth.
Flightless Skeleton Goonie SMW2.png Flightless Skeleton Goonie Skeletal Flightless Goonies that walk quickly back and forth.
Flopsy Fish.PNG Flopsy Fish Fish that appear in water and can jump out. Eating them does not produce eggs.
SMW2 Fly Guy.png Fly Guy Flying Shy-Guys that can carry various items such as Red Coins and 1-Ups. After a certain time has passed, the Fly Guys that carry helpful items fly away.
Flutter SMW2.png Flying Wiggler Flying enemies that get enraged and go after a Yoshi if an egg is thrown at them or stepped on. They can be defeated by either getting eaten or by ground pounding them.
Froggy.png Frog Pirate Frogs that can launch their long tongues and grab Baby Mario off a Yoshi's back. Jumping on them stuns them temporarily, but they can get defeated by eating them or throwing eggs at them.
SMW2YI - Fuzzy.png Fuzzy Puffy enemies that drift along. If a Yoshi touches one or eats one, dizzy, disorienting effects occur, which wear off after a period of time. Eggs can defeat them.
GargantuaBlargg-SMW2.png Gargantua Blargg Tall and large enemies that appear out of lava and block a Yoshi's path, also giving a chase to a Yoshi. Shooting an egg at it temporarily causes it to retreat into lava.
SMW2YI - Georgette Jelly.png Georgette Jelly Slow moving enemies that cannot produce eggs when eaten. Jumping on them splatters them on walls, which eventually causes them to reform.
SMW2 Sprite Goomba.png Goomba Small, weak enemies that walk back and forth. When jumped on, they are flattened, but can still move around and hurt a Yoshi. They can be defeated by throwing an egg at them, ground pounding them, or eating them.
Goonie.PNG Goonie Bird enemies that fly around and can be ridden on. Some of them carry bombs and Shy-Guys. Spitting them out turns them into Flightless Goonies.
SMW2YI - Green Glove.png Green Glove An enemy that can catch eggs and throw them back at Yoshi.
SMW2YI - ToadyGreen.png Green Toady Toadies that appear alone, which slowly chase Yoshi. When Yoshi comes in contact with them, they steal Baby Mario.
SMW2YI - Grim Leecher.png Grim Leecher Enemies that latch onto Yoshi, kicking Baby Mario off and reversing the game's controls.
Grinder SMW2YI sprite.png Grinder Monkeys that appear in jungle levels, where they can be seen jumping around and climbing vines. Some Grinders carry green watermelons and spit the seeds at a Yoshi. They can snatch Baby Mario and run away with him.
Grunt.PNG Grunt Enemies that wear spiked helmets. If hit by an egg, they lose their helmets, causing them to frantically run around.
SMW2 Sprite Gusty.png Gusty Fast, aerial enemies that appear offscreen and move in a straight line.
HarryHedgehog SMW2.png Harry Hedgehog Fast-moving, blue hedgehogs that curl up in a spiny, defensive position if a Yoshi approaches them. They cannot be eaten when in the defensive position.
VeryGoonie SMW2.png Hefty Goonie Large Goonies that bounce about rather than fly. They turn into Bowling Goonies if spat out or hit by an egg.
Hootie the blue fish.PNG Hootie the Blue Fish Propelled Wild Piranhas that patrol along a set path, often in pairs. Throwing an egg at them temporarily stuns them. A red watermelon, blue watermelon, or Anywhere POW can defeat them.
Hot Lips.png Hot Lips Submerged enemies that periodically spits lava, which defeats a Yoshi when touched. They can be temporarily stunned with an egg, though Anywhere POWs can defeat them.
IncomingChomp.png Incoming Chomp Chomps that appear in the background and jump nearby to where a Yoshi is, smashing any ground below them.
Jean De fillet.png Jean de Fillet Fish that jump out of lava and water to attack a Yoshi. Eggs can defeat them.
Kaboomba.PNG Kaboomba Cannon foes that cannonballs, which explode after a few seconds. A Yoshi can ride on them by jumping on them. Eggs or a ground pound can defeat them.
SMW2YI - Kamek.png Kamek One of the primary antagonists of the game that appears as an enemy in a few levels. He continuously flies around, swoops down, and attacks a Yoshi.
SMW2 Sprite Koopa.png SMW2-RedKoopaTroopa.png Koopa Troopa Turtle enemies that have hard shells that prevent them from being ingested and turned into eggs. Yoshis can spit out their shells, however. When jumped on, they fly out of their shells and become Beach Koopas.
SMW2YI - Lakitu.png Lakitu Cloud riding turtle enemies that chase their opponents in the same manner that they did in Super Mario World, except they use cursors to throw Spiny Eggs; if a Yoshi touches one of these cursors, then the Lakitu throws an egg towards the Yoshi's spot.
SMW2YI - Lantern Ghost.png Lantern Ghost Lantern-carrying specters that appear in dark areas and behave similarly to Shy-Guys.
SMW2YI - Lava Bubble.png Lava Bubble Fireballs that jump up and down out of lava. If a Yoshi eats one, they can spit fire.
Lava Drop.png Lava Drop Floating balls of lava that patrol either left and right or up and down. They can be defeated by passing through a Middle Ring or a Winged Cloud Maker.
Slimes.png Lemon Drop Goopy yellow gumdrops that are detached from Salvo the Slime when he is hit. They also appear as enemies in Prince Froggy's Fort.
Little Mouser.PNG Little Mouser Mice enemies that attempt to steal a Yoshi's egg and run away with it.
Little Skull Mouser.png Little Skull Mouser A Little Mouser that jumps. Unlike Little Mousers, it does not steal eggs. If hit by an egg, jump, or ground pound, the skull helmet crumbles and turns the enemy into a Little Mouser.
Loch Nestor.png Loch Nestor Passive enemies that appear only when a Yoshi has transformed into a submarine. When Yoshi hits them with a torpedo, they give chase. It is defeated when hit three times by a torpedo.
Lunge Fish SMW2.png Lunge Fish Large lungfish that hide in the water, waiting for a Yoshi to approach. When a Yoshi gets close enough, they lunge out of the water, attempting to eat the Yoshi. If they are successful, the Yoshi instantly loses a life. They can be momentarily stunned if an egg is thrown at them.
SMW2YI - Mace Guy.png Mace Guy Shy-Guys that swing maces. If a Yoshi eats the Shy-Guy, the Mace Guy loses its mace.
SMW2 Spike.png Mace Penguin Small enemies that can create and throw large spike balls as a projectile.
Milde.png Milde Enemies that march around in lines. When jumped on, they pop, knocking back any enemies nearby them.
SMW2YI - Mock UpRed.png SMW2YI - Mock UpGreen.png Mock Up Balloons that inflate when a Yoshi approaches them. If the Yoshi eats the balloon before it pops, a 1-Up is awarded. If the balloon pops, Yoshi gets damaged, while a Fly Guy flies away.
Petal Guy.png Mufti Guy Shy-Guys that disguise themselves as flowers. When a Yoshi approaches, they stand up and walk after a Yoshi.
Navalbudsprite.png Naval Bud Buds that appear in the Naval Piranha boss fight, where they attempt to strike the Blue Yoshi. They cannot be defeated.
Needlenose SMW2.png Needlenose Spiky, ball-like enemies often appear as projectiles in enemy attacks. They can be eaten and turned into eggs. Yellow Needlenoses pop when they strike an object, while Green Needlenoses bounce around.
Nep-enut.PNG Nep-Enut Aquatic enemies that chase a Yoshi and pop up out of the water in a similar fashion to Gargantua Blarggs. Shooting at egg at it temporarily causes it to retreat into the water.
SMW2 Nipper Plant.png Nipper Plant Enemies that appear after a Nipper Spore has touched the ground.
SMW2nipperspore.png Nipper Spore Free-flying, dandelion-like enemies that become Nipper Plants after they touch the ground. Eating them does not produce eggs.
SMW2-GreenKoopaParatroopa.png SMW2-RedKoopaParatroopa.png Para-Koopa Winged Koopa Troopas that fly around. They lose their wings when jumped on or eaten.
PiroDanglesSMW2.png Piro Dangle Balls of fire that patrol a set path. They appear only in a secret room in Burt The Bashful's Fort, where they cannot be defeated.
Piscatory Pete.png Piscatory Pete Fish enemies that are obstacles to the submarine form Yoshi. Firing a torpedo at them defeats them.
NeedlenoseWithCactus.png Pokey Cactus enemies that bounce Needlenoses on their heads.
SMW2 Potted Spiked Fun Guy.png Potted Spiked Fun Guy Spiked Fun Guys that hide in pots. Throwing eggs at them can defeat them.
Preying Mantas.png Preying Mantas Jellyfish enemies that are obstacles to the submarine form Yoshi; they move up and down. Firing a torpedo at them defeats them.
Puchipuchi L SMW2.png Puchipuchi L Bigger versions of Mildes that split into four smaller Mildes when jumped on.
Raven sprite.png Raven Black, bird-like enemies that are found wandering on large floating rocks. A Yoshi cannot eat them, but they can be defeated by jumping on them or throwing eggs at them.
Mini-raven.png Raven (chick) Small, black bird-like enemies that can climb on walls and ceilings. When eaten, they do not produce eggs.
CoBlargg.png Red Blargg Enemies that rise out of lava to hurt a Yoshi. Throwing eggs at them temporarily stuns them, though an Anywhere POW can defeat them permanently.
Seedy sally.png Seedy Sally Stationary Grinders on vines that drop Needlenoses directly below.
SMW2 Chomp Shark.png Shark Chomp Very large, invincible enemies that give a Yoshi a chase until it chomps on a hard surface and breaks its teeth, defeating it.
Short fuse.png Short Fuse Stationary Grinders on vines that drop bombs directly below.
SMW2YI Red Shy Guy.pngSMW2YI Green Shy Guy.pngSMW2YI Yellow Shy Guy.pngSMW2YI Purple Shy Guy.png Shy-Guy Mask-wearing enemies that are the ubiquitous enemy in the game. They wander about, come in different colors, and can be defeated in any manner. Shy-Guys can spawn out of certain Warp Pipes until a Yoshi has the max number of eggs.
SMW2 Red Shy Guy on Stilts.pngSMW2 Green Shy Guy on Stilts.pngSMW2 Pink Shy Guy on Stilts.pngSMW2 Yellow Shy Guy on Stilts.png Shy-Guy on Stilts Shy-Guys on tall stilts that cannot be eaten in the front; a Yoshi must eat them from behind. If jumped on, they lose their stilts and turn into Shy-Guys.
SkeletonGoonie SMW2.png Skeleton Goonie Skeletal Goonies that cannot be ridden on and instead turn into Flightless Skeleton Goonie if stepped on. Some of them carry bombs to drop on a Yoshi.
SMW2YI - Slime.png Slime Enemies that are disguised as large, rectangular platforms, carrying keys, until a Yoshi touches them, which transforms them. When hit by a seed or an egg, they turn smaller until they disappear.
Slugger SMW2.png Slugger Enemies holding baseball bats that deflect projectiles such as eggs, watermelon seeds, or Chomp Rocks.
SMW2YI - Sluggy.png Sluggy Slug-like enemies that attack a Yoshi by dropping off a ceiling. They can be defeated by jumping on them.
Snifit SMW2.png Snifit Shy-Guy-like enemies that can shoot projectiles in a straight line, and the projectile can go through walls.
SMW2YI - ToadyPink.png Solo Toady Pink Toadies that appear to snatch Baby Mario directly after he's knocked off Yoshi's back.
SMW2 Sprite Speer Guy.png Spear Guy Shy-Guys that cannot be jumped on, and their shield in the front protects them from attacks in that range. A Yoshi can defeat them by eating them or throwing an egg at them when their back is turned.
SMW2 Spiked Fun Guy.png Spiked Fun Guy Enemies that cannot be jumped on, but a Yoshi can either eat them or throw eggs at them to defeat them.
YISpooky.png Spooky Enemies that wear a disguise as a ghost. A Yoshi can ride on a Spooky, but cannot defeat the Spooky with a jump. If a Spooky lands on top of a Yoshi, it can steal Baby Mario. When a Yoshi attacks it, its disguise is revealed as a green Shy-Guy. If Baby Mario is stolen, a Bandit is revealed.
Spray Fish.PNG Spray Fish Fish enemies that appear out of water and spray a jet of water that pushes a Yoshi back. They can be temporarily stunned if an egg is thrown at it.
SMW2 Stretch.png Stretch Tall, thin Shy-Guys that cannot be defeated by jumping on them. When jumped on, they spit out watermelon seeds.
Taptapsprite.png Tap-Tap Spiky enemies that are impervious to most attacks, but they can be pushed around and stunned if a Yoshi licks them or throws an egg at them. Melon Bug balls, Chomp Rocks, red watermelons, and blue Watermelons can defeat them.
Tap-tap the golden.png Tap-Tap the Golden A large, golden enemy, found on the third door of King Bowser's Castle. Tap-Tap the Golden cannot be defeated and he chases Green Yoshi through a lava-filled, autoscrolling path, where Green Yoshi needs to outrun him and reach a Warp Pipe to escape. Green Yoshi can toss eggs at Tap-Tap the Golden to push him back.
Shy Guy mace.png Tekkyū Dosun A large mace that is operated by a Boo Guy. Timed jumps must be used to pass.
ThunderLakitu SMW2.png Thunder Lakitu Lakitus that shoot a ball of energy, setting the ground on fire.
SMW2 Toady.png SMW2 Toady.png SMW2 Toady.png SMW2 Toady.png Toadies A quartet of small Magikoopas that work for Kamek. They kidnap Baby Mario when the timer runs out.
Train bandits.PNG Train Bandit Shy-Guys that chase after a Yoshi when the Yoshi has transformed into a train.
SMW2YI - Whirly Fly Guy.gif Whirly Fly Guy Flashing Fly Guys that start off on the ground and slowly take off into the sky. If a Yoshi spits watermelon seeds at them, they drop coins. When hit enough times, they award extra lives to the Yoshi.
SMW2 Piranha Plant.png Wild Piranha Plant enemies that start small, but grow larger in size and chomp at a Yoshi's direction when a Yoshi approaches. Throwing eggs or using an item can defeat them.
Wild Piranha.png Wild Ptooie Piranha Wild Piranhas that spit Needlenoses at a Yoshi. They take three egg hits to defeat, changing colors when they are hit, from green, to yellow, to red.
SMW2YI - Woozy Guy.gif Woozy Guy Shy-Guys that make flip jumps to move around.
SMW2YI - Zeus Guy.png Zeus Guy Enemies that attack a Yoshi by shooting balls of energy. If a Yoshi gets too close, they kick or punch that Yoshi. Jumping on them or throwing eggs at them temporarily stuns them. They can be defeated with a red watermelon, blue watermelon, or Anywhere POW.


Yoshi fighting the boss of World 5, Raphael the Raven.

Each world features a midway fort and an end-world castle (the fourth and eighth levels of each world, respectively), both with their own boss. Every boss is just an enlarged version of a basic enemy that Kamek super-sizes with his magic. The only exception is Prince Froggy, who remains at his normal size while Yoshi and Baby Mario are shrunk; he then eats them and the battle is located in his stomach.

Image Name World Location Description
SMW2 Burt the Bashful.png Burt the Bashful World 1 Burt The Bashful's Fort An enlarged Burt that Yellow Yoshi must defeat by throwing eggs at him. Burt attacks Yellow Yoshi by bouncing around. Whenever Burt is hurt, his pants lower; he is defeated when his pants are entirely lowered with six hits.
SMW2YI - Salvo the Slime.png Salvo the Slime World 1 Salvo The Slime's Castle An enlarged Slime where Blue Yoshi must defeat him by throwing eggs at him. Whenever Salvo takes a hit, he reduces in size and releases Lemon Drops. Salvo additionally attacks by bouncing around, and the smaller he gets, the faster he moves around. He attempts to attack Yoshi by pushing him to the edge of the room, with lava as the obstacle.
BiggerBoo'sFort.png Bigger Boo World 2 Bigger Boo's Fort A bigger Boo that chases around Yellow Yoshi when Yellow Yoshi is turned away. When Yellow Yoshi looks at Bigger Boo, he turns invisible and therefore, cannot be hit. To defeat Bigger Boo, Yellow Yoshi must ricochet eggs off walls so that it hits him while he is following Yellow Yoshi as Yellow Yoshi looks away. Every time Bigger Boo is hit, he grows in size; hitting him five times defeats him.
SMW2YI - Roger the Potted Ghost.png Roger the Potted Ghost World 2 The Potted Ghost's Castle A large ghost growing from a pot that is a stationary target. In order to defeat Roger, Blue Yoshi needs to push the pot he is stationed at off a cliff, where other Shy-Guys resist Blue Yoshi's efforts from the other side. Roger can also lunge and shoot fire at Blue Yoshi.
Froggy.png Prince Froggy World 3 Prince Froggy's Fort A normal Frog Pirate that eats Yellow Yoshi when he is shrunk by Kamek. The battle takes place in Prince Froggy's stomach, where Yellow Yoshi needs to hit the uvula at the top of the stomach with eggs. The main hazards in this battle are the gastric acid and the Shy-Guys (appearing big to Yoshi) Prince Froggy eats.
SMW2 Naval.png Naval Piranha World 3 Naval Piranha's Castle An enlarged Wild Piranha that attacks Blue Yoshi with Nipper Spores and Nipper Plants. Its weakness is the bandaged bump where Blue Yoshi can throw eggs at. Blue Yoshi can also defeat Naval Piranha in one hit before it even enlarges by throwing an egg at it before Blue Yoshi approaches the area.
SMW2YI - Marching Milde.png Marching Milde World 4 Marching Milde's Fort A large Milde attacks by walking left and right, where she hurts Yellow Yoshi from the sides. To attack her, Yellow Yoshi needs to ground pound her from above, which causes her to split to two extra large Puchipuchi L. Yellow Yoshi needs to ground pound on them again to turn them into common sized Puchipuchi L, and then again to turn them into regular Mildes. Once all Mildes are defeated, the boss battle is won.
Hookbill-SMW2.png Hookbill the Koopa World 4 Hookbill The Koopa's Castle An enlarged Koopa Troopa who attacks by lunging towards Blue Yoshi. Blue Yoshi needs to toss several eggs at Hookbill's head or arms to topple him over, where Blue Yoshi needs to ground pound on his belly to damage him. After Hookbill has been damaged, he retreats into his shell and pounds the ground repeatedly. Once this attack is finished, he resumes his normal attack pattern.
SMW2YI - Sluggy the Unshaven.png Sluggy the Unshaven World 5 Sluggy The Unshaven's Fort An enlarged Sluggy where Yellow Yoshi needs to attack his heart in order to damage him. To reach his heart, Yellow Yoshi needs to throw eggs at his gelatinous skin, which exposes the heart with every hit. Sluggy does not damage Yellow Yoshi, but he can push Yellow Yoshi over a pit if he advances far enough.
SMW2YI - Raphael the Raven.png Raphael the Raven World 5 Raphael The Raven's Castle An enlarged Raven where the battle takes place on the moon. Blue Yoshi needs to pound on stakes on the opposite side as Raphael in order to damage him. Raphael attacks by chasing Blue Yoshi, as well as ground pounding to create shockwaves that circle the moon. Every time Raphael is hit, he obtains a faster attack pattern; three hits defeats him.
SMW2YI - Tap-Tap the Red Nose.png Tap-Tap the Red Nose World 6 Tap-Tap The Red Nose's Fort An invincible boss that attacks Yellow Yoshi by jumping onto the Yoshi. To defeat the boss, Yellow Yoshi needs to destroy the blocks on the floor to create a gap that leads to the lava and then push Tap-Tap the Red Nose into the lava via throwing eggs at him.
SnesBabyBowser.PNG Baby Bowser World 6 King Bowser's Castle One of the antagonists of the game that has two phases. The first phase involves Baby Bowser in his normal form, where he tries to ground pound the Green Yoshi to ride on him. Green Yoshi can attack Baby Bowser by ground pounding the ground, using the shockwaves as an attack.
SMW2 Baby Bowser 2.png Big Baby Bowser World 6 King Bowser's Castle After Green Yoshi delivers three hits to Baby Bowser, Kamek enlarges Baby Bowser, starting the second phase of the fight. In order to attack Big Baby Bowser, who approaches from the background, Green Yoshi needs to obtain Giant Eggs from Baron von Zeppelins that occasionally fly in. Big Baby Bowser attacks by sending flying rocks, breathing fireballs at Green Yoshi, and charging into Green Yoshi. He is defeated when Green Yoshi hits him seven times. If Big Baby Bowser gets too close, he destroys the platform Green Yoshi is standing on, defeating Green Yoshi.


Metamorphosis bubble[edit]

Entering a metamorphosis bubble causes Yoshi to be transformed into one of several different types of vehicles, each with their own unique capabilities. While in this state, Yoshi is allowed to move around as the vehicle without Baby Mario for a limited time before being pulled back to the metamorphosis bubble and being turned back to normal. If the player is able to hit a Yoshi Block while transformed, the transformation is automatically reversed at that location.

Image Name Description
SMW2YI - Helicopter.png Helicopter Allows a Yoshi to fly around for a brief time.
SMW2YI - Mole Tank.png Mole Tank Allows a Yoshi to tunnel through sections of dirt.
SMW2YI - Submarine.png Submarine Allows a Yoshi to move around underwater and fire torpedoes.
SMW2YI - Train.png Train Allows a Yoshi to move along tracks seen in the background.
SMW2YI - Car.png Vehicle Allows a Yoshi to move quickly across land. The Yoshi can increase the height of its suspension, allowing it to avoid enemies and reach higher areas.

Other transformations[edit]

Image Name Description
SMW2YI - Superstar Mario.png Powerful Mario Collecting a Super Star causes Baby Mario to be temporarily transformed into Powerful Mario. While in this state, Baby Mario can run around without needing to ride Yoshi, completely invincible. Powerful Mario is also capable of running on walls, ceilings, and spikes, and can glide with his cape.
Yoshi ski.png Ski Yoshi Attained upon entering a house in certain snow levels, this causes a Yoshi to don ski equipment to traverse across hills and ramps. The Yoshi stays in this form until the level is completed or he fails.
SnowballYoshiYI.png Snowball Yoshi If a Ski Yoshi hits an obstacle or fails the ramp jump, the Yoshi rolls over and becomes a snowball. While in this form, the Yoshi is invincible, but the player cannot control the Yoshi and cannot jump.

Items and objects[edit]

Image Name Description
SMW2YI ! Switch.png ! Switch Switches that cause Dotted Line Blocks to transform into ! Blocks.
SMW2 ! Block.png ! Block Dotted Line Blocks that turn into these blocks after a Yoshi activates a ! Switch.
SMW2 Arrow Cloud Purple.pngSMW2 Arrow Cloud Yellow.pngSMW2 Arrow Cloud Green.png Arrow Cloud Clouds that sends eggs flying in the direction the arrow is pointing.
Balloon-1.png Balloon Rising platforms a Yoshi can ride on, for a limited period of time. Riding on them stops them from rising. If a Yoshi rides on them too long, the balloons disappear.
SMW2 Beanstalk.png Beanstalk Plants that are spawned from Winged Clouds when they are hit. The beanstalk then grows into a tall, ladder-like platform, where Yoshis can use the leaves to traverse to upper elevations.
Morphbubble.PNG Bubble Bubbles that can carry various items, such as 1-Ups, though most bubbles take form as metamorphosis bubbles. When a Yoshi is damaged by an enemy, Baby Mario gets encased in a bubble.
Bucket2.PNG Bucket Buckets that turn upside down and drop coins or occasionally enemies when hit by an egg. In some levels, these buckets can be used as platforms to traverse water or lava.
SMW2YI Gray Chomp Rock.pngSMW2YI Brown Chomp Rock.png Chomp Rock Rocks that can be pushed, which defeats any enemy in its path. Yoshis can also stand on top of them as platforms and can roll them by walking on the preferred direction. Gray Chomp Rocks revert to their original position if a Yoshi leaves the screen and brown variations do not.
SMW2YI - Coin.png Coin Currency that, when 100 are collected, Yoshi receives an extra life.
YoshisIslandCrate.png Crate Objects that can be broken if ground pounded on. They release coins, Stars or keys. They occasionally appear from Baron von Zeppelin, where a Yoshi can knock down the crate by throwing an egg at the object.
SMW2 Donut Block.png Donut Lift Unstable platforms that collapse when a Yoshi stays too long on one block.
NSMBW Dotted-Line Block Sprite.png Dotted Line Block Invisible platforms that indicate where a ! Block will spawn if a ! Switch is hit.
SMW2 Egg Blocks.png Egg Block Blocks that, when struck from below, produce Yoshi's eggs. They stop making eggs when a Yoshi has the maximum amount. Some of them simply turn into eggs.
SMW2 Expansion Block.png Expansion Block A block that resembles a pink Egg Block. When struck from below, it grows, allowing a Yoshi to reach higher platforms. After a set amount of time, it reverts to its original size.
SMW2 Falling Rock.png Falling Rock Platforms that fall when a Yoshi stands on them. When they are about to fall, they start shaking. These platforms can also crush a Yoshi, instantly defeating it.
SMW2YI Flashing Egg.gif Flashing Egg Eggs that release a red coin when a Yoshi strikes an enemy with it.
Flatbed Ferry.png Flatbed Ferry Platforms attached to a dotted line that travel across it until the end, indicated by a large red sphere. These fall when the dotted lines do not have a large red sphere at the end of it. There are three varieties of Flatbed Ferry, and their color indicates their speed. Green Flatbed Ferries are the slowest, yellow ones run at a faster speed, and red ones are the fastest Flatbed Ferries.
SMW2 Flipper.png Flipper Bars that, once passed through, prevent access to the area before.
Smiley Flower SMW2YI sprite.png Flower Flowers that serve as collectibles. Netting all five flowers earns Yoshi an Extra Life and fifty points toward the completion score. Getting all the flowers in each level is also necessary for Yoshi to get a perfect score. Collecting at least one flower is also necessary to access a Bonus Challenge via the goal roulette, and the chance of playing a Bonus Challenge is increased by collecting more.
SMW2 Giant Yoshi Egg.png Giant Egg Giant Yoshi Eggs that can defeat all on-screen enemies merely from the shock-wave they give off when thrown.
SMW2 Goal Roulette.png Goal roulette Roulettes that are found at the end of every level, except for castles and fortresses, and act as the goal point.
SMW2 Green Shell.png Green Shell Shells that can be carried by Yoshi, but Yoshi cannot swallow them due to them being hard and inedible and they still can hurt Yoshi when they are sliding on the ground.
SMW2-YI - Ice Block.png Ice Block Blocks that serve as slippery obstacles and cannot be picked up, but can be melted by Yoshi's fire breath. Some Ice Blocks can hide items as well.
SMW2 Icicle.png Icicle Icicles that fall from the ceiling when an egg is thrown at them.
SMW2 Key.png Key Keys that can be collected and carried like Yoshi's eggs, taking up one space of the player's maximum number of Eggs.
SMW2 Lakitu's Cloud.png Lakitu's cloud Clouds that enable Yoshis to reach places that they could normally not get to.
YI Hintblock.gif Message Block Blocks that teach the player about controls and give tips.
SMW2 Middle Ring.png Middle Ring Rings of light that appear partway through most stages and serve as checkpoints.
SMW2 Number Platform.png Number Platform A balance that has a number labeled on it, with the number shown decreasing by one every time something moves on it. When the number decreases to zero, the entire platform vanishes into dust. The highest number they can be is four.
SMW2 Paddle Wheel.png Paddle wheel A round platform that is made up of four smaller platforms connected to chains.
SMW2 Post.png Post Wooden posts that come up from the ground, and Yoshi must Ground Pound them to get rid of them.
Vase SMW2.png Pot Objects that break when Yoshi pushes them off an edge.
POWBlock SMW2.png POW Block A block that turns all nearby enemies turn into stars. They can be hit three times before they disappear.
SMW2 Red Balloon.png Red balloon A large red balloon that Yoshi can ride for a limited time before it deflates.
SMW2 Red Coin.png Red Coin Coins that are hidden behind regular Gold Coins. There are 20 of them in each level and grabbing one adds one point to Yoshi's score tally at the end of the level.
SMW2 Red Egg.png Red Egg A red Yoshi's egg that causes two stars to appear when it hits an enemy.
SMW2 Red Shell.png Red Shell A Red Koopa Shell that can be used by spitting it out, but it cannot be used for making eggs.
SMW2 Rock Block.png Rock Block A large blue block made of a durable type of rock that can only be destroyed with Yoshi's eggs.
Snowball.PNG Snowball A snowball that becomes larger the more Yoshi pushes it in snow. It can also defeat enemies and can be used as a platform for Yoshi.
SMW2 Spike Trap.png Spike Obstacles that cause Yoshi to lose a life instantly upon touching them.
SMW2 Spinning Log.png Spinning Log Pink logs that stay still for a while and then start spinning wildly, which can either help or hinder Yoshi.
Arrow Lift.png Spinning wheel Circular lifts that travel in the direction it is pointing when a Yoshi stands on it. They stop spinning when a Yoshi stands on it, and they continue when a Yoshi jumps off of it. A Yoshi can also eat these and spit them out to another area. If a Yoshi falls off to an area where the Yoshi cannot reach the spinning wheel, it respawns in the location it started at. There are two types of spinning wheels: the blue spinning wheels disappear if a Yoshi jumps off one and does not ride it again for a while, while the tan ones stay there until Yoshi leaves the room or goes at a far enough distance away from the tan spinning wheel.
Springball.PNG Spring ball Balls that Yoshi can jump on top of, then jump again to be propelled high into the air with a boosted jump. Yoshi can jump even further up if he times the jump right when the he contacts the spring ball. There are also larger variations, which propel Yoshi even higher.
SMW2 Squishy Block.png Squishy block Pinkish-orange blocks that move when pushed. When they hit a wall, they squish against the wall, growing taller and thinner. When Ground Pounded on, the inverse happens. They can be used to safely cross over spikes.
Sprite Star Yoshis Island.png Star Stars that add one more second to Yoshi's countdown timer.
SMW2 Thorn.png Thorn Spiky obstacles that act similar to Spikes and will cause Yoshi to die instantly.
SMW2 Tulip.png Tulip Giant floating red flowers that spit out eight Stars when an egg, shell, or a spit-up enemy enters them.
SMW2 Warp Pipe.png Warp Pipe Pipes that can spawn enemies, usually as a source for Yoshi's eggs.
SMW2 Winged Cloud.png Winged Cloud Clouds that trigger events when a Yoshi's egg is thrown at them.
SMW2 Yellow Egg.png Yellow Egg Yoshi's eggs that can be acquired if Yoshi throws a green egg that recoils once from the wall.
SMW2 Yoshi Block.png Yoshi Block Blocks that transform Yoshi back to normal after he has been transformed into a vehicle.
SMW2YI - Yoshi Egg.png Yoshi's egg Eggs that can be used as projectiles and can be obtained from eating enemies or hitting an Egg Block. Only six eggs can be carried at one time.


Bonus Challenge[edit]

Bonus Challenges are initiated when the goal roulette stops on a flower at the end of the level. Yoshis can increase the chances of playing a Bonus Challenge by collecting flowers on the level. During a Bonus Challenge, the player players one of several minigames. Upon winning the minigame, the player can receive lives or Special Items. A specific Bonus Challenge is unlocked when the player collects 800 points in a world, and that specific Bonus Challenge can be played any time.

There are six Bonus Challenges in total.

Image Name Description
ScratchandMatch.png Scratch and Match Players scratch cards with Baby Mario icons to earn lives.
FlipCards.png Flip Cards Players flip over panels to earn Special Items and lives, but lose their rewards if Kamek is flipped over.
DrawlingLots.png Drawing Lots Players can earn Special Items by selecting a panel that does not contain a Kamek card.
MatchCards.png Match Cards Players need to memorize pairs of panels and flip over the correct pairing to receive Special Items or lives.
Roulette.png Roulette Players bet lives on a roulette, which randomly spins to generate an equation that increases or decreases lives depending on what was stopped on.
SlotMachine.png Slot Machine Players stop a slot machine, which generates lives depending on the combo stopped on.

Mini Battles[edit]

Mini Battles are minigames that can be played in various levels, when a Yoshi receives a key and enters a Bonus Game Shack. These are competitive fights against a Bandit, and besting that Bandit earns the Yoshi a reward. Mini Battles can later be played in the main level selection screen after they have been unlocked. If the players hold Select Button and press X Button, X Button, Y Button, B Button, and A Button on the level selection screen, a screen pops up listing all Mini Battles, as well as a 2-player version of Throwing Balloons and Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest and a 4-button Throwing Balloons mode.

There are four Mini Battles in total.

Image Name Description
ThrowingBalloons.png Throwing Balloons Players need to toss a water balloon back and forth against a Bandit, using the button commands displayed on a screen. The player must either press four or six buttons depending on the variation of the game.
PoppingBalloons.png Popping Balloons Players need to pop a balloon with a Special Item in it.
WatermelonSeedSpittingContest.png Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest Players need to spit watermelon seed projectiles at an opponent.
SMW2 GatherCoins.png Gather Coins Players need to collect the most coins shot out by a cannon before the time limit expires.

Special Items[edit]

By winning Bonus Challenges and Mini Battles, the player's prizes can be one of several Special Items. These items can be used at any time during a level (except during boss battles) by going to the pause menu and selecting one of them with A Button. Up to 22 of these items can be carried at a time.

Image Name Description
SMW2YI 10-Point Star.png 10-Point Star Increases the amount of time in the Countdown Timer by ten seconds.
20PointStar.png 20-Point Star Increases the amount of time in the Countdown Timer by twenty seconds.
Anytime Egg.png Anytime Egg Refills Yoshi's egg count up to six.
Anywhere POW.png Anywhere POW Creates a shockwave that turns all on-screen enemies into Stars.
Winged cloud maker.png Winged Cloud Maker Transforms all enemies on-screen into Winged Clouds.
Magnifying Glass SMW2YI sprite.png Magnifying Glass Reveals Red Coins and hidden Winged Clouds to the player.
SMW2GreenWatermelon.png Super Green Watermelon Gives Yoshi a green watermelon, allowing him to shoot seeds.
SMW2 FireWatermelon.png Super Red Watermelon Gives Yoshi a red watermelon, allowing him to spit fire.
SMW2 IceWatermelon.png Super Blue Watermelon Gives Yoshi a blue watermelon, allowing him to breathe frost.


Main article: Super Mario: Yoshi Island Original Sound Version

A soundtrack CD was released in Japan on November 25, 1995, titled Super Mario: Yoshi Island Original Sound Version. Composed by Koji Kondo, the disc contains 26 tracks from the game.


Culver City event[edit]

Flyer promoting the Culver City event.

An event was held in front of a Toys "R" Us in Culver City, California on October 5, 1995 at 3:00 PM to promote the North American release of Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. At the event, there was a trailer and a large model Yoshi's egg surrounded by hay. The trailer held a banner with the words "Play It Loud" and stock art of Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. The Yoshi's egg held a banner with the word "Nintendo". The event centered around "hatching" the Yoshi's egg. After the hosts interacted with the idle audience, children were lined up and given small, green hammers which they used to break open a designated area at the bottom of the egg. The Yoshi's egg, when breached, yielded stringed paper and a large model of the Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island cartridge. Group photos were then taken of children with the cartridge.

The organizers of the event also pledged to donate five hundred dollars to local schools on the condition that the principals of these schools sit on top of the Yoshi's egg for fifteen minutes. A person in a one-piece Mario and Yoshi costume also was seated on top of the Yoshi's egg. Participants could go on and off the egg by means of a forklift.

A raffle was then held with one winner receiving a Super Nintendo Entertainment System which includes a copy of Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. Other winners may have won t-shirts. Discount coupons were also distributed.


Front and back of Nintendo Power's "Super Power Club" cards.
Front and back of Nintendo Power's "Super Power Club" cards.
Front and back of Nintendo Power's "Super Power Club" cards.

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island was the cover feature of Volume 77 of Nintendo Power. Nintendo Power also distributed eight promotional cards of some of the game's bosses part of their collectible Super Power Club series of cards which began in October 1992 with Volume 44 of Nintendo Power. The front of each card has an in-game image of the character and the reverse had a brief description of the character. The cards include:


The A Magical Tour of Yoshi's Island VHS.

Nintendo of America distributed Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island: A Magical Tour of Yoshi's Island, a six minute-long promotional VHS. The video featured Ken Lobb and the same person who narrated the Donkey Kong Country: Exposed promotional VHS. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island was also featured in the The Invasion of Nintendo VHS. The video also featured Ken Lobb.

Another promotional video, titled 'The Invasion of Nintendo', was included with a copy of Nintendo Power. The video featured Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island along with some other video games. Ken Lobb made another appearance.

There exists another untitled promotional video that was likely shown on monitors in video game stores. It is about fifty seconds long and consists of clips of the game along with some narration.[6]


Volume 14 of Super Mario-Kun mostly focuses on the events of Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, with the arc concluding in volume 15. The Super Mario-Kun version of the story features Mario and Luigi traveling back in time to stop adult Bowser and Kamek alongside Yoshi and Baby Mario.

A standalone manga, titled "Super Mario: Yoshi Island" from the the Kodansha Super Mario manga series, was also released. The series, spanning three volumes, was written by Kazuki Motoyama, who had previously written a manga based on the game Yoshi, and published by Kodansha Limited. The first two volumes are based on the stories from the game, while the third volume has original stories that use the game's characters and themes.

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island was also adapted as part of the 4-koma Gag Battle series, also titled "Super Mario: Yoshi Island".


Main article: List of Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island staff

Takashi Tezuka and Shigefumi Hino, video game designers who have worked as directors for previous titles in the Super Mario Bros. series including Super Mario World, served as two of the four game's directors, including Toshihiko Nakago. Hideki Konno, who has worked as a map designer in Super Mario World and as a level designer in the previous Mario games also served as a game director. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island is the first Mario-related project that Yasuhisa Yamamura has worked on, who has most notably worked on the dungeon design in the The Legend of Zelda series. The C.G. design the game employs is credited to Yoshiaki Koizumi, who has previously worked on Super Mario Kart as the illustrator. The soundtrack was composed by Koji Kondo, well known for creating the Mario franchise's iconic tunes. Shigeru Miyamoto had heavy involvement with the game's development and served as the game's producer, while Hiroshi Yamauchi served as the executive producer.


In an interview with game journalist Steven Kent, Shigeru Miyamoto stated that he wanted to make a game starring Yoshi as far back as Super Mario World's development[7]. Miyamoto disliked previous Yoshi games (specifically mentioning Yoshi's Cookie, Yoshi's Egg, and Yoshi's Safari, the latter being mistranslated as "Yoshi's World Hunters" in the interview) and wanted to make one more authentic to the Yoshi character[7].

An early version of the game was demoed to Nintendo's marketing department, who rejected it due to the visuals "lacking punch" in comparison to Donkey Kong Country's pre-rendered 3D graphics[7]. In response, Shigeru Miyamoto developed a more stylized and "cartoony" art direction for the game, which was accepted. Some of the pre-rendered sprites used in the opening of the game are leftovers from the original graphical pitch.

According to Hisashi Nogami, the hand-drawn style was created by literally drawing the characters by hand on paper, scanning them and then carefully copying them to make the sprites "a pixel at a time".[8]

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island was one of three completed games to use the Super FX2 graphics chip, which allowed for larger sprites and more advanced effects such as sprite scaling and rotation (advertised as "Morphmation" technology), basic polygonal rendering, and advanced parallax scrolling.


Critical reception[edit]

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island has been met with critical acclaim at the time of release, with most reviews praising the level design, the platforming mechanics, the personality, the graphics, the soundtrack, and the creativity of the game; the game has garnered a 96.00% on GameRankings based on 5 reviews.[9] The most common criticisms surrounding the game comes from Baby Mario's crying when he is trapped in a bubble after Yoshi takes a hit from the enemy, often being cited as "annoying". IGN has retrospectively said in its article "Is There a Bad Mario Game?", "The game earned instant acclaim and rightfully so for its brilliant stage design and platforming mechanics. Yoshi's Island doesn't beat you over the head with trial and error to teach you how to play, but it also does not hold your hand with a numbingly dull tutorial."[10] Kaes Delgrego of Nintendo Life has referred to the game as "Perhaps the greatest platformer of all time" in his review, giving the game a score of a 10/10.[11] Delgrego has called the time-based health mechanic "innovative" for its time that would come to games later on, comparing it to Halo's time-based life mechanic. While he has admitted that the game itself isn't revolutionary, Delgrego has praised the creativity with the puzzle-solving and the pastel-style graphics. The only criticism Delgrego has cited for the game was the easy boss fights and Baby Mario's crying when Yoshi takes damage from an enemy. Reece Warrender of Cubed3 gave the game a 9/10,[12] who was impressed by the game's new and interesting mechanics, such as swallowing an enemy to create a projectile of it, as well as having simple and enjoyable mechanics that players of any age can enjoy. The graphics and sound were praised for being high quality and having a unique style. The most major criticisms Warrender had with the game were the easy difficulty and the short length, citing that the game can be completed in five hours, despite having replay value in the form of the points system. The game was placed 18th in the 100th issue of Nintendo Power's "100 best Nintendo games of all time" in 1997. The game placed 185th in the 200th Issue of Game Informer's "Top 200 Games of All Times", the lowest ranked Mario series game.

Release Reviewer, Publication Score Comment
SNES Kaes Delgrego, Nintendo Life 10/10 "Yoshi's Island isn't just a great platformer: it's a reminder of why this silly little hobby of ours is so wonderful. Sure, the game contains no political satire, no poetic justice, no character development. But if what Miyamoto and Tezuka crafted isn't a work of art, then the definition of "art" needs to be amended."
SNES NEXT Generation Issue #14 February 1996 5/5 "You'll find yourself baffled at the task of completing this gargantuan game, but you'll definitely enjoy trying."
SNES Reece Warrender, Cubed3 9/10 "Super Mario World was possibly the most popular game to be released on the SNES console. Following a large change of direction in the sequel you will find yourself controlling different Yoshi's in an attempted to protect a baby Mario. The game sounds unappealing, but after giving the game a fair chance you will experience a platformer like no other."
SNES Rob Hamilton,
Honest Gamers
10/10 "Yoshi's Island may not be perfect, but it provides pure gaming bliss, taking the tried-and-true Super Mario Brothers style of play and adding its own personalized touch. Just stay away from those Fuzzies. The withdrawal is pure agony!"
Compiler Platform / Score
Game Rankings 96.00%


Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island has sold over 4 million copies, with the Edge publication stating that the game was "a radical sequel to Super Mario World whose anarchic gameworld and illustration-style visuals win it loyal fans but less dramatic total sales".[13]

Pre-release and unused content[edit]

Main article: List of Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island pre-release and unused content
Animated graphics of the unused metamorphosis bubble transformations.
Animated graphics of the unused metamorphosis bubble transformations.
Animated graphics of the unused metamorphosis bubble transformations.
Animated graphics of the unused metamorphosis bubble transformations.

According to Shigeru Miyamoto, the marketing department at Nintendo wanted him to use pre-rendered 3D sprites like in Donkey Kong Country for the game, rather than stylized 2D sprites. Additionally, found in the game's data are several sprites that go unused, such as several Super Mario All-Stars sprites and three unused Yoshi forms. There are also three unused Mini Battles that can be seen in the game's code.


Main article: List of Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island glitches

Giant Egg anywhere[edit]

By going into any level with a Fat Guy and carrying a Giant Egg to the end of a level, the player must go to the edge of the screen past the exit and throw the egg up, then use Yoshi's tongue to push it slightly into the edge of the screen. By finishing the level like this, the next Yoshi will collect the egg as it appears to take Baby Mario, allowing the player to take a Giant Egg into any level in the game.[14]

Constantly full mouth[edit]

By jumping through a Middle Ring and spitting out an enemy at the same time, Yoshi constantly appears to have a full mouth, despite still being able to stick his tongue out and not being able to spit anything out.[14]

Remakes and ports[edit]

Box art for the Game Boy Advance version of the game.

Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3[edit]

Main article: Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island was later ported to the handheld Game Boy Advance as part of the Super Mario Advance series, a series of updated remakes of classic Mario games. Known as Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3, it was the third in the series, and boasted new levels and slightly altered graphics and dialogue from the original, as well as various other minor changes. This version of the game is the only version available through the Virtual Console on future consoles, rather than the original version.

SNES Classic Edition[edit]

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island is one of the 21 titles included on the Super NES Classic Edition.

Super Nintendo Entertainment System - Nintendo Switch Online[edit]

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, along with Super Mario World and Super Mario Kart, is one of the 20 launch titles for Super Nintendo Entertainment System - Nintendo Switch Online.

Version differences[edit]

See also: tcrf:Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island/Version Differences

Two versions of this game are known to exist for the North American release. The easiest way to tell the difference is font face by hitting a Message Block.

In the Japanese release of the game, later versions pluralize the collectibles in the score screen, altering the line of dots that come after the words.

SMA2YI NA V1 0.png
SMA2YI NA V1 1.png

Regional differences[edit]

  • This is the first Mario game with French and German localizations, and the only SNES Mario game to have these. (Super Mario RPG, the lone SNES Mario game released later, was not localized for PAL regions, therefore no such translations were written.)
  • The title screen in Japanese versions of the game has the game logo spell out as simply: Super Mario: Yoshi's Island. European versions of the game removed the ® symbol from the title.
  • In the map selection screen, the thumbnail tiles for the Extra Levels in the Japanese versions of the game are a red and orange background. They are also called "Special" stages.
  • The bonus level thumbnails have room to fit their names in the Japanese version of the game.
  • The score thumbnail in international versions of the game has a completely different sprite than Japanese versions of the game. The SNES controller in the North American version of the game has its buttons changed to purple rather than the multiple-color scheme in the Super Famicom.
  • The thumbnail for the Popping Balloons Mini Battle has been slightly tweaked in international versions of the game.
  • The thumbnail for World 4-6: Lake Shore Paradise has a slightly altered Flopsy Fish in international versions of the game.
  • On the PAL version, as well as US Revision 1.1, the font was much thicker than in the Japanese version, though graphics such as controller buttons were left the same. This thicker font was later used in all versions of Yoshi's Island : Super Mario Advance 3.
  • International versions of the game have removed onomatopoeia words in the chalk-board tutorial graphics and the Popping Balloons Mini Battle.
  • In World 6-★: Castles - Masterpiece Set, the pathed-moving platforms in the Japanese version of the game spelled out "YOSSY", Yoshi's alternate romanized Japanese name. International versions have changed this to "YOSHI".

References to other games[edit]

  • Super Mario Bros.: This game's "end of level" fanfare at the end of the credits is a cover version.
  • Super Mario Bros. 2: Shy Guys and Snifits reappear.
  • Super Mario Bros. 3: Yoshi's sprite is based on the Super Mario All-Stars version of the game.
  • Super Mario World: The American and European versions of the game are sold as a sequel to Super Mario World (although the game is actually a prequel by definition). Also, some of Yoshi's sound effects were taken from the original.

References in later games[edit]


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スーパーマリオ ヨッシーアイランド
Sūpā Mario: Yosshī Airando
Super Mario: Yoshi Island
Chinese 超级马力欧 耀西岛 (Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island)[15]
Chāojí Mǎlìōu Yàoxī Dǎo
Super Mario: Yoshi Island

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