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Level code 5-1
Game Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3
Music track The Flower Garden
Music sample
The Flower Garden

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BLIZZARD!!! is the first level in World 5 found in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island and Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3. This level's playable Yoshi is the green Yoshi.


At the start of the level, Green Yoshi fills up with eggs using an Egg Block as it begins to snow in the background. After evading a single Thunder Lakitu, the Yoshi breaks its way through some rock blocks with a Ground Pound and retrieves a Special Flower.

In the next area, Yoshi can collect many coins floating in the air, including a red one held by a Fly Guy, who will strangely not fly away when approached. After dodging a Mace Penguin, the Yoshi enters the next area and ascends a cliff guarded by Woozy Guys, Shy-Guys and another Mace Penguin. Here, Yoshi can obtain a key by breaking open a certain crate, and then refill on eggs with another Egg Block, all the while collecting more coins. Two Wild Ptooie Piranhas guard the passage to the next area by spitting Needlenoses at the Yoshi, who can easily defeat them using its eggs.

Now at the slopes, Yoshi is met with coins, a Star-filled Winged Cloud, and many rolling Chomp Rocks that threaten to push him into the bottomless pits. The next area presents more obstacles, such as Wall Lakitus, a single Shy-Guy, and more Chomp Rocks. After collecting a second Special Flower, Yoshi proceeds to the top area, which is filled with Bumpties, and a locked Cabin (containing the mini-game Throwing Balloons), which Yoshi can enter using the key he previously retrieved. As well as the cabin, this area has more rolling Chomp Rocks, a Warp Pipe accessible via the clouds on the left-hand side, and a door.

If Yoshi uses the Warp Pipe, he will come to an area filled with eggs and coins, including five Red Coins that can only be retrieved if Yoshi turns into the Helicopter morph, the block for which is hidden in a Winged Cloud (as explained in a Message Block). Once the time runs out, Yoshi can leave using a different Warp Pipe, and continue on with the main level by using the door. Now in a cave, Yoshi can use blue watermelons to fight the many Lantern Ghosts and burst more Winged Clouds to increase his star power. After passing some Bumpties, Yoshi reaches a Middle Ring, some coins and an Egg Plant that will refill his egg supply.

Deeper in the caves, there are more Bumpties, Fangs and ice stalagmites that can sometimes break and fall to the ground when Yoshi approaches. There are also more Winged Clouds containing Stars and the third Special Flower, and some coins. At the end of the area, there is a Warp Pipe the Yoshi proceeds into the outside, where it is snowing. To the left is a Whirly Fly Guy that can be hit with green watermelon seeds for coins and extra lives. To the right are Bumpties, Fly Guys holding Red Coins, Winged Clouds, and the fourth Special Flower. Past a pole that can be Ground Pounded for a Red Coin are some Pokeys, a Wild Ptooie Piranha, Thunder Latikus, the fifth Special Flower and more coins, some produced by Winged Clouds.

Here, the Yoshi finds a vacant Lakitu's Cloud, and uses it to fly up to a Warp Pipe, leading to a cloudy area (where it is not snowing) with some coins and two tulips that can be activated by a nearby Green Shell and Red Shell. After this part, Yoshi returns to the ground and the last area, where another stationary Fly Guy can be defeated for a Red Coin. A Dizzy Dandy will then attack Yoshi, who will then need to ignore flying Bumpties and dodge a Wild Piranha that is guarding a Spring Ball, which will bring the ! Switch down. If stepped upon, ! Blocks appear and Yoshi has a time limit on finding the hidden Red Coins safely, before proceeding to the Goal Ring.



Bonus Game shack Mini Battle[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゆきの かみなりジュゲム
Yuki no Kaminari Jugemu
Snowy Thunder Lakitu

Chinese 雪中的雷电朱盖木
Xuě zhōng de Léidiàn Zhūgàimù
Thunder Lakitu in the Snow

French Billoloto le Foudroyant.
Billoloto the Terrible. (Billoloto is the French name of Lakitu in Yoshi's Island)
German Feuer und Eis
Fire and Ice
Italian BUFERA!!!
Spanish ¡VENTISCA!