The Cave Of Harry Hedgehog

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The Cave Of Harry Hedgehog
The Cave of Harry Hedgehog.PNG
Level code 3-6
Game Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3
Music track The Flower Garden

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The Cave Of Harry Hedgehog is level six of World 3 in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island and Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3. The main part of the level is a large, expansive cave, covered with crystals and Mushroom Platforms. The cave's entrance is a jungle-styled area with several Grinders, along with two entrances to the cave, one being below, and one on top that leads to a key. The level focuses on finding a key which is needed to unlock a locked door leading to the final section of the level. As the name of the level implies, Harry Hedgehogs are found, along with Little Mousers and Lantern Ghosts are other common enemies. This level's playable Yoshi is the brown Yoshi.


Brown Yoshi will start out near a bunch of small trees, with Grinders waiting for Yoshi to throw bombs and Needlenoses at him. Yoshi can use these trees as platforms, as he can jump on top of them and then, jump from on to another, to reach the entrance on the top. The trees get progressively taller, so, Yoshi must jump on top of them near the beginning of the stage. This entrance will lead Yoshi to a small room, where he will find four Red Coins, a Special Flower, and a key. He must then use a Spring Ball to reach a tall platform leading to the cavern. He can find a tulip in this platform.

Next, Yoshi will have to explore the cave, using many platforms, where Little Mousers and Harry Hedgehogs try to hinder the dinosaur. In the bottom of the cave, Yoshi will find a corridor, which is where the main entrance outside the cave leads to, with many Little Mousers, with some of them holding eggs, along with mushroom platforms, and a red watermelon in the ceiling.

Progressing through the level, Yoshi will find a blue mushroom with a Winged Cloud, which, when hit, will cause stairs to appear, leading to another tall platform, with Red Coins, a Special Flower, a red watermelon, and two Harry Hedgehogs. Yoshi will eventually find a Chomp Rock, which he can use to defeat enemies in his way, as he rolls it down the cave.

At the bottom, Yoshi must use this Chomp Rock to reach a bunch of small, tall platforms leading to an area where he can find a pipe spawning Shy-Guys, and a Winged Cloud that can cause a Beanstalk to appear. This will help Yoshi reaching a morph bubble, which can turn him into Mole Tank. In this form, he must dig through the dirt, in a maze-like structure, while searching for Red Coins and a Special Flower. He will quickly find a Yoshi Block, which will turn him back into his normal form. Yoshi must now use a Spring Ball to reach a bunch of tall mushroom platforms, the first one with a Lantern Ghost. Here, he will simply find Red Coins and a Special Flower.

Getting past the pipe spawning Shy-Guys, Yoshi must simply follow the path, dealing with Harry Hedgehogs, Little Mousers and Lantern Ghosts. Yoshi will also find a pipe spawning Lantern Ghosts. If he enters this pipe, he will be taken to a bonus area, with a ! Switch that can cause several coins to appear, along with a line of ! Blocks leading to a Special Flower and the exit.

Outside of this bonus area, Yoshi will have to use the key he collected early in the stage to open a locked door; this door will lead him to an open area outside the cave. Yoshi must follow the path to find the Goal Ring.




Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ハリネズミの どうくつ
Harinezumi no Dōkutsu
Hedgehog's Cave

Chinese 刺猬洞穴
Cìwei dòngxué
Hedgehog Cave

French Grotte des Porc-Epics.
Porcupines' Cave
German Stachelhöhle
Spike Cave
Italian La grotta di Attila il Porcospino
The cave of Attila the Hedgehog (Attila is the Italian name of Harry)
Spanish Cueva del erizo Harry
Harry Hedgehog's Cave