Ride The Ski Lifts

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Ride The Ski Lifts
Pink Yoshi throwing an egg at a Dr. Freezegood in the level Ride The Ski Lifts.
Level code 5-2
Game Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3
Music track The Flower Garden
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Ride The Ski Lifts is the second level of World 5 in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island and Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3. The player meets up with several new enemies, along with the level having many Ski Lifts, which are only found on this level. This is the last stage in the game which features the "Flower Garden" music. This level's playable Yoshi is the pink Yoshi.


The player starts off in a snow covered area, standing beside a tree which has a hiding Yellow Egg Block. As the player advances, a Chomp Rock covered in snow rolls down, and if the player pushes it to their left, a hidden Winged Cloud containing a 1-Up in a Bubble appears. The player must roll the Chomp Rock to their right, squashing Bumpties and Tap-Taps along the way, and collecting some regular coins and red ones in the air. As the rock keeps rolling, it falls into a small ditch, and serves as a platform for the player to reach the top of this hill, along with some coins. The Middle Ring is found here, and some small platforms that leads the player into the sky.

The player is now taken to another area of this level, and find their first Special Flower, a regular egg sitting on the ground, and a flying Bumpty. A hidden Winged Cloud on the left contains a ! Switch, which makes some blocks on the right side of this area visible. The player now find their first Ski Lift, with many more alongside this area, and must hop onto it. A Lakitu with a flying Bumpty appears here, and a Winged Cloud containing Stars is placed over here. A cloud-like platform has some coins and one Red Coin floating in the air. Another Winged Cloud, which contains a Special Flower and a Fly Guy holding a 1-Up, appears here, with some more coins on top of a cloud-like platform. The Winged Cloud over here contains three Stars, and another ! Switch on top of a breakable wall can be seen here. Yet another Winged Cloud with Stars can be seen here, along with an Egg Plant on a cloud platform with coins on top of it. If the player hit the ! Switch, they cannot get the coins trapped inside of the box with ! Blocks until the switch wears off. The last two Winged Clouds over here contain a 1-Up and Stars. The player now encounters a flying Bumpty, and another Middle Ring. The player exits this area of the level and move on.

The player now is taken to the final area of the level, and it also gradually starts snowing. A Dr. Freezegood slides down a platform and onto the ground where some regular coins and Red Coins are. If the player jumps up on the platform with a tree and looks up, they find a Winged Cloud which contains a ! Switch. Hitting this switch reveals a secret tunnel that leads to a long vertical cave way that Yoshi falls down in, and then into a room that contains a Super Star, and make the player turn into Superstar Mario. Four more Super Stars appear along with a ! Block with an infinite amount of coins, until the effect of the Super Star wears out. Once the player exits through the pipe, they are taken back outside. In the second section of this area, another Dr. Freezegood slides down, and falls into a hole, and a Special Flower with some coins can be seen here as well. A Ski Lift that leads to a couple of Red Coins and an Expansion Block can be found here. Another Middle Ring can be seen here, as well as another Dr. Freezegood. The player now needs to ride the Ski Lifts over here, and pass by some other Dr. Freezegoods on other Ski Lifts. In the middle of the hill, a lone Dr. Freezegood is standing here, and contains 6 coins if the player defeats it. After a while, the player eventually finds a couple of Fly Guys holding 1-Ups, one appearing after another. Some Red Coins and regular coins can be seen here, and the Ski Lift turns and goes downhill. Another Special Flower is seen where the Ski Lift turns in the opposite direction. Now, some Bumpties that can fly hover around here, and guard the final Special Flower to collect in this level. Solid ground covered with snow can be seen here, and a lone Bumpty, which is disguised as a Dr. Freezegood, is on top of it. And, a Winged Cloud is right above that Bumpty, which contains Stars. The Ski Lift now turns again, and the player encounters more Dr. Freezegoods on some other Ski Lifts, as well as some coins which are in the player's path. More flying Bumpties can be seen here, and the player needs to hop of this Ski Lift and go to another one, with a Red Coin along with two regular ones in the same path the Ski Lift is going. Once again, the player needs to hop off of this Ski Lift and go on to another one. More coins and a flying Bumpty can be seen here. The Ski Lift drops down, and the player lands on top of the snow. Another rope that carry Ski Lifts are right on top of the player, and they need to defeat a Dr. Freezegood on the Ski Lift that comes down so that the player can stand on it and ride it to the top. The final Red Coin of this level along with many regular ones can be seen here, and more flying Bumpties too. The Ski Lift drops down to another rope, and the player continues onwards, meeting a lot of flying Bumpties along the way. The player now finds the Goal Ring, and the Ski Lift passes right through it. The player now has access to the next level, Danger - Icy Conditions Ahead.




Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スキーリフトで GO!
Sukī Rifuto de GO!
Go on the Ski Lifts!
Chinese 乘纜車/乘缆车
Chéng lǎnchē
Ride the Cable Cars
French Les Tire-Fesses. The Ski-Lift.
German Der Berg ruft! The Mountain is calling!
Italian Prendi la sciovia al volo! Get on the ski-lift on the fly!
Spanish Riesgo a gran altura Risk at a High Altitude